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  1. Awwww yay, EJ made it! Miss you too! That would've been a good choice... I see the Aussie thread has gone back to how it was
  2. Oh, that's right! Did I actually ring reception? I know! Nice surprise, huh? OMG, look at how young (and round faced) I look! Okies, I best be off to bed. I'll give everyone a nice little and (It mustn't have saved properly )
  3. Yeah, doing okay. Bit tired ATM cause I've just started working as an SLSO at the local high school and it's been pretty interesting.
  4. Uh huh, sure Now, leave the underwear out of this! Oh, I remember the candy!
  5. Speaking of... How you doing? (even though I see you on Instagram)...
  6. Yaes! Getting a lot of the original peeps on here! Just need to get Bec on here OMG, just remembered that! Yeah, there were many fangurly things happening then...
  7. Anywho, I best go have some dinner, watch Star Wars: Episode VII and tell the child to stop picking up the kitten by the head (If you didn't know, I got a kitteh).
  8. I could post it, seeing as we're going down memory lane and all... not sure how 16 year old (:shocked:) Britt would feel about it though... Oooooh yeah!
  9. Underwear optional still I have a pole dancing photo on PB...
  10. Fo Sho'! Least you made it for the 2009 show... BTW, I found a pic of the four big girls from 2009. Brought back memories!
  11. Oh Melz, I found photos from HK's place when we went there in Dec 07, before we all started making comments about Mika shunning Oz. EDIT: Holy sheet, I found photos from when Zoe, Britt and I went to Melbourne in 2008 and there's a pic of Britt with Hiba!
  12. Ah, it's starting to come back to me now! I swear every time I go to a motel now, I have to check what number reception is. I even went through a stage of taking a photo of it. Zoe even jokes about dialing 9! Will do I don't think he'll mind, as long as you share.
  13. OMG yes! I'm sure Derek would like to be there, seeing as he has a massive man crush on Jensen.
  14. True true... I like the idea of blaming him, esp. cause he's not here to defend himself! Ooooh, I was just looking through the photos from GC (that's been over 8 years! :shocked:) and I found something that I feel could be slightly relevant... Where does the Dial 9 bit come from? I can't remember.
  15. I was innocent before I met you and DC and you know it! Yeah, that icon was added a while ago, thanks to yours truly. I have a good collection of icons on Photobucket.