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  1. You're very welcome Mika is the best to make us learn languages
  2. Thank you for giving us more details mariafrancy
  3. lies about mika

    Mods can move threads indeed
  4. Thank you so much @ladyolivier and @Kumazzz You two rock It's wonderful to see all the parts with Mika The songs are a bit short maybe but their chat is really good and I love the playful part with the paint Mika is so adorable and funny @cathouzouf magic is perfect to describe Mika
  5. @dilarat Thank you so much for sharing your pics I love to see Mika so happy
  6. Thank you @silver I was thinking the same as @Kumazzz
  7. Greetings from Spain!

    Welcome aboard Daltrick and enjoy yourself on MFC I don' t believe in hell, my only religion is music specially Mika's
  8. Good luck to everyone I can't wait to read your reports
  9. I'm so happy he won I'm totally thrilled for him He deserved it so much Stasera Casa Mika is the best program I have ever watched on TV Congratulations to Mika
  10. Dead links

    Thank you Silver
  11. What song are you listening to? (2017)

    I fell for this 1969 Serge Gainsbourg song today. I had never heard it before It's called l'anamour
  12. Mika's collaboration with Peugeot - commercial - March 2017

    Good guess Mellody Here is his backstage interview with his answers (Peugeot picked questions related to cars and driving, but Mika's answers are funny ) /videos/688358374693334/?hc_ref=ARTzvQmI3Y22uFGXXt8Js9UUCOFKFKZG-xbkQXD-D3L7TnhcfqJ0LFnL3QT-_0If6sI&fref=gs&dti=1551670188461810&hc_location=group