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  1. Chance72399

    Voting thread

    ok just voted.
  2. Chance72399

    Message for Mika (pic)

  3. Chance72399

    that's one naughty video!

    I love when he does the drum solo. Too bad he didnt take his shirt off like he does in his other concerts though.
  4. Chance72399

    i made a pic vid

    HAHA...OMG that was awesome. That was so not annoying. I had to save that to my favorites. That is the best picture video i have ever seen. Great job
  5. Chance72399

    Birthday Audio Message for Mika?

    Thats a great idea. I really need to come on this site more cause i miss out on all this great stuff.
  6. I absolutely love "stuck in the middle" I would love for it to be his next single.
  7. Chance72399

    Funny Mika interview.

    Hi everyone...sorry i havent been on in a while...things have been a bit crazy. I'm not sure if this video was posted already or not, if it was i'm sorry...but i thought it was pretty funny....i couldnt stop laughing at the beginning of his interview. What a character Mika is. Gotta love him.
  8. Chance72399

    Pics that remind you of Mika

  9. Chance72399

    Where should Mika play?

    I think he should come back to NYC again
  10. Chance72399

    Mika & Madonaa????

    That would be an interesting combo. I think they both have great energy and would make some great music together.
  11. Chance72399

    Mika @ Nokia Theater - New York City

    Anyone else see mika's family in the right balcony last night? I recognized his grandma, a few cousins i saw at gramercy and his aunt. I didnt see his mom or sister though. They were probably back stage.
  12. Chance72399

    I miss MIKA so much guys :(... and I'm worried about him...

    I know you are worried about him as many of his fans are but i agree with mandilambi, he knew the long hard hours he would have to put in to become a singer. His family is with him on tour and i am sure they are making sure that he is getting some much needed rest.
  13. Chance72399

    mikas youngest fan (EVER)

    Awwwww...she is adorable. Mika's recruiting them at all ages
  14. Chance72399

    Is this OUR Mica Penniman?

    Thats awesome...he looks like a baby in that pic. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Chance72399

    Mika's Tamagotchi Is Dead! :[

    that was a funny interview...i love his expressions when he was explaining his toys. Thanks for sharing.