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  2. : That's wonderful news Thank you for updating us Gabry I'm so happy he won
  3. Hi and welcome to MFC , Gedo. Your English is fine I'm sending you a private message in French to answer to your question with more details . yes there are many French fans here like me for example Please follow the link that Silver gave you so you can chat in French if thats easier for you
  4. Coucou J'espère que la mise à jour du MFC s'est bien passée pour tout le monde Si jamais vous avez besoin d'aide je suis là, n'hésitez pas Et si vous avez envie de participer au yearbook 2016, dépêchez vous, la date limite pour envoyer votre participation a été fixée au 9 avril.
  5. That's pretty cool , thanks for letting us know @mari62
  6. @kreacherThe brower that used to work for me on my android phone for MFC acted just like you describe with the upgraded version , so I tried others and UC Browser (full version) works great for me . I have checked and there's a UC Browser version for android tablets. Give it a try , I hope it can solve the opening of the keyboard for you as well
  7. Updating you with good news as I ended up being able to post with my phone with an updated browser so I'm really happy Using UC Browser on android if it can be useful for other members.
  8. The button for following a thread is on the top right corner
  9. I follow lots of threads myself
  10. I remember wanting that when Willywonka and I were chasing trolls together, but somehow we managed to coordinate our posts but this great
  11. It's really funny how interactive that new version of MFC is
  12. As you wish , but now you know you can
  13. Yes, you can write a report about Stasera Casa Mika if you've watched it online