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  1. MFC Anthem?

    Ha! Imagine my surprise at seeing this old thread resurrected! And imagine my embarrassment after I read over those lyrics! Did I really write that? Oh, I see, it was just after seeing Mika two nights in a row, way back in 2012. A time I fondly look back on now with tears, because it's been nearly two years since I've seen him. I can tell you that two years without seeing him is not as inspirational as seeing him two nights in a row.
  2. Thanks for posting, krysady! Maybe we need to cross-post it to the Pilot pens thread?
  3. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Wow! The mailing list competition is finally out! The prize is a boxed set of ALL 24 pens -- this complete set boxed like this is not available to buy in stores!
  4. Hello Everyone!

    Hi Ronnie! And welcome! Another US fan here -- there are more of us than you might imagine! Glad you found us and we'll look forward to getting to know you better! And maybe we'll even get to see you at a gig, once Mika releases his next album!
  5. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    For those of us in the US, I wrote to Pilot Pens US directly to find out about availability, got this reply this morning: "Thank you for your recent email message. We appreciate the opportunity to address your inquiry. The Mika pens are not available in the USA. Each Pilot affiliate has a specific list of products available to them and the residents of their marketing area and they cannot sell outside of their marketing area. Regrettably we are unable to provide purchasing assistance for this pen. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to address your inquiry." So it looks like we'll have to get creative and rely on others in other countries, as some of you have already done. Also, in addition to the competition that Mika's having on his mailing list, the MFC is supposed to get several boxed sets to give away, so watch for more details here -- hopefully we can make a few fans happy!
  6. Mika club

    Hi! And welcome to Mika Fan Club! Please tell us a bit about yourself.
  7. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    There's a lot to talk about here, but I don't have a lot of time. I'll just answer a few things I can reply to quickly. Yes, Anne, it's been on my "to-do" list forever, I just haven't made the time to do it. I will get to it this week. I see that Silver and mellody have replied to some of your comments, but I just want to add my 2 cents. And these comments are not directed at you personally, but at those who you say have mentioned these things. First of all, MFC is not responsible for how the Italian fan site or any of the other fansites or production companies handle competitions. If they are giving away tickets or opportunities to their "favorites", that's not our fault. But I can tell you, on my honor, that MFC and Mika's FB page do not give out tickets that way. We have occasionally made special accommodation for fans who are disabled in some way, but otherwise we choose our winners using the method Silver described above, using a random number generator. If you see the same people getting tickets from MFC over and over again, that's because the same registered members enter our competitions over and over, so their chances of winning are increased. If the same names are entered into our drawings again and again, with only a few new names thrown into the relatively small pool of MFCers, of course some of the same people will be selected multiple times. Mika's FB page draws from a much larger audience than we do, so it's natural that they select different people every time there's a giveaway. If we had more registered members to draw from, then our results would be different, too. Does that make sense? I'm trying to explain this as clearly as I can. And, of course, as Silver and mellody both noted, obviously people who have more freedom/money to travel can attend more gigs/shows, so it may seem like "the same people" get chosen all the times -- but I would guess that sometimes they get tickets from one source, sometimes from another. MFC is not usually the only source of tickets. I'm sorry that for some the MFC seems like some dark and evil place, and that its reputation has been tarnished, but I'm afraid we're not going to change people's minds very easily unless they decide to visit here themselves. So I'd also like to get back to what other changes we can make on the site and maybe on social media to make MFC more appealing.
  8. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    I hope you were joking when you said this. I've been a moderator here since July 2007, and I can count on two hands the number of people we've banned (not counting spammers and porn, which are banned automatically). And those people were either verbally abusive, menacing or violated our guidelines repeatedly in some other way. We have never banned anyone for simply stating an opinion. I don't know why so many of you seem to think that just having a discussion is a reason for being banned. This isn't some sort of dictatorship where we ban people on a whim. I mean, this is NOT me! ---> Please read our guidelines on this if you have any questions or doubts.
  9. Facebook Login!

    Hello everybody! Wanted to let you all know that we recently enabled Facebook login here on MikaFanClub.com. This means that you can log in to your MFC account using your Facebook profile. You can link your Facebook account to your MFC account by going into your MFC Account Settings. To do this, look at the upper right corner of your screen, where your little profile picture is. Click on the arrow to get the drop-down menu and select "Account Settings." In the left column, toward the bottom, you'll see the option to link your Facebook account. Super easy! It works great! If you have any questions, please leave them here!
  10. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    Thanks, but not always. But I'm trying! In fact, silver, mellody, mari62 and all the Mod Team are always working to make MFC as good as it can be! I'm really loving this discussion -- it's probably long overdue. Thank you all for your input and let's keep it going!
  11. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    Well, the record label in Italy does handle a lot of things, and Mika's Facebook page is separate from MFC, but we all frequently coordinate on things like contests and tickets to TV shows. For example, for Stasera Casa Mika, there were several lists of people getting tickets -- fans from Mika's FB page, MFC and fans from the Italian production company -- but each group coordinated with the other. But sometimes it happens that some group may get around the formal, organized channels -- it isn't a perfect world, and sometimes there are communications breakdowns. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but I hope that in the future you'll have happier memories. As for the party after Stasera Casa Mika -- MFC did not plan anything because there had just been a big MFC party in Milan a few weeks beforehand. I think your ideas for coming up with some standard logos to help promote the MFC -- for Fan Art Friday, for Ticket Giveaways, etc. -- is great, and I think we ought to try to come up with some graphics for that. I expect that when Mika has the new record ready, they'll be updating his website with a new look and graphics, too. I don't want to spend a lot of time and effort trying to redesign our current look now, when I think it will probably change again by the end of the year. But we can certainly make some small changes here and there while we wait. About merchandise: We used to have a variety of MFC merchandise on both Zazzle and CafePress. T-shirts, mugs, keyrings, tote bags. But they took it down saying we were infringing on Mika's copyright. I tried to explain that we were the official fan club, etc. etc., and asked Mika's people if they could help, but they said they also had had problems with Zazzle about other things. In the end, they let us keep the buttons but took everything else down. I could try again and see if we have better luck now, since it's been a few years. Yes, I noticed that and changed it again. I'm still tweaking so it may be different again the next time you look at it. In addition to changing the home page, you'll see that I added a section called "Our Picks" which allows us to highlight topics or images. We can change that frequently to keep the homepage fresh. Also I enabled the blog module -- I don't have that completely set up yet, I'm still testing it, but look for that soon. Finally, I enabled Facebook login -- you can now login to MFC from your FB account. You can link your FB account to your MFC account pretty easily. Go into your MFC Account Settings and in the left column near the bottom you'll see the option to link your Facebook account. It works great! I'm still sifting through a lot of other information, trying to figure out what other functions this software has that could be useful for us. Still no chat available, but I'll keep looking for some external add-on.
  12. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    I only have a short amount of time right now, but did want to reply to a few things before I have to get to work today. First of all, about being a "paid" fan club -- I don't see that ever happening. I'm pretty sure Mika doesn't want us to have to pay. We have discussed this with his team several times over the years. We have even talked about having some sort of tiered membership, which would still allow people free use of the forum, but fans who paid would get additional benefits. Obviously, we've never put that idea into practice, and, like I said, I think it's mostly because Mika wants to keep things the way they are -- I think he realizes that many fans are younger and don't have the money to pay for something like that. I can't tell you how many times the word "fair" comes up in our conversations -- we want things to be fair for everyone, and we don't ever want to be be seen as being unfair in anything we do. We really do try to avoid the idea of being "exclusionary." Also, some of you have talked about the language localization and the different language threads. As I said the other day, I turned on the "Clubs" module, thinking that we could use it for the various languages, but with one thing and another, I haven't had the time to learn more about how it works and figure out how we can best design it. It's on my to-do list again following this current discussion I've been thinking archiving the old, old posts, and perhaps the idea of creating a subforum called "Archives" would be better than actually archiving. That way, the old posts would be out of the way, but still accessible via the search function. It's just a matter of taking the time to move everything into a subforum, but it can be done. Hmmm. And Nina, you said: The old calendar info should all still be there. If you look at the main calendar page, in the upper left you'll see "All Calendars." Pull down the drop-down menu and select "Mika Gig Archives" then use the "Jump to" feature to the right of that to select the dates you want to see. I think everything is still there. OK, I have to run, but I'll be back later tonight to reply to more. Thanks all!
  13. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    I believe we can archive old posts, but if I understand correctly, when we do a search on the forums, the archived posts will not be included in the search. That seems to defeat the purpose of the search to me, which is why I haven't archived anything since we moved sites. I'll double-check with our Tech Support people to get some clarification on this. As for the yearbook -- believe me, I have asked his team at least once a week since I sent it to them, and they keep telling me that he'll get it soon, he'll get it soon. I know Mika has seen the cover, but I think because he has been traveling around so much the last few months, they haven't been able to get the yearbook to him physically. I spoke to his team about it again on Friday and they told me, again, that he knows it's coming, and that now that he is in one place for more than a few days they will be able to finally get it to him. It is as frustrating to me as it is for you all, because I spent a bit of money having the thing express-mailed to me, then express-shipped to them... only to have to wait for a couple months for him to actually receive it. I hear you. Keep throwing out ideas -- we'll play around with things and see what works best. We are a bit restricted with the forum format, but I'll look to see what other sort of modules are available with this software and see what we can come up with.
  14. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    OK, back finally. Sorry for the delay, life is complicated. Anyhow, Siri, we would never ban you for expressing your opinion -- the only people who have ever been banned here are those who have been verbally abusive to other fans or who have repeatedly ignored our guidelines. No one's been banned for simply having a discussion! So to reply to some of Siri's points -- and I'm not singling Siri out, because I know MANY other fans have the same concerns and questions about the MFC: It's a good observation that sometimes Mika's team doesn't communicate with us. That is partly true. As I have learned, sometimes there are legal restrictions that keep them from giving us information. Often, that information leaks out earlier than it should and it makes MFC look stupid, but we can't control that. As the official fan club, we are required to do what Mika's team tells us to do, so that is a frustration for us as well as for the fans. Now, as for the behavior of fans outside the forum, you have to understand that we are not the boss or mother of every fan, so we can't order them to behave a certain way. We are not responsible for how you behave in the Real World. I think it's natural in every fandom that you will have some people who will want to help others, and other fans who are just "in it for themselves" and will be very cutthroat about getting things for themselves and their friends only. I like to think that the people who behave in this selfish, negative way are not representative of MFC in general. They may say they are MFCers, but are they really? Anyone can say that. I believe, in general, most members of MFC -- the ones who have been here a while and who participate actively -- are helpers and try to do positive things for other fans, whether it's translating, providing subtitles to videos, posting information, sharing photos and videos and reports... that sort of thing. We've talked about this before. What sort of action should we take against these people? First of all, we aren't police, and we aren't the law. We have no real authority over anyone's actions beyond this forum. Also, so many times in these situations, we have no proof of what happened. When we ask people to tell us who said or did something horrible, many won't give names. But even when they do, if we weren't at the place when the bad thing happened, or if we were not part of the bad conversation, we don't really know the truth. If someone clearly violates our guidelines, then we can ban them from the forum. If someone is verbally abusive to MFC fans on Twitter, we can block them on Twitter. If we discover that someone has behaved unethically or in a negative way in real life, we can be sure that they aren't included in any MFC activities, but we can't prevent them from buying a ticket to a Mika concert or from attending a public event. I can't explain about why there are more mods for some countries than others. I would guess it's because there are more active fans in one country than another. Another factor could be that the reps selected have limited time so they share responsibilities. Maybe silver, our World Rep organizer, will explain further. The common thread in the comments here seems to be that the site needs to be better organized and better publicized. We'll be working on that as soon as we can. Thank you all SO much for your input! And let's all keep talking! And please do NOT be afraid to share your thoughts -- honestly, we will not blacklist you!
  15. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    First of all, thank you to everyone who has posted so far! I'm reading and reading. I'll try to reply to some of the comments below. Hope it doesn't get too confusing. I realize that message boards and forums like this are out of date. But this is how we started, and it seems it's the best way for a lot of fans to communicate. It's really hard to have a conversation on Twitter, even if it does allow 280 characters now. But even if someone doesn't like the forum format, we try to be active on Twitter and Facebook and to a lesser degree Instagram, so we are trying to keep up with all the social media platforms, too. I'm surprised to hear you say that it's not user-friendly -- maybe it's because I'm old and have been on message boards and forums for a long time, but it seemed pretty easy for me to figure it out. Maybe not entirely intuitive as you said, but still not too bad. We'll work on that -- maybe come up with a kind of "Quick Start" Guide, with forum basics. I also would like the front page to change more frequently. I think there is a blog module here somewhere, I just need to figure it out and install it. Well, we chose these colors to match Mika's website, mikasounds.com -- We don't just have two colors, you'll notice on our left and right borders the colors gradually change. I think they used to on mikasounds.com, too, didn't they? Or am I misremembering? In any case, Mika's team asked us to try to match his site, which we did at the time. Perhaps we need to update the look again. I agree about the organization problem. We need to step back and think about how we can better organize things, for sure! I have turned on the "clubs" option for the site, but have not really done anything with it yet. Once I get a better idea of how it works, I'll let you all know. Thanks, Cath. We probably will! I appreciate your thoughts and agree that we might need to do some image building. As you said, MFC is near and dear to my heart and I certainly don't want people to think badly of it, and will do what I can to make it as good as it can be. As far as Mika and Team Mika participating in MFC, and also about whether MFC is "OFFICIAL" or not, I wanted to just say a few things for the newer members who might not know: First of all, MFC IS the official fan club. For anyone who hasn't noticed, there is a link to Mika Fan Club on mikasounds.com. It's in the bottom right corner of every page on that site, so I think it's pretty clear that Mika and his team acknowledge MFC as THE fan club. I know a lot of people think fan clubs are useless and old-fashioned these days, but that's what MFC is, even if it isn't a fan club in the traditional sense of the word. As for Mika's involvement with the MFC -- well, he pays for hosting this site and he owns the domain mikafanclub.com. His name is on the credit card that's used to pay the bills. I work closely with Mika's management team, speaking with them at least once a week. They provide us with most of the prizes that we use for our giveaways. They also help arrange ticket giveaways for concerts and shows where Mika is appearing. They also run Mika's Facebook page and give tickets away there, but we are the only fan site that they work with. They will also arrange meet & greets with Mika occasionally if the time and place allow. Mika has tweeted to MFC and about MFC a number of times over the years, even if he doesn't do it every day. He is currently following MFC on Instagram. When I've spoken to him directly about the fan club, he's told me that he thinks it's very important and he appreciates everything that we do here for him. Believe me, I wish he would be more public about his support of the MFC, but obviously he can't ignore all his other fans -- many of them don't belong to MFC, so he can't only pay attention to us. Anyhow, just wanted you all to know what the MIKA <-----> MFC connection is. I know some people don't think he really cares about MFC, but I think it's pretty clear that he does. Siri, I'll reply to all your comments separately, because there are some really serious issues there that we all should talk about. Thanks for your patience!