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  1. Oh yeah, that was pretty gross! I'm pleased I haven't been eaten like that! How have you been? Microscopic bugs with teeth! I think someone said they were fleas or something. Either way, it's not something that they usually do.
  2. Thank you so much for organising it all Deb How lovely of Mika
  3. Oh, just thought I better let people know that I donated some money to go towards a MFC donation/flowers for FD's funeral from the Aussies.
  4. Damn it, I lost my quotes! Anyways, just wanted to say a few things: Rose: Anne: Def think the book is a good idea. I know Angel's parents were appreciative of the book when I sent it, I bet David's family will be too. Deb: I'm happy to go with whatever everyone else wants to do re: money (which seems to be going with donation/flowers). Also, I'm glad Mika knows.No doubt he appreciates that someone told him the news. Also, Mika:
  5. I'm pleased MFC are sending some flowers, I'll be sure to add some cash to the PayPal account. EDIT: I've just paid some into the MFC account and wrote it from the Aussies. I did it using family and friends, hope that's okay.
  6. That was the day that he and Cassie handed over the Aussie petition (I think it was about May 2009)! I remember seeing all the pics they took of the kangaroo and crocodile on stage! I haven't seen that pic in years! We were so grateful to him (and Cassie of course) for helping the Aussies out then. He really was an Aussie at heart
  7. Same. Loved those days, especially how close we all were, despite how far away some of us are from others. I was very shocked when I saw Rose's post on FB. I was hoping it wasn't the same David, but when she said FD I was very shocked. I didn't even know he was sick. Then again, I hadn't talked to him for a very long time.
  8. I'm a bit the same Deb. David and I had our differences occasionally, but we still talked. RIP David, we'll miss you
  9. How very true. I'm sure that anyone that comes in here will already know about it, but David (aka Freddiesdouble) has passed away. He really made MFC interesting and fun in the early days.
  10. Awwww yay, EJ made it! Miss you too! That would've been a good choice... I see the Aussie thread has gone back to how it was
  11. Oh, that's right! Did I actually ring reception? I know! Nice surprise, huh? OMG, look at how young (and round faced) I look! Okies, I best be off to bed. I'll give everyone a nice little and (It mustn't have saved properly )
  12. Yeah, doing okay. Bit tired ATM cause I've just started working as an SLSO at the local high school and it's been pretty interesting.
  13. Uh huh, sure Now, leave the underwear out of this! Oh, I remember the candy!
  14. Speaking of... How you doing? (even though I see you on Instagram)...
  15. Yaes! Getting a lot of the original peeps on here! Just need to get Bec on here OMG, just remembered that! Yeah, there were many fangurly things happening then...