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  1. This is difficult, since I can't seem to replicate the problems you're having. The site isn't really slow for me, so I can't speak to that. The text colors are not muted, that I can see. These are just some of the colors (there are more) I see on the drop-down menu: amethyst dark violet dark emerald carrot vivid yellow strong red strong blue dark cyan silver dark gray Are you seeing something different? If so, that should be something we can fix. And at the moment I have 3 MFC windows open and there's no problem. What happens when you try to open a 2nd or 3rd window?
  2. Well, as far as your second image -- I think that has to do with the html coding. I remember reading something about how that would be handled when we upgraded -- I'll have to research to find that again and see what we can do about that. I've noticed it myself on a lot of pages. About the error message in your first image, though, I think that's because not all of our files have been rebuilt yet. I've sent that over to Tech Support, too, so I'll let you all know what they say. Finally, I wanted to say to those having trouble with the mobile devices, I've tried posting and doing other things with both my iPhone and iPad and haven't had any issues yet -- well, I had one moment of panic when nothing was working, but then I realized that I wasn't logged in. Ooops. Once I logged it, everything seemed to be fine. But do keep letting us know what sorts of problems you're having and we'll keep on trying to solve them! Thanks for your support and patience during this transition!
  3. Sabine, did you get an answer to this? I might have missed it. I'm not sure what you mean exactly. What numbers?
  4. Yes, I understand that, but like I said, I don't think it should take 3 days. But it is actually a huge site with millions of posts, so maybe this is normal. I'm just not sure, so I've asked Tech Support.
  5. Yes, you're right -- I remember now. I set it so that only admins could delete because I didn't want there to be lots of gaps in older posts. But I will change the setting for how much storage individual fans can have, so no one should have to delete anything. Although I don't understand, now that I think of it, how Cassilda could be using 10.55MB of 500K? About all the old posts with bad links -- keep in mind a few things. First of all, the items that were linked to may no longer be online. For example, in Eriko's post above about Mika at the BBC Live Lounge -- I'm pretty sure that's not online any longer so that is going to be a bad link. Second, when we migrated to this host a few years ago, a lot of different naming conventions were used and some different html coding, too.. Most things should have been converted to the new conventions, but I have feeling some of the older posts may not have been. As far as the Search goes -- I think that ought to be working by now, it's been a couple days. Not sure what's up with that. I'm going to submit some of these issues to our Tech Support people, but to be honest, I'm not so sure there's much we can do about the posts that are 6-10 years old. We'll see.
  6. Cassilda, if you click on your username that's in the upper right corner of the page, you should see a drop-down menu. One of the options should be "My Attachments." When you select that it should give you a list of your attachments. On the column on the right is a little trashcan that will allow you to delete your attachments. However, hold off on doing this just yet. I may be able to increase the amount of storage that you have, so that you won't need to delete anything. The site itself is approaching it's disk quota, though, so I need to check with Tech Support to find out what we out to do about that before I increase any individual storage settings. Thanks!
  7. OK, Alba. It looks good to me now. Well, Nook or iPad, it should react the same. I hate to say it, but everything works fine on my iPad, no problems at all. I'll look into whether there are any known issues with Nook. In the meantime, maybe try changing the theme -- if you look way at the bottom of the screen there will be a link when you can choose the MFC theme or the Default theme, which will be plain blue and gray. See if the Default theme works for you, and if it does, maybe we've done something in our customization that has affected your iPad. If that's the case, we'll see how we can fix it. Thanks! Oh, BTW, I just got a notice that you chat people are not going to be happy about. Our provider has decided to drop the chat function effective May 1. They say that they've seen a steady decline and feel they can best put their resources elsewhere. So... we'll look into whether there's some good alternative. Sorry about that.
  8. I don't have any trouble seeing video or photos in those sections. Can you tell me specifically what you're having trouble with? Making make a screen shot of the error messages you're getting? Thanks.
  9. Alba, it looks like you have a lot of white space at the bottom of your sig. You should be able to edit it and delete all the extra returns to clean that up. If you can't, lmk and I'll take care of it for you. Also, it seems that this new format uses a double-space for one return -- in other words you don't have to space twice to put enough room between your paragraphs. It's something I have been doing automatically and it will be a hard habit to break. Perhaps we can fix it in a stylesheet. But I wanted to explain why all of our posts before yesterday have so much space between paragraphs. I'm afraid there's no good way for us to go back and fix those all retroactively, so we'll have to live with a lot of long posts and white space. Hmm, Dee, not sure why that would be. I checked the site on my phone, but not on my iPad yet. Will do that later today and try to figure out what's going on. It doesn't seem that there's a specific mobile version -- I think they've made this version what they call "responsive". In other words it is designed to be mobile-friendly. Apparently, however, it's not friendly with your iPad! We'll figure it out soon!
  10. So Dreamy_Queen asked the above in another thread. If you look at the list of threads, you'll see a blue dot to the left of the threads with new content you haven't seen yet. If you click on the blue dot, it will take you to the last post you read in that thread.
  11. If you have any questions about changes to the forum as a result of the upgrade, or need help navigating... or want to help others who have questions, please head over to this thread:
  12. OK, I'm going to close this thread and direct everyone over to the new thread I've created for learning about the upgrade changes.
  13. Hello everyone! By now, you will have seen the upgraded Mika Fan Club forums! We're trying to make things look like they used to, but there will be some differences, just because this new software has more capabilities - and that's a good thing. I've created this thread so that anyone who has questions can ask, and we can all support each other as we learn and feel our way around. If anyone has any tips or tricks, please share here, too! The first thing I want to share is that embedding videos is easier than ever with this upgrade. No need for special code! All we have to do now is paste the link for the video and it will automatically embed it. Below is a Facebook video, but this also works for Youtube and Vimeo videos. It also will embed content from the following sites: College Humor, Flickr, Gfycat, Google+, Hulu, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, Ted, Twitter, Vine, and internal links to content within our community. So no special code is necessary -- just type in or paste the link. A line will pop up at the bottom of the text box saying that the link has been embedded, and it gives you an option to not embed the content, just post the link.
  14. Thanks, Anne. I haven't checked the site with my phone or iPad yet, have been concentrating on the desktop, but I'll do that tonight and see what changes need to be made. I haven't tried yet, I'll get back to you! I thought I had added those, sorry. I should be able to do that now.
  15. Brain hurts... too much thinking today!