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Mika covers "Sido and Daydream" by Shiina Ringo
Shiina Ringo Tribute album featuring MIKA Utada Hikaru, AI, LiSA, Kaela Kimura and more out on 23 May
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Mika's collaboration with Peugeot - commercial - 2017/18
This is the Peugeot commercial that is out in France today...filmed on TV with my phone but at least you can see what it's like if you're curious about it https://www.instagram.com/p/BREogekgPxh/




Peugeot 108 x Mika | Colorful Technology




MIKA‏ @mikasounds


I've been working on another new project, it'll go up tomorrow! Here's a glimpse...








Making of


MIKA Facebook share a video




Direct video  video.making_of_peugeot.mp4








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Yearbook 2017
The moment you have all been waiting for - the arrival of the 2017 Yearbook thread!

We will be including the same basic features:


Messages to Mika

Event reports (including TV)


Parody adverts


But as 2017 was our 10th Anniversary year, we also want to include some anniversary related sections:

Anniversary parties

Top Tens

Highlights from the past 10 years


Our title will be "The Whole World in Your Pocket"; sub-title "10 Years of Mika and the MFC"



We will also be looking for people to help with the following so let us know if you are interested:


Cover art







Proofreading (in English, French and Italian)











Layout of the yearbook








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[The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

 2017.12.16 Trailer The VoiceDailymotion daily YT watch

2018.01.03 Making-of  le making-of YT watch

2018.01.12 Preview VK Life_On_Mars  YT la première

2018.01.17 Interview VK Mika / YT watch

2018.01.19 PREVIEW VK  VK YT watch

2018.01.20 50min INSIDE VK  50min

2018.01.22 Preview twitter YTwach

2018.01.22 Alart watch

2018.01.23 Stayin Alive YT

2018.01.24 Teaser Obispo YT

2018.01.25 Preview Chanter youtube / VK vk

2018.01.26 JT 20h YT 20h VK 20h

2018.01.27 Ce Soir Twitter YT youtuVK vk

2018.01.27 H-9 twitter YTyoutube

2018.01.27 H-7 twitter YT youtube

Episode-1 (01.27) ep-1 / La suite





Chanter ep1_Chanter_(Pagny_Mika_Zazie_Obispo).mp3






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Mika's collaboration with Pilot!
This is NOT an official company's release. 

An article from http://www.papetierdefrance.com/

So, we should wait and see.


pilot célèbre ses 100 ans avec mika




Pour célébrer son centenaire, la marque japonaise d’instruments d’écriture a demandé au chanteur Mika de revisiter ses produits stars. Dès le 1er janvier 2018, les consommateurs pourront découvrir des V5, G2 et Frixion au design coloré, dans le style « rétro-pop » de l’artiste. Il existe six motifs pour chaque modèle. Ce nouvel ambassadeur apporte avec lui un univers joyeux, qui sera décliné sur les outils PLV de la collection.<br style="padding:0px;"><br style="padding:0px;">Des innovations accessibles<br style="padding:0px;">
Depuis son lancement en 1918, la maison Pilot a su s’imposer comme leader mondial de l’instrument d’écriture. La marque a suscité la fidélité des consommateurs grâce à des produits pensés pour eux, innovants et accessibles. Pour incarner cet esprit créatif, trois stylos emblématiques ont été choisis : le V5, premier roller à encre liquide ; le G2, le roller à encre gel le plus vendu au monde ; le roller thermosensible FriXion, qui a fêté ses 10 ans en 2017. Cette édition limitée à l’année 2018 sera relayée dans des campagnes publicitaires télévisées, en particulier au moment de la rentrée des classes. De nombreuses opérations devraient également être organisées sur les réseaux sociaux et en magasins. 


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The MFC Subtitling Team's Subtitled Videos
In order to organize our work in a better way we opened this new thread And we’ll post with our new joint Subtitling Team account from now on

You can find the old thread here.

Normally we subtitle interesting new interviews and shows in English and in their original language. From time to time we also translate into other languages. You can also follow us on Twitter: [twitter]MFC_Subs_Team[/twitter]

So far we've subtitled over 150 videos. The list of all videos is here:

All subtitled videos
Videos in French
Videos in Italian
Videos in English
Videos in Spanish



If you are good at translating or you'd like to help with transcriptions don't hesitate to contact us by sending us a private message.





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