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  1. So upset!

    if THIS upsets you, you don't wanna know what the biggest music services in Poland wrote about his album... it was something along the lines: 'kitsch, empty music, childish and far from good singing voice' and so on ;] ^^ this is actually the light thing...they threw **** on him. literary. BUT how can you trust those reviewers when antony and the johnsons receive only 8 out of 10 xD
  2. Your Crazy Pics!!!

    oh my this made my day.
  3. Your Crazy Pics!!!

    stupid.. drinking alco at Uni? why not haha
  4. Placebo

    for those who havent heard of Placebo good old times:
  5. Placebo

    ive heard about Lisbon.. i heard that brian was jelous of Stef 'stealing the spotlight' haha i don't belive it tho. they play Warsaw in Poland. i hope he has his voice back than if that was the case... 7 times...most impressive. i promised myself ill see IamX at least 10 times xD
  6. what is your personality type?

    hehe and i guess i am still the only performer.
  7. Placebo

    you sure do haha im going to see them on the 1st of June...second time that will be. ****ing divas lol
  8. what is your personality type?

    You Are An ESFP The Performer You are a natural performer and happiest when you're entertaining others. A great friend, you are generous, fun-loving and optimistic. You love to laugh - and you like almost all people equally. You accept life as it is, and you do your best to make each day fantastic. You would make a good actor, designer, or counselor. What's Your Personality Type?
  9. Great britain, you're not the world why wouldn't you choose Paris or Berlin?
  10. Game - THIS or THAT

    rain coffee or coffee?
  11. Convince

    i dont think i was sucessfull whatever crazy things i would do to convince them... most of my friends are into totally different alternative chance to convert them
  12. Mika chubby?!?!:o

    i was an anorexic im only slim. everythings possible.
  13. Your Concert List

    polish: Kombajn do zbierania kur po wioska x4 Myslovitz x3 The Car Is On Fire x2 Ścianka Lili Marlene Coma x3 Bohema x2 Pustki eM x2 Fisz i Emade Lenny Valentino international: Sigur Rós Placebo Pharell Williams (blah) Ladytron Manu Chao Franz Ferdinand Skin Bang Gang Sofa Surfers IAmX (x2) Nine Inch Nails Clawfinger The rasmus (after 4 songs i had enough haha) june: Placebo this summer: Sonic Youth, Bjork, Bloc Party, Muse.
  14. Mika Radio 1 - 7/5/07

    isn't it 7th of May, tomorrow?
  15. Brothers and sisters ?

    i have one older sister. Her name is Camille and she is 23, so 2 years older... she likes sport...actually she is a champion in kick-boxing...