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  1. Hello, I liked that couldst tell me what is the "official MFC newsletter "

    I await an answer fast!


    Thank you : D

  2. Happy birthday :)

  3. Suzie, agreed, I noticed a 60's Beatles style to it also. I wasnt saying the queen cover thing in a bad way, I was just covering my ass incase it actually WAS a cover, and I was the only one who didnt know
  4. PS: I now live 10 minutes from SunnyMonkey (original MFC founder) Small world.
  5. Hi guys, Dean here (former owner of Mika Fan Club). It has been a while. I listened to he album on Spotify last night, and it was 3am before I finished listening (very addictive) My fav is One Foot Boy, I was surprised to see it winning this poll, I thought there were more immediate hits on the album, but I was pleasantly surprised. Rain is a great chorus. Lover Boy reminds me of a Queen song, I can't remember which one, perhaps you guys can help me out there. It is very addictive though, but I swear, I thought it was a Queen cover (is it?). We Are Golden - An instant hit, perfect first single, will have global appeal. Dr John - Ok, this was really bugging me, the first line reminded me of a song, and I couldn't put my finger on it... but as I was writing this, it hit me: Oasis: The importance of being idle. Again, perhaps you guys have already spotted this, bear in mind I haven't been back on MFC since I handed it over to the Mika management. Good Gone Girl is back to the candyesque music of the first album, this is the closest song to fit the previous album's style imo. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hi again. Great album, I prefer it to LiCM. Dean
  6. Deanos Video Contest

    Here is another example:
  7. Deanos Video Contest

    50 pounds. The more creative the better. I will do a mash-up of all the best ones as well.
  8. hi guys. I am holding a video competition. It is really weird, so hopefully you all have a good sense of humor. You can read the details here: Video Competition You can see three examples here: Example Video And you can submit to the Youtube group here: Youtube group I am going to give $100 to the best entry, so be creative Dean
  9. MFC Will Be The Official Fan Site For Mika

    Ok, I suppose I had best answer this.... The discussions we are having are not directly related to Wendi's project. In fact, contact had been started well before Wendi first started the petition, but one of the areas we are covering should coincide with what Wendi and the majority of MFC'ers wanted. So I guess what I am saying is that Wendi has been awesome, and I am sure that her petition has certainly made a difference, BUT she should not take it personal, as: a) it won't have any effect on the up'coming gigs b) it is not directly related to Wendi's project I hope this makes sense/helps. Dean
  10. Support MFC

    thanks for the donations everyone, much appreciated as always.
  11. Support MFC

    We are behind on the updates due to the talks with Mika's management, but everyone who donated will get one on the next block of updates. We will try and make sure that any secret gigs etc have preference to donators as well (but not exclusively to them)
  12. Support MFC

    Thanks to the people who have donated in the past 48 hours. It really helps a LOT. Thankyou all.
  13. Working Online by Deano

    True, but earning 6 figures per year from your home beats spare cash
  14. Working Online by Deano

    ref ebay... it is fairly idiot proof, but long gone are the days where this was a realistic way of making anything more than a bit of spare cash. If you do find something good, it will be stolen and copied anyway. So I would avoid ebay.