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  1. Whether it's silly or not it happens. I am from Yorkshire, in the north of England. Northern accents are sometimes considered to make people sound 'thick' . When I was growing up, and realised that I wanted to work as a nanny, I made a conscious effort to change my accent to a level which would be more acceptable to possible employees in London. I didn't want to go to interviews and be judged by my accent rather than my ability to do the job. Interestingly, in my first job, my employer said that when I talked to my family or boyfriend on the phone she couldn't understand a word I was saying as my accent changed, but I wasn't aware of that.
  2. It is indeed very confusing. I don't know that people in the U.K. Would try and 'class' visitors because it wouldn't really be relevant. I have worked quite extensively as a nanny and I once worked for a man who had an arosotcratic background. He hated his accent as he saw it as a real disadvantage because people considered him 'too posh'. As Silver says there is a big difference between Old money and New money and some people tend to look down on people who have become successful and it isn't admired like it is in North America.
  3. Mika has described himself as having an 'airport accent' which I think is pretty accurate. I would agree with Silver that his accent varies depending on where he is. But to pick up on one of your original points about 'class' yes, it does affect accent and I would describe Mika's English accent as 'well spoken' in line with his family background but no, not as posh as HRH and not RP.
  4. Thank you. Great to see this.
  5. Nicely put Silver. In other words.... being a Mika fan is very hard work!
  6. Yes, very true Sosi. Sadly there are always many people who are happy to say negative things on Twitter etc. I thought it was a good performance and although I would agree that the falsetto doesn't necessarily fit this song, it did showcase his voice.
  7. But as ever, it will be drip feed.... bit by bit.... so we won't know which decision to make. But after ten years we should be used to it.
  8. He is never going to go a year without doing anything live ( imo) he couldn't cope!
  9. Thank you for posting. Looking at the position of your pictures I think we must have been almost next to each other!
  10. I have cancelled my French order and ordered it from the Uk. Can't wait.
  11. Thanks Anne, the trouble is I am having a bit of trouble language wise!