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  1. Welcome, Molly! Another fan from the US. I'm sure you'll find a number of German-speaking (as well as French and Italian-speaking) MFCers here who would be happy to help you practice your language skills!
  2. Dee, no, we can't change the spacing in the default theme -- that's generated by the system. That's why we changed it in our customized MFC theme. Sorry about that. As for the other limits -- well, you CAN have two images in your sig, look at Anne's. So I'm not sure why you're having issues with that. I've changed the number of links to 2, so lmk if that fixes your problem.
  3. Thanks so much for the translation, Anne.
  4. Hi! Actually, we have all the lyrics to Mika's songs here on MFC -- so next time you're looking be sure to check HERE. I think our lyrics tend to be more accurate than those you'll find on the lyrics sites... and even more accurate than those on Mika's site, too!
  5. Ika, when I look at your profile, all the options are there. I'm not sure why it's not working properly for you. Perhaps you can just explain what you would like to do, and I can try to do it for you?
  6. Good! Have you tried it yet? Did it work for you? OK, I'll see if I can figure out what's going on. I use Firefox primarily and have had no issues. But I'll poke around and see what I can see. Thanks for your patience!
  7. Anne, we do have a back-up, but it doesn't work the way you think it does. Our tech support periodically backs up the entire site database. If we need to revert to a back-up of the database, then everything that has been posted/changed since that back-up will be lost. We can't just go and pick one thread and restore it. Unfortunately. Sabine, what browser are you using? Perhaps you need to upgrade it? I can't explain why you're having trouble otherwise. I think what's happening is that the file/thread is so large now it takes a while to load. I'm thinking we might be able to move the Encyclopedia to another part of the site so it loads faster and is easier to update. I have to look into it, but haven't had the time as yet. I will soon, though!
  8. Sorry for the delay in replying.. About the calendar... When you create an event, Eriko, look in the right corner and you'll see where you can enter your time zone. That will take care of the issues you're experiencing. Then everyone will see the event in their own time zone.
  9. I love that I was included in your dream @kreacher! At least I can see him vicariously, sort of, if not in real life!
  10. Basically the same photos, videos and info we already know but... MIKA's Collaboration with Peugeot Makes 108 Look Like a Clio RS https://www.autoevolution.com/news/mika-s-collaboration-with-peugeot-makes-108-look-like-a-clio-rs-117046.html# When carmakers are stuck for ideas on how to promote their small hatchbacks, they either go for color/special editions or celebrity backing. But Peugeot did both in this ad for the 108 that features MIKA. The artist is known for having an Austin Healey Sprite, so he likes them crammed and brightly colored. In the Peugeot range, things don't get more so than the 108, a city car which seems to have even brighter personality than usual. For about half of the commercial, the 108 sports a bright yellow color reminiscent of the golden tones seen on RS models. It's had many variations over the years, but the closest one can be seen on the Clio 200 EDC. The 108 Collection line is also displayed here in blue, red, and white. Hit the car with a giant ball and it changes color - how original. "It is an honor to be associated with such an iconic French brand - Peugeot. I have grown up with it my entire life and have always loved their aesthetic and design. The new campaign is a fun collision of my world and that of the 108! We had a great time creating it and you can feel it watching the ad," said MIKA. The car company goes even further to suggest a "perfect pairing" between the 108 and the urban, imaginative and elegant artist. Will the marketing work? Only if you've got the right customer, who's willing to buy a Peugeot instead of rivals like the VW Up! or Renault Twingo just because of MIKA. But just to give the 108 Collection a fighting chance, Peugeot is offering €2,000 off with every purchase this spring. The smallest model in the range continues to be built alongside the Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1 at the Kolin factory in the Czech Republic. Available both as a 3- and a 5-door, the 3.5-meter machine is available with the 1.0 and 1.2 PureTech engines. Since the launch in 2014, they've sold about 60,000 every year, which is about half as much as they achieved during the 2000s highs.
  11. I'm not sure why, but for some reason those photos were causing lots of trouble. I've moved them out of the spoiler box and up above it, and they seem OK now. I'll have to talk to tech support about why they were creating a problem, but for now, Eriko, just be really careful about where you place the photos - maybe give them their own separate post when there are other videos and spoilers involved? Thanks.
  12. Is that all that's supposed to be in there? I put the photos in there, too, because I wasn't sure. It seems the photos are what was causing the problem -- for some reason they were spilling over into other posts. Weird.
  13. So somehow the spoiler box was messed up. Were you trying to put the photos inside the spoiler box? It took me some time, but I finally got them in there. Not sure what happened. Were you using the source code to do this? If so, perhaps you inadvertently deleted a closing <div> tag? Anyhow, take a look now and lmk if it's the way you want it to be. By the way, I made some changes to the post above it, too, just so I could see what I was doing. I hope it's all OK now.
  14. I'm trying to clean that up, Cris -- I think it should work now, although I'm not sure what exactly was supposed to be in the spoiler, I may still have to tweak.
  15. Thanks for the screen shot, Eriko. I'll look into this.