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  1. Closing this thread, as it had been posted already in the "Before the Show" section (moved to "News & Press" now):
  2. As Mika won't be there, I've changed the title and moved the thread to the News section.
  3. hi mellody... sorry but i decided to not partecipe to this gift... because is very difficult for me



  4. Damn, I missed him, only saw the last 2 minutes, when he had just finished singing with Chiara. So he sang GK, Beautiful Disaster and Stardust? Anything else? I hope there'll be a recording. Thanks Eriko for the links, photos and videos!
  5. I agree that he should do some (touring) exercise to have enough breath for singing... but WOW, Underwater with a whole stadium full of lights, it indeed looked like a sky full of stars.
  6. Thanks for the updates. Is it just one stage for all the artists, or do they have different stages for the different categories (Rap/Big/Fenomeni)? Is there a video online somewhere of one of the previous shows, to see what it looks like, how big the stage is, how long the artists sing, if there are interviews, etc.?
  7. mellody

    Tour rumours 2018

    The Nutella gig? I wasn't there but watched it live online. That was a (nearly) full setlist though, iirc. Often he does a full gig at a festival if he's the headliner, that's why I was wondering... But if it's just 2-3 songs per artist at this concert, without a headliner, then I suppose Mika won't be an exception.
  8. mellody

    Tour rumours 2018

    So what about this gig in Milan that he announced on Twitter and Facebook? Does anyone know if it's a full Mika gig or just a few songs? "Free entry, first come first serve" sounds nerve-wrecking tho, and like a loooooong queueing day.
  9. Well, I don't mind 80.000 ppl around me, if I'm close to the stage... - but there doesn't seem to be a chance for that. If I need binoculars to see Mika, that's not the kind of gig I want to spend a lot of money on.
  10. Thanks for the info. I always try to go when he sounds so excited about a gig as he did on Twitter/Instagram yesterday. But I guess he's more excited about the amount of viewers in this case than about it being a special event for his fans. I guess if there aren't any special fan packages for the gig or ticket giveaways, i'll better save my money for the next tour.
  11. So it looks like it'll be only a 20-30 minute show. And tickets are 138€, if you don't want to be completely at the far end. On the other hand it might be the only Mika gig for this year, from what we heard. I hate making such decisions!
  12. I wonder if he just sticks this paper to his phone to hide the phone brand in his mirror photos/videos. It doesn't look to me like the paper itself has a certain meaning, but instead it's just a random paper ripped in half.
  13. mellody

    Tour rumours 2018

    Yeah, with companies like Pilot and Peugeot, they want publicity, so they usually do some competitions for gigs like that. But if he does just one or two gigs like that in 2018, everyone will want to go, so chances of winning aren't too big. Anyway, I also hope he'll do at least some festivals this summer. 2 years without gigs - and I think not even Casa Mika again in 2018, if I understood it right? That's definitely too little Mika!
  14. mellody

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    It's also on their Facebook: can participate from Germany and Austria. That party props file is pretty cool, it's Mika's Designs in A4 format.
  15. mellody

    What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    When we still made yearbooks on the German fanclub, we always had a section "Making friends on DMFC", where members described how they met and became friends, and what characterizes their friendship. Maybe some stories like this would be nice for that thread you suggested? Generally, about those talking badly about MFC... from what I read here, I suppose it's just a handful of people who have bad experiences with MFCers, but they seem to be very good at making themselves heard and convincing others, who have no experience with MFC, or who are happy to have an excuse to talk badly about MFC because they're jealous of those who have been to many gigs. So I guess the best we can do, besides trying to improve the Forum, is some sort of image campaign, be more present on Social Media, so people get to see both sides on Social Media, not just the bad rumours.