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  1. My friends... how incredibly long it has been since we last talked or posted in this thread. I miss you all, greatly. Honestly, I do. I had an urge to post on MFC, and realized how much I miss you guys. It has probably been almost a year since I've posted on MFC.. HOW ARE YOU ALL!? Please, tell me about your lives. It's all you guys
  2. For me it has also been many months since I've been on or posted... This is such horrific news. Paloma and her whole family will be in my prayers. It seems they will pull through, they're a strong bunch of people. Much love to them.
  3. Lex these pics are so clear! That seems like an amazing camera haha.
  4. I hope you get one! Did you? I'm going to see them in July! Haven't bought the tickets yet, but will soon! Woohoo! So excited.
  5. Estoy recando que todos estan bien! Como estan todos? Estamos tratando de llamar a mi familia en Chile. La noticia es el ulnico cosa que podemos ver para informacion. Deseo que todos ustedes estan bien.
  6. First, where is that video of a continuous take of lollipop or love today I think, it was a college and it was a lip dub where its one take and they walk through the college and they're all singing to it. Anybody have a link for it? And also... should I make a 'part two' since its already at 2,000 posts?
  7. Excited but nervous!
  8. My favorite Coldplay videos are 'The Scientist', 'Yellow', and 'Strawberry Swing'.
  9. Just heard it too! Ahhh!
  10. I'm scared :\ I've had lower abdominal pain for about 4-5 days, but it only hurts if I touch that area, it doesn't randomly hurt. When I press down on it (its on the right side), my finger can feel a crooked line that's protruding.. I don't know what it is. I'm always scared about health related things, and I'm just really worried I hope its nothing serious. I'm going to tell my mom about it. I told her a few days ago, but I didn't make it a big deal. I'll tell her that I'm thinking I should go to the doctor.
  11. LOVE Complainte de la Butte. LOVE it. ... LOVE.
  12. Agreed Even though its sad, it doesn't leave you with a complete sense of loss. It seems like she still lived to the fullest, even while fighting.
  13. Oh wow! how interesting. Does it work for armpits? Hahaha Soaking armpits would be weird XD
  14. Mine are a little bit sweaty, but mostly they're just clammy and cold! But my pits are sweaty. You know, deodorants and dark colored clothes can work, but I think this is the best kind of medicine for sweaters; talking to people we can relate to It makes us feel not alone!!