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  1. Gosh! A year has gone by already


    Happy Birthday



  2. Just in case you are around - Happy Birthday d_birthday.gif

  3. Yes, but he's worth it ! ;)

  4. That's quite a way. I will have to travel about that far to see him in Edinburgh later this month. We must be mad :biggrin2:

  5. About 600 km (I think it's 370 miles).

  6. Will you have far to travel?

  7. Hi Silver ! I hope so! I mean, the only thing that can prevent me from going is that tickets might be sold too fast, and hopefully that won't happen. :original: I can't believe this dream is finally abt to come true.

  8. Will you be able to see Mika in Argentina?

  9. Happy birthday sweetie! Have the best birthday ever filled with Mikahappiness & may all your dreams come true! Thanks for being one of Mika Haven devoted care takers! :) See you soon in Mika Haven sweetie!!huglove: :huglove:

  10. hi there, it's great to hear from someone! i'm only getting the hang of this, i kind of feel like everyone knows each other and i don't like to butt in! well it's nice to get a friendly post cheers!

  11. Como estoy medio al p*do hasta el lunes que empiezo a cursar, estaba dando vueltas por aca... :) Espero que te estes teniendo un lindo viernes.

  12. Hi ! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was studying for an exam and hardly came to the forum. It's hard at first for some people (me included) to keep up with the pace of the MFC but it's just about time to get used to it. I hope you are having a good week ! :original:


  13. hi there! thanks for replying. i'm fairly new to this so it's good to get to know a few people. not sure how this friendship thing works, but hope to talk soon!

  14. Hello ! :D Thanks for the friend request... how are you?

  15. Hello ! :original: Nice to meet you. How are you?