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  2. Boucarilla

    Software Upgrade - Tech Support - 2018

    This one yes it's unique:
  3. I do the same on whatsapp
  4. Dominika

    Software Upgrade - Tech Support - 2018

    I actually love the old smileys, so I'm glad they didn't disappear I very often get caught myself looking for them while using facebook They are unique!
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  6. Thanks, but they came with the upgrade -- I didn't have to do anything special Also, I see that our old smileys are still there, too -- you just have to scroll down the list a bit to find them.
  7. NancyM

    Where in the World Are You?

    Thank you so much dcdeb! I did mean 2015! LOL! Either my brain isn’t working properly or my chubby fingers on this keyboard typed the wrong thing. Either one of those is very possible!! Thank you so much for replying! I did find the USA thread with some help! And I will be sure to find you on the other social media platforms as well! I am gonna have so much fun on the site with you all! I can tell already!!!!
  8. L'hyperactivité met le corps à rude épreuve, tout le corps est à 100 à l'heure, et le cœur souffre...

    Pitié Mika, arrête toi fais une pause, tu es en train de te griller...

    J'aimerais te voir vieillir...


    Je suis très inquiète depuis que j'ai regardé son rythme de respiration. Je manquais moi-même d'air,  moi qui suis plus petite c'est pas possible, déjà que mon cœur bat vite...

    Désolée d'inquiéter mon monde mais il FAUT qu'il se calme ABSOLUMENT s'il veut être parmi nous à 80 ans.

    Je me sens impuissante...

    Seul lui ou sa famille peuvent le mettre dans le droit chemin.

    J'espère qu'il a prévu d'ici 5 ans un autre chemin de vie, plus dans la méditation et le lâcher prise, et espacer ses activités.


    Qu'en pensez-vous?


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    2. Maria :)

      Maria :)


      How can you see his breathing pace ? 

      Hum... No... It's mot very worried for him. He enjoys life 😉

    3. Boucarilla


      During The Voice, I made it by game in the beginnning, with his sweat Pink Motel and the brightness I could see it and even noticed that he's breathing by the top, not very natural...

    4. Amy hudsone

      Amy hudsone

      Your words touched me deeply 😘 I can understand you, I'm happy for your interest


      Since MIKA is taking in hand his work and he does what he wants I think that it's ok, now Andy also is busy with his documentary, but I hope they are gonna be together soon in Paris

  9. NancyM

    US American Thread Part VI

    Oh my gosh!!! I haven’t been this happy in a LONNNGGGGG time! I have a handful of VERY close Mika friends on Twitter that I’ve got to know over the years. They are seriously closer to me than my own family! However, they all live so far away,and the chance for me to travel to meet them in person is very slim. But, I am to grateful to be sad about that. The fact that the majority of you are in the US blows my mind!!!! I finally feel as if I’m a part of something really exciting😁😁😁😁 I starting loving Mika a while ago, but he was pretty popular by the time I found him. My daughter was getting to be in her tweens and liking her own style of music. I wanted to make sure it was age appropriate so while looking into Ariana Grande, I seen the popular video. Oh my heart EXPLODED!!! Who was this man? He was so cute, and this song is so good! From there on, like you all said, it was a slippery slope! Lol! I was hooked. I adore everything about him. I don’t think there are many people like him out there. He’s just amazing in all kinds of ways that I think all of his fans understand wholeheartedly. My family tolerate his music very well for me. Lol! I do drive them a bit crazy though. So put me down for the, how should I say.... vintage Mika fan age group.😂 That’s right I’m old. But I preferre to find other ways to say it. Like superannuated, or time-honored. It makes me feel better about being 41. Yes I said it,41. Going on 101. Lol! I’m married and have a 16 year old and a 9 year old. I’m a stay at home mom. I LOVE music. All kinds. Except for most country. Every now and again i’ll find a country song I like but not too often. I drive my family bananas singing in the car and around the house. I love cats and had three way back in my single days. But for the past almost four years now, we have had a dog named smoky. He of the teddy bear dog breed. He is my baby, my kids best friends. And when his hair is grown out,he looks like a little teddy bear. I live in Michigan, like Cat! Hi Cat! I know what upnorth means🤣 My whole childhood I went up north to visit my grandparents. And now my parents live up north so we are ALWAYS up there on the weekends! I live right below the thumb in Southgate Michigan : ) And Guylainem, I am willing to bet you were born somewhere close to me because I live VERY CLOSE to Canada! What a small world! I believe I was in New York the same weekend dcdeb was there in 2015 to see Mika! I went to his Webster Hall concert and had an unbelievable time. It was like no other concert I’ve been to. But, he came back a short time after that and I was already going out of town that weekend so I couldn’t go see him. And as we all know... sniff... sniff... he hasn’t been back since. Oh I can feel my heart breaking! But, it was so fun to follow my twitter family around to all the gigs and The Voice and signings for swatch and No Place In Heaven. I have been along for the Mika journey and am so grateful for it. Like you said Pandora, I have my own reasons why Mika literally has saved my life (i don’t mean to be dramatic really!). But he has. And I’ll never be able to repay him other than be an adoring fan from far away💜 Thank you dcdeb and kreacher for being so nice to me when I stumbled in here looking for a Mika fan group in the US😊 I would love to become an active member on here so I hope you all don’t get sick of me😏 Have an awesome rest of your Thursday and the weekend is right around the corner! YES!!!
  10. Littlelady

    Hello from Switzerland!

    hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
  11. Happy Birthday! :yay:

  12. Mikasister

    Mika in white shirts

  13. Mikasister

    Mika and his glasses

  14. Amy hudsone

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    while watching the video, looks like MIKA lost some weight, he looks better now I think
  15. Kumazzz

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    [ VIDEO ] Coaching : préparez-vous au show Frédéric Longbois J-2 avant le lancement des grands shows en direct. On retrouve aujourd'hui un des "couples" phares de cette saison : Frédéric Longbois et son coach Mika. Car si, entre eux, le courant passe depuis le début, Mika doit régulièrement recadrer son poulain. Lors des auditions finales, vous aviez déjà assisté à un coaching musclé. Aujourd'hui encore, Mika doit recentrer l'énergie débordante de Frédéric. Et de l'énergie, notre talent en a à revendre. Il faut dire que la chanson qu'ils ont choisie pour samedi est un hymne à la fête, un titre de Gloria Gaynor : "I am what I am... ". Préférez-vous pour le show Longbois... Rendez-vous samedi prochain pour les grands shows en direct - BONUS de "The Voice" TF1 coaching-mika-frederic-longbois.html VK 2018.04.19 Team MIKA : Coaching Frédéric Longbois
  16. Back soon!!  :hug:


  17. Mikasister

    Mika in white shirts

  18. Loo

    Mika in white shirts

    Thanks Siri; I love this shirt so much!
  19. Mikasister

    Mika in white shirts

  20. krysady

    Hello from Switzerland!

    Hi, @veevo Welcome to MFC, enjoy the place!
  21. Pic of the day. Smile and glance that have stolen my heart.:cloud:



  22. Boucarilla

    Software Upgrade - Tech Support - 2018

    Great emojis! Nice job thanks 😃😻
  23. dcdeb

    Where in the World Are You?

    Sure Nancy, feel free to add me on other social media. And I think you mean 2015, not 2005 -- and yes, I was there! 👍🏻 Perhaps we even spoke? I seem to recall meeting people who drove quite a distance to get there. In any case, I'm sure Mika will come back to the States eventually. Maybe not Michigan -- you might have to drive to see him again -- but NY and LA for sure.
  24. Hey all! Wanted to let you all know that we have just upgraded to the latest version of the software this forum uses. So far, everything seems to have gone smoothly. Because it was a fairly big upgrade, some processes are still working in the background, so it may take a day or two for everything to be 100% available. You may notice a few changes, though, and this would be the thread to write to looking for help! One thing you may notice immediately is that our smileys have changed. They now appear to be very similar to the emojis you probably use on your phone. The old shortcuts that you might have been using will probably not work any more, you'll just have to select them from the tool bar above the text box. As I find other things that may be of use to you, I'll post about them here, too! Have fun exploring
  25. Yesterday
  26. Dominika

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    It's actually an old one Nice pic by the way
  27. Szara.

    The Polish Thread? ..... Please!

    Może spróbuje jak będe mieć wenę. Narazie brak czasu. Dopiero jestem fanką 2 miesiące a czy zagorzałą to się okaże.
  28. Dominika

    The Polish Thread? ..... Please!

    @Szara. wierzę w Ciebie, coś wymyślisz Poza tym nie sądzę żeby dużo osób wzięło udział. A na pewno nie będą to tacy zagorzali fani Miki jak my
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