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  2. It is OK! :-D thank u very much ;-)
  4. Just did! sorry for the delay!
  5. It's a good thing we don't have that store in my town. Sadly my vacation is now over. Started with work yesterday. I'm already tired again.
  6. Léonie 🤘🏼 @leonie_bst Eheh !!! En lisant le @Tele7 , mon père est tombé sur @VincentVinel !!! 😻 Trop petit à mon goût cette article 😂 4:01 AM - 13 Aug 2017
  7. Hello to the both of you! Welcome to MFC and I hope you'll enjoy your time here!
  8. Simon & Schuster @SimonBooks Coming this September from @StephenAtHome and the writers of the @colbertlateshow, the #MidnightConfessionsBook ! 9:34 AM - 15 Aug 2017
  9. Yesterday
  10. Tu Style N.34 – 15 Agosto 2017 15 August 2017 Press reader PDF file ( page 95 ) Tu Style N34 15 Agosto 2017-95.pdf QUI UN SELFIE (E UNA VACANZA) VIENE DA DIO Dall’Italia agli Stati Uniti, ecco i luoghi perfetti per un autoscatto acchiappa like. Con dritte sulle cose da non perdere nei dintorni e su dove dormire, con classe, senza spendere una fortuna. E adesso: smile! VICINO A RIALTO SI MOLTIPLICANO I FOLLOWER Dovunque ti giri, a Venezia trovi un perfetto sfondo da selfie (qui sopra Mika, in un’instagram mata dal Canal Grande). Ma se vuoi stupire i tuoi follower (e guadagnarne di nuovi) con effetti speciali vai alle fondamenta Vin Castello, da dove si ammira l’iconico ponte di Rialto in tutto il suo splendore, gondole comprese.
  11. ottimo, sarà una bella occasione per conoscerlo un pò di più; mi aspetto molto, ha sempre espresso pensieri molto "sostanziosi" ottimo, è un'occasione da non perdere, anche per conoscere meglio Mika; mi aspetto molto, le sue riflessioni hanno sempre molta "sostanza"
  12. Mind you, I know a Richard Brown - but I seriously doubt he is a Mika fan
  13. It must be interesting.. Can't wait!
  14. "In every person's soul there is a song
    and they hear their own souls in every song.
    And those in whose souls the song is nice
    can hear that the others' songs are also nice." (Mihály Babits-hungarian poet)


    original text in hungarien: 
    Mindenik embernek a lelkében dal van
    és a saját lelkét hallja minden dalban.
    És akinek szép a lelkében az ének,
    az hallja a mások énekét is szépnek."

  15. Can u add me? Lilyen-Hajni-Hungary
  16. welcome and enjoy MFC
  17. Yeah I did see this. I love Mika and Grimmy together. I love Grimmy always but it's even better with Mika too. I wish Mika could do innuendo bingo or something on radio one. I love those games. I still remember when Grimmy did innuendo bingo and he was dressed as a bat and I laughed so much I spat coffee all over my computer
  18. hi everyone! sziasztokk, ciaoo!!
  19. Hello Hajni, maybe you want to open your own thread to give other MFC´iers the chance to say Hello to you. Welcome to the MFC
  20. Buon Ferragosto a tutte voi....😍🏖🌞 e speriamo passi una bellissima giornata anche il nostro amatissimo MIKA 💕💕😍😍🌈🌈
  21. Lilyen-Rácz Hajnalka(Hajni)\Hungary\
  22. Curious about the other winner, there doesn't seem to be an entry with his name on anywhere.
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