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  1. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Very worrying. The mountain fire would have to burn 15km (and most of town) before it gets to us, so I'm pretty sure we're safe. It's also hit farmland and it's not burning there too well. They've had planes and helicopters flying over and dumping water and this gel that stops fires from spreading, which seems to have helped. They've also been doing some backburning today so that's helped. According to the Fires Near Me app, the fire's being controlled at the moment but has burnt 1333 ha at this stage. The other fire is at a similar size and is also being controlled. They're hoping to get both under control before conditions worsen (they're thinking the next few days could be pretty bad). The town is pretty smoky but okay.
  2. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Yep, I'll edit it. Does it look better now? Oooooh, guess what??? My brother and sister in law had their baby on Tuesday, they had a girl! The hot weather isn't the massive concern for us in the Citrus City, there's a bushfire out of town and it's moving east at the moment (over 700 hectares so far). The first is from my grandparents' place (opposite side of town to the fire), middle one is near the hospital (south side of town and a lot closer) and the third is near the Rural Fire Service building out of town and as close as I will get. There apparently have been some idiots driving along some of the roads for a look. The news were saying it was suspicious. RFS say weather could make the fire worse tomorrow. There's another one about 10-15km in a sorta NE direction from me but cause the wind is blowing E-NE it's going in the opposite direction to town (this one was apparently a lightning strike, though that doesn't make it any better). Here's the newspaper's link if you're curious: Central Western Daily
  3. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Okies, will do. Once I figure out how to edit the siggie... EDIT: Nevermind, I worked it out.
  4. World Reps thread

    Seeing as others have posted pointing out they're here... I'm still here The Rep badges look pretty damn sweet, I have to say
  5. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Oh good, I was hoping I hadn't missed it. I screen capped the image and am thinking of putting it in my siggie in place of my old one... what do you think?
  6. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    15th of July. Chances are I'll be having another c section but we'll see how we go. We had the 12 week scan on Friday and bub looks pretty happy (he/she was kicking away). Sam was pretending to do the scan while the woman was doing it, it was pretty cute. Yeah, prob not worth it. It's really sad it's died off so much but people have lives and have moved on from Mika. While I think of it, when did we get the world rep badges below our avatars? Have they been there for ages and I'm just really unobservant?
  7. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    The job is for up to 11 weeks, cause they've already advertised it for a permanent position and aren't culling applications/doing interviews till week 2/3. The principal said there could be day to day casual work there which will help. I only need it till the end of term 2 (end of June) anyways, as it'll be a bit hard to work when heavily pregnant/with a newborn (anyone on FB might want to keep this to themselves cause I haven't told all the family yet) Buttonholes and any sewing where I need to sew straight is where I struggle... so basically most sewing Christmas day was pretty good, though it got very cold and wet in the afternoon/night. I ended up changing into a pair of jeans and a jumper.
  8. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Yeah, I was a little bit. Managed to get the typing tests done before teaching finished and the other stuff finished by about the 14th. I've had an interesting few days. I managed to agree to teaching some support and mainstream classes for first term next year, so 11 weeks. Luckily for me, the history and geography subjects plus the STEM classes are all programmed so I just have to teach the topic. the Sport classes are dependent on whether it's a double or two single classes (if it's a double then the year group does everything together, if single classes then I have to do some modified games to practice fundamental movement skills). I also sewed a Christmas skirt and finished it off within a few days. Considering I didn't want to do any sewing in the first place, I did pretty well. And, yeah... that's about it I think. If I don't hop on here before tomorrow, Merry Christmas!
  9. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Slate grey would look nice, the black stands out too much with such a light coloured building. Yeah, keeping very busy. Only got 3 more weeks until the end of the school year then I'm off for 6 weeks. I'm also trying to get my Cert III stuff finished by the end of the year. The teaching year for them finishes on the 1st of December so I've got to get my typing speed tests done by then One unit I haven't even started cause I haven't gotten the learner guide or assessment for it
  10. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    :lmfao: Hey Melz! So that's where Mika got his inspiration! Thanks ladies! Twas a good day Nice looking place! Nice garden too! Neither am I There's only 3 yr 10 kids here, the rest are out prettifying themselves for their formal tonight... and it's just started pissing down with rain! Awww, pretty dogs! Yep, gonna disappear in about 5 mins or so cause that's the end of the period and I get to leave early!
  11. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Cool thanks, I'll double check them to be sure. And probably a good idea Anywho, best be off to bed. I only was planning a quick visit cause I've got stacks to do tomorrow (always the way during holidays... of course it doesn't hurt to do actual stuff rather than play video games )
  12. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Ah, okay then. Pretty sure I'll grab them off Photobucket and post them in here, so you can add them. EDIT: Okay, here we go... the Mikamite jar is the logo, Mika Hut and Mikacard are fairly self explanatory, the goat is Beryl Geranium, the camel is Sparkles (not the same but it'll do), the pic of Mika with the cookie is the Subway one and the Keep Calm one is under the bit on Raffa.
  13. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Oh, I just noticed that at least a few of the images aren't loading on the first post so I'll have to see if I have them saved.
  14. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Apparently they did. The ranger followed one of them home. The owner wasn't co-operating at first so I believe they got the police involved, though I think they eventually surrendered them. They'll end up being put down, if they haven't already. Yeah, I'm not too sure why he's not talking. The speech pathologist thought his understanding of language was behind where he should be (It could be receptive language issues, going by what I've read). We're still in the process of getting him assessed. The Paediatrician is apparently good with language issues, so we'll soon see how that goes.Sam's def happy as long as he has food and toys. At least his social skills are developing. Oh, that's lucky! Sometimes is so hard to get tradies in to do stuff, you almost don't want to jinx it if they are able to come fairly quick. Hopefully the weather takes a while before it starts getting cold and miserable. Oh, and here's a pic of the t shirts I did. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out :biggrin2:
  15. The Australian Thread: Party Twenty-Four

    Sounds very busy! Been a bit busy here too. Far as I can tell, it's still ongoing with a few. I'm still trying to work out how some of them didn't know they were dual nationals So, I've been working pretty hard - working as a teacher's aide (the department calls them School Learning Support Officers, or SLSOs - they love their acronyms! ). The school hasn't had a good few days, the indigenous girl's group room got broken into over the weekend and they broke the big tv and stole a stereo and a laptop, then this morning two dogs got into the Ag farm and killed about 20 sheep, plus an adult alpaca and the baby . I've been also helping with some stuff for mum as she's running for the local council, plus Mayor (we get to vote for Mayor, who will stay in for 4 years rather than the councillors voting every year). It's been a bit of a s**t fight, the current councillors are acting like children, including one that couldn't fill in the form correctly and got excluded because he left handing the form in till the last minute and didn't have time to fix it (he had a hissy fit and went to a solicitor, then the electoral commission allowed him in so they had to redraw for the form). I just printed out some iron on stuff for t shirts for Zoe, Britt and I to wear, so I'll have to take a pic to share. What else... I've got a few appointments sorted out for Sam so we work out why he's not talking. So we're testing his hearing again, having a follow up with the speech pathologist and a visit to the Paediatrician. We've also got a few day and overnight trips coming up, so flat out!