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  1. I think it was easier to get tickets for the recordings during the week. Saturdays were the ones where most fans wanted to go. So if you have a choice (re. work/school), you'll probably have better chances for a weekday.
  2. Last time there were competitions to win tickets here on MFC, on Mika's facebook and on the facebook page of the production company. I don't know what it's like with the voice, never been there. But so far we don't even know the dates yet. Last year's competitions were pretty short notice, just a few days before each show.
  3. Only in France and Italy. So I'm sure he doesn't mind at these occasions, there's lots of places in the world where he can go without paparazzi. Tho i'm wondering sometimes whether that's why he doesn't seem to be interested in a career in the UK, because he wants to walk freely around the town where he lives. Thanks for the photos! NaoMika, wow, you really were lucky!
  4. Thanks, I can't understand French very well, but at least now I get an idea what it's about. It's kind of a follow up contract for the next 10 years between the fans and Mika. And they say that if he turns to country music, they can't guarantee that they'll stick around. Nice idea!
  5. What does the letter say? It's too small on my phone to read it .
  6. Didn't he do it in 2014? I think there only was the Nutella gig, and that was pretty short notice, iirc.
  7. Ah, nice to see there's a version of the ad without talking, that gives hope that it might be used internationally. I like the ad, especially the part where all the umbrellas open, that's a cool effect! Just the small chicken, it's a cute idea, but they should've done that better - you can see from the movements that it's computer animated, that makes it look pretty fake. Computer technology can do much better today, but guess they didn't want to spend too much money.
  8. I still hope he'll be doing a few gigs as well this year, but good to hear that Casa Mika will be continued. It'd be a shame if it hadn't! Hope I can be there again for one of the recordings, it was lots of fun the last time!
  9. well, it's an animated smiley. tbh, I don't know if that's the reason - but you could try if it works without the smiley.
  10. I also think too many of the comments are simply mean. Probably I wouldn't write something nice either if someone like, say, Justin Bieber, did a cover of a Mika song and I didn't like it - so in some way I can understand the Billy Joel Fans - especially since for Billy Joel and that song there's no need for any promotion, which would be my personal favourite point about someone covering a Mika song. So well, I sort of understand if a Billy Joel Fan writes that Mika has ruined the song. The falsetto just doesn't fit to the song, imo, and while the cover is nice, and ofc I always enjoy Mika singing, it has none of the specialness of the original song for me. But that people get personal in their tweets or say Mika has no career, just because he's not famous in the UK anymore (it'd do some people good to take a look outside of their own little world!), I agree these tweets are just mean and unnecessary.
  11. You're right, the birthdays are gone. We've changed this in the layout, as there was a long list of spammers on January 1st. We're currently talking about if/how to put the birthday list back, but it's not a setting you can change yourself. We have certain rules for signatures, see here: I could imagine that maybe it's because you have already one animated gif (the flag smiley) in your signature, and only one is allowed. Try putting only your animated gif in your signature, in the allowed size. Later you can still add the other things again and see what works. If you follow the signature rules and it still doesn't work, you can post or dm me the photobucket link to the gif, then maybe I can see what's wrong with it.
  12. Iirc they introduced him as the presenter of the art of song. But that's all they said. Also it was a pretty short version of this cover.
  13. Thanks for the link Eriko, I managed to watch in time. Shame it wasn't one of his own songs, and tbh I think Piano Man isn't his best cover (but maybe that's just because the original is one of my fave songs ever). But was nice to see him on UK TV anyway.
  14. Sounds fab! so is that on the radio AND on TV?