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  1. Tour rumours 2018

    Yeah, with companies like Pilot and Peugeot, they want publicity, so they usually do some competitions for gigs like that. But if he does just one or two gigs like that in 2018, everyone will want to go, so chances of winning aren't too big. Anyway, I also hope he'll do at least some festivals this summer. 2 years without gigs - and I think not even Casa Mika again in 2018, if I understood it right? That's definitely too little Mika!
  2. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    It's also on their Facebook: can participate from Germany and Austria. That party props file is pretty cool, it's Mika's Designs in A4 format.
  3. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    When we still made yearbooks on the German fanclub, we always had a section "Making friends on DMFC", where members described how they met and became friends, and what characterizes their friendship. Maybe some stories like this would be nice for that thread you suggested? Generally, about those talking badly about MFC... from what I read here, I suppose it's just a handful of people who have bad experiences with MFCers, but they seem to be very good at making themselves heard and convincing others, who have no experience with MFC, or who are happy to have an excuse to talk badly about MFC because they're jealous of those who have been to many gigs. So I guess the best we can do, besides trying to improve the Forum, is some sort of image campaign, be more present on Social Media, so people get to see both sides on Social Media, not just the bad rumours.
  4. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    In Germany I was able to get the pens from here: mika - took a while, they seem to be a bit unorganized, but I received the first part of the delivery today.
  5. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    True, and neither MFC nor Mika nor his "inner team" (those who have been working for him from the start, I don't know about his newer Italian team...) encourage this behaviour. But it's all too big now, especially in Italy, so Mika and his team can't control every person who works for them - for example, the Casa Mika production company. I think it's much better to make a lot of friends because you want to and you are curious about different kinds of characters, and not because you want to use these people. I think what many of us "old" MFCers have in common is that we love to travel and meet new people, and what's better for this than a Mika gig? And then you get friendships that might even be helpful when you least expect it, and it's mutual, so you help each other when you get the chance. Best example I think is @tiibet - she's friends with basically every other fan (at least it seems like this to me), simply because she's so open and nice, and interested in different people and opinions. And with this huge network, she'll often find someone who offers to translate things for her at events, or to take her as their guest if they win 2 places in a competition but she doesn't. I guess for new fans it's not always easy to see the difference, who uses others to get what they want and who just happens to have a lot of friends. And the latter certainly can be MFC related. Maybe some expect that they just have to register here and suddenly they get all the benefits that people might give each other in friendships that have been built over years (like taking each other to events when you win 2 places). But well, that's just not the way how it works... There's still enough competitions and benefits on MFC though, for which every member has the chance to win or take part.
  6. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    If you broaden the term "Mika's team" to every Roadie or Security who works on the tour, or every Intern at a radio station where Mika does an interview, then yes, unfortunately this does happen occasionally - that some fans make friends with people working in Mika's entourage, to get what they want (information or entering venues before others, etc.). It has happened, tho luckily I didn't see it often, and I don't even know if Mika knows about this. Of course if you just happen to have a friend who can get you access to Mika in some way, I think most of us would use this chance. But if someone is good at convincing people, they might use this skill to try and get closer to Mika by trying to make friends with those who might be helpful. I don't like this, but it happens everywhere - in my perception, even less on MFC than elsewhere, because there's some sort of group pressure on MFC, so you wouldn't have many friends here anymore if you do this. Just my perception tho, I guess some might not care that much if others here like them or not.
  7. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    Then those who don't have the money to pay for these tickets would also say it's unfair. Maybe Mika should use a stage design as in Bercy, with the catwalk into the crowd, then the front row would be longer. But then he'd also have to do half of the show on the front stage and half on the second stage, unlike in Bercy... otherwise it's unfair again. Besides, such a stage design only works in big arenas. I don't think Mika wants to offer such VIP tickets, he wants everyone to have the same chances. Well, mostly... I've seen exceptions from that, too. And if you don't have the time or energy to queue for 2 days, you also don't have the same chances as those who do. Anyway, it's never 100% fair, no matter what we or Team Mika do, so I guess they will leave it as it is.
  8. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    There was definitely no MFC presale. Apparently there was an option to subscribe to the theatre for a certain amount of money and thus get tickets in a presale, and some fans used this option. I think, some Italian fans also helped international MFCers with this. If I remember correctly, the idea to donate the "rest" of the subscription came up only after buying the tickets, and I don't know who decided to say it's from MFC - maybe it was just the MFCers who didn't need the other tickets they got through that subscription.
  9. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    Indeed we have a thread somewhere dedicated to local Mika fan pages. I guess it hasn't been active for ages, anyway I haven't seen it for a long time. A few years back, there were a lot of local Mika fan sites, but most of them are dead now or have moved to Facebook, where it's easier to reach the few local fans that are left in these countries. I think with the big local sites, in France and Italy, it was always more of a competition than a cooperation. I don't remember why, actually - I only vaguely remember a few events where the French and Italian Fansites were working against MFC, and maybe they had their reasons, but I don't know what these reasons were. I know MFC made some enemies with the queueing system. It was fair in the early days, first come, first serve, no matter if MFCer or not. But some weren't happy that they couldn't jump the queue, and as the queueing system lost its importance over the years (see my previous post here), there also was some misuse of it, also by MFCers. So some were complaining that MFC was playing police in the queue. And the more Mika's fame concentrated on 2 countries, the more international fans were complaining a) about this fact and b) that queueing was so chaotic in these countries. Maybe some fans took this personally. So indeed there is some history behind it all. But in my perception it was always just individuals or small groups, from both sides, who preferred to cause trouble instead of working together. So I find it interesting that you guys say MFC/ers generall has/ve a bad reputation in Italy. Does MFCers in this context mean, everyone who is posting here regularly, or international fans in general (most of those who travel for gigs are indeed MFCers), what about Italian MFCers, do they also have a bad reputation? I guess it doesn't mean everyone who is registered here, because many do register here just for competitions and never come back after that. Anyway, anyone who says "MFCers" are unfriendly, rude and cheating, who do they mean? If they have met 2 or 3 MFCers who are like this, why do they think that automatically everyone else on this forum must be the same? Is it about the Mods/Admins, that there are rumours or misunderstandings that we have done or not done something? This fear of getting banned here for voicing your opinion sounds like it might be part of the problem...?
  10. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    About the pictures: Most have been uploded by the person who took them, so everyone who ever uploaded pix on photobucket and linked them here, would have to re-upload all of them. I'm planning to do that with my pix at some point, but it's not top priority on my long to-do-list... besides, mostly I also posted the links to the whole photobucket album, and that can still be viewed on their website. In theory, the embedded pix could be replaced by links to the photos, but it's also something that'd have to be done for each photo individually - so re-uploading them would be the better option, then they can be viewed without clicking a link.
  11. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    I'm sorry Siri to hear about your bad experience at your (so far) only Mika gig. I agree it really shouldn't be like that. A few points: The queueing system: There have been complaints about it ever since it started back in 2007 or 2008. It's certainly not perfect. And these days, it mostly doesn't make sense at all, because no one really watches over it, and no one makes sure it works. Back in the old days (up to 2010), Mika's tour manager at the time made sure at most gigs that people could enter according to the queueing numbers, before the rest of the crowd. The queue would start some time between 4 am and 4 pm (depending on the location), everyone was given a number (MFCer or not) according to the time they arrived. One of the first people in the queue would take care of the list. Keeping places for friends who didn't arrive at the same time wasn't allowed, and it was regularly checked whether everyone in the queue was still there, and not absent for hours. But with often a maximum of 50 people in the queue by 4 pm, that wasn't hard. These days, Mika's team doesn't care who goes in first, those who start the queue might do so already the day before the gig, so it's not unusual to have 200 people in the queue already in the morning. Security often doesn't care either, so when doors open, people who arrived just minutes before can push in from the sides. It's different at every gig, but as a matter of fact, the queueing numbers system doesn't work anymore the way it used to, for several reasons. It can only work if all fans in the queue, as well as security staff work together - and with that many people and that many queueing hours as it is today, that is hardly ever the case. We still try often enough, to try and keep at least *some* sort of order in the queue. In any case, you don't have to feel bad for keeping a place for a friend, as long as it's not a whole group of friends who prefer to sleep in and rely on you to keep their place. About the group you approached, I don't know who they were, maybe they really thought they were the "elected ones", there are a few who just think about themselves. But it's also possible that they were nervous as well, because in fact you always get nervous when the time of the doors opening comes close, since everyone wants to have a good spot at the gig. Maybe they thought you just wanted to talk with them to jump the queue, or they were overtired because they had spent the night in front of the venue, and thus not ready to talk with people they don't know. Or all of the above. In any case I'm pretty sure it wasn't against you personally, though I know that it's easy to think this way if you're insecure, it happens to me as well (and used to happen all the time when I was younger). It does help when you talk with people on the forum, on the gig planning thread, and already ask questions there - maybe you even can arrange in advance to meet up with other MFCers in the queue, then they'll know who you are and hopefully problems like the one you described won't turn up. I guess it would indeed make sense to have a few MFC representatives in every queue, who help newbies and introduce them to other MFCers etc. - but it's really hard. I think we can talk to the MFC reps that at the gigs they visit, they should be there for the newbies and open to any questions. I must say though that it has also happened to me that I've tried to talk to people in the queue, asking if they were on MFC, and got something like "yes but I never post there" as a reply, together with an angry look, how I could dare to ask that. In my case I guess it's also often language barriers, since I don't speak Italian or French, and not everyone understands English. Anyway, I just wanted to say that so you see it's not just from one side. It takes a while to get to know each other and become friends, but at least MFC is a good starting point for a conversation. As for the project for the final Casa Mika, I wasn't there and didn't know about it in advance, I think maybe @mari62 or @dcdeb can say more about what happened in this case. But I do know that a few weeks earlier we had the big MFC party before the Casa Mika recording, with a cake and everything, and we made a gift for Mika there as well, organized by a MFCer, pretty last minute. It just worked because we all came together at this party, and Ani (the one who organized it) was able to prepare all the necessary stuff in such a short time.
  12. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    That is true, although in some cases we do say no. A few restrictions are necessary, to protect our members as well as MFC's reputation. For example, no one except the Mods/Admins is allowed to collect money from members on MFC. We can't control what the organizers do with it, so if we want to make sure members can trust a project that is organized on MFC, the most reliable way is simply to keep this within the team. Of course, if someone has a fantastic idea that happens to involve money, we can discuss this and help. Also, we try to watch that the projects don't get too much (for example, Mika doesn't need 20 birthday gifts from MFC...) and that at least the big ones (official MFC birthday gift, yearbook, or gifts for special events) are well organized, so we can be sure it works out. It'll help no one if someone who offers to organize a gift for Mika realizes after a few weeks how much work that really is and gives up. Indeed it has happened before that we were stuck with a half-done gift and had to do all the organization ourselves, so the member's contributions wouldn't get lost. We try to do the birthday project every year (just last year we forgot to start in time), and for this, anyone is welcome to help with their ideas and organization skills, so we can create something as a team. I've just started the brainstorming thread for this year's gift yesterday, you can find it in the members only section. Of course ideas are welcome at any time. And if you look in the MFC projects board, you'll find a lot of successful projects started by members. If we say no, it's for one of the above reasons, or simply because it's too short notice. Even if some might think this forum is dead - if there's a cool gift idea for Mika, you might be surprised by the amount of people wanting to participate.
  13. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    Doesn't the calendar help with seeing what Mika is and has been doing? I don't know if you've used this function here before, guess it's also something we should communicate better... but the calendar gives a pretty good overview over all the public appointments of Mika. As for sorting old topics by years, I guess we could do that with sub-forums, then we don't have to use the archive function. We'd just have to find a solution for the problem that there'll be a list of (so far) 10 years before the other posts then... But maybe we could just add an extra section, called "Archives", to make the current boards more organized. It's probably all in the software. But it is HUGE, you can take days going through all functions, and that doesn't even include additional modules we haven't installed yet. That's why this thread is so important, to help us find out what the forum should look like, which functions we need and which we don't. Usability, based on the way people use the internet nowadays. I'm not sure if anyone has given this much thought since the forum was started in 2007. It just grew over the years, at some point the board structure and the design got changed, as the members and topics got more and to give it a fresh look. And at some point we moved to a different server, and a different forum software. Not too long ago, there was a huge update of this software, that led to more changes, in the design as well as in the function (front-end and back-end). Basically I think we just tried to adapt the forum in a way members could continue to use it in the familiar way without too many changes. But I guess it's time for some changes now, to turn this dinosaur into a weasel, so to speak. May I ask which programming language(s) you've learned at college?
  14. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    Websites these days don't need Guides and explanations, those companies have a team of employees who do nothing but make the site more intuitive, so anyone can understand and use it the first time they visit. It's a good point, actually it happens to me as well that I can't find threads anymore and I have to search a bit - although I know the forum layout very well. Maybe we have too many sub-forums... I know I wanted to work out a few changes at least on the MFC section of the forum already a year ago, but as so often, real life got in the way. I think I should get started on that asap. Also I get confused if I see a whole screen of pinned threads, then I have to scroll down for the new threads with current discussions. For those not used to forums it might not be obvious that these are pinned, so they think the new thread has disappeared, because they don't scroll further down. I think the software might offer some solutions, some might lie in the subforum-layout, in any case I'm sure we can improve this, with some time invested. Maybe it'd make sense to do a survey in advance, to see how those who have problems use the site... from their mobile, tablet or desktop/notebook, where on the site are they looking for news, etc.? I wouldn't be surprised if many MFCers mostly use their mobile these days to check the site... Btw, the background gradient colours don't show in the mobile version. But too many colours tend to be distracting, so I'm not sure about changing them / adding more. Maybe we could consider adding a colourful image/background in the header, as we used to have before the software change (well, it wasn't colourful then either, but at least it added some sort of design element).
  15. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    The pens are now available on amazon Germany! They're not officially released outside Europe, but if you scroll back a bit in this thread, you'll find links and info about a Dutch website that ships worldwide.