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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :yay:

  2. claire

    Queeniac Club Part II

    i have ha one on LP and CD cos i love it so much its the only one i can play at work cos my bosses don't like me playing my music wen the girls r still there
  3. claire

    Queeniac Club Part II

    hi all hows things .i'm a big queen fan not been on here in ages
  4. claire

    Pics of Mika at Q Awards

    Hi all wow still looks hot:blush-anim-cl:
  5. claire

    Sasjes Butterfly Bar (part 5)

    Just to relax take it easy soz had 2 get that in:naughty:
  6. claire

    Sasjes Butterfly Bar (part 5)

    Nowt looking forward to my hols under 2 weeks:roll1: I'm good last weekend at work for a few weeks:thumb_yello:
  7. claire

    Sasjes Butterfly Bar (part 5)

    Hi all nice 2 c u all how is your weekend been?
  8. claire

    Sasjes Butterfly Bar (part 5)

    Hi all just poping in to say hi cos i have not been on here for ages:wink2:
  9. claire


    cool looks like mika is taking over the world:naughty: thanx:thumb_yello: claire
  10. claire

    Pics of Mika Japan MTV

    Is it just me r those lollipop birds(as my little bro calls them) strange plz bring back the other one mika:wink2: love the pics by the way:thumb_yello:
  11. claire

    Yes or No?

    Yes my flip flops R u in your bedroom?