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  1. Do we know whether the awards ceremony will be live on TV or on the web via Streaming?
  2. They will post the e-mail address where to write to, once they have tickets on offer. Which is probably just a few days (or one day) before the recording. So you need a little patience, and regularly check their facebook site for news about the show.
  3. So, do I understand it right that the first part of Casa Mika 2 will be on TV on Oct 24?

    I'll be fine with my contribution going to charity, if they don't want flowers.

    It's really hard to find words... I first met David in November 2007, when he offered Sivan, Summer and me to stay at his place for the night after the Mika gig in Newcastle. We had so much fun there and on several other occasions, and it's so hard to believe he's gone. I've searched my albums and found a few pix that I think I've only posted on myspace back in the days. Posting them here, to remember the good times... (Newcastle, Amsterdam and London) RIP David.
  6. So, a press conference without any news? That makes sense... not. Thanks anyway for the info.
  7. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I think it was easier to get tickets for the recordings during the week. Saturdays were the ones where most fans wanted to go. So if you have a choice (re. work/school), you'll probably have better chances for a weekday.
  8. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Last time there were competitions to win tickets here on MFC, on Mika's facebook and on the facebook page of the production company. I don't know what it's like with the voice, never been there. But so far we don't even know the dates yet. Last year's competitions were pretty short notice, just a few days before each show.
  9. Only in France and Italy. So I'm sure he doesn't mind at these occasions, there's lots of places in the world where he can go without paparazzi. Tho i'm wondering sometimes whether that's why he doesn't seem to be interested in a career in the UK, because he wants to walk freely around the town where he lives. Thanks for the photos! NaoMika, wow, you really were lucky!
  10. Thanks, I can't understand French very well, but at least now I get an idea what it's about. It's kind of a follow up contract for the next 10 years between the fans and Mika. And they say that if he turns to country music, they can't guarantee that they'll stick around. Nice idea!
  11. What does the letter say? It's too small on my phone to read it .
  12. Tour Rumours 2017

    Didn't he do it in 2014? I think there only was the Nutella gig, and that was pretty short notice, iirc.
  13. Ah, nice to see there's a version of the ad without talking, that gives hope that it might be used internationally. I like the ad, especially the part where all the umbrellas open, that's a cool effect! Just the small chicken, it's a cute idea, but they should've done that better - you can see from the movements that it's computer animated, that makes it look pretty fake. Computer technology can do much better today, but guess they didn't want to spend too much money.