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  1. Solo venía a saludar. Me alegra ver que esto sigue más o menos activo. Besos a tod@s! (y a Rosita en especial, que es una gran heredera :huglove: )
  2. When a dinosaur like me who has stayed away from the forum for so long (and I mean, FOR SO LONG) and I feel like I need to write in here it's because something is up...And it's not good. I don't care how you want to paint it, I don't care about your excuses...I've been out of this fan machinery but I DO STILL CARE about the man, the artist and his music and I've been supporting him for longer than some of you are claiming to be (not bragging, not trying to do it. It's just the truth) Just because you defend his every move you won't get closer, or more respected. He probably doesn't even care. I don't think I will reply. Not sure if I will log in again anytime soon. But I wanted to support my fellow long time fans AND FRIENDS who saw and smelt the **** when it arrived and believe me, the **** is here, things have changed A LOT, and not in a good way. And now the dinosaur is back to her cave. Enjoy the crap while it lasts. Life is nice outside!!
  3. Oh my god. Insanity
  4. I´m not going to this one. I have bad memories with Vigo so i prefer not to visit the city Have fun if you´re going!
  5. Ay omá, cuánta belleza! Qué ganas tengo de que llegue Murcia y veros de cerca Felicidades Karla! BlackQueen y yo vivimos muy cerquita la una de la otra, pero somos + que Mikaamigas
  6. Pero yo tengo una reputación...No la arruines XDDDD Ay, qué arte tiene el cabronazo, mare Voy a ver si ceno algo
  7. Me cago en la puta...Y dónde marujeamos ahora? T_T
  8. Marian, cuánto te quiero (Marian, how much i love you XDD)
  9. Yo te pongo donde tú quieras
  10. Me puedo meter en vuestra cama? Es que soy una niña indefensa que no tendrá otro sitio donde dormir..Rosa, ponte el FB otra vez, cojones
  11. Reinas moras, nos vamos a Murcia,no?
  12. You all are so weak..
  13. Mmmmm, interesting.. I´m feeling decadent too. Who´s coming?
  14. Esas hormonas... XDDD
  15. No Luis, no party