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  1. Voted Good to see you here
  2. Hi Lilla to MFC and enjoy yourself sharing Mika love with us
  3. Good Wife my fav Looking together for Mika's lyrics is a tradition on MFC Michael Glad you found us and have lots of fun sharing Mika love here
  4. Hi and welcome to MFC Molly Enjoy yourself with us
  5. It's only the recording from Mika Casa Kris and nothing more. @krysady
  6. Thank you to everyone who posted in this thread and I'm so proud of Mika , our good guy
  7. The subs team had started working on the audio, now working on the full video ,stay tuned.
  8. Me too Alba, they made me very happy and I think those are extra sweet
  9. Mamiam, Rolland Garros tennis court is the place to be for celebrities and I think Mika expected those shots to be taken especially as he made it public on his twitter and his instagram that he was going to be there and whatsmore he was wearing red so it was hard for journalists not to spot him so my guess he that he was fine with pics and movies
  10. Thank you Eriko for this opening this thread Mika looks gorgeous and radiant It seems he enjoyed watching the game a lot as he shared many instagram videos and he's wearing my fav color
  11. Hi and welcome to MFC, Fan1955 I live in the west of France too in morbihan and I'm also (slowly) learning Italian; you might want to use memrise and/or duolingo on phone and pc; they are great and free and I also wanna talk about Mika and if I am crazy, that's what he made me Do you know you can find Casa Mika with English and French subs on MFC? The list of the videos we subbed is here , enjoy
  12. It's a compilation of poems I wrote over three years , @dreams the link is in my siggie