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  1. Ciao Emmanuela Divertisi qui con noi
  2. Thank you for all your explanations Deb There's no rush to move the encyclopedia as long as it works , but it will be an improvement for sure If that's any help I use chrome and I have no problem opening the new The Voice thread (except for one youtube video that is blocked in France for copyrights reasons) but everything else works for me (as well as VK videos if I watch them within MFC)
  3. I almost got a heart attack because the links didn't seem to work anymore in the Mika Encyclopedia...well they still do but at first you are taken to a page of the thread which doesn't have anything to do with what you clicked on but if you wait and do nothing you end up where you wanted to go first...kind of like when you take an elevator but someone else called it so it makes a stop to a floor where you don't need to get off, but finally you end up at the right floor...
  4. If you guys need alternate links to watch The Voice and The Voice la suite, all past episodes are also available on mikawebsite
  5. Me too
  6. Thank you Alba I had forgotten or I never knew where that gif was made although I had seen it
  7. Hi and welcome to MFC . Enjoy yourself with us
  8. That's one of the wonderful things I love about MFC, we store all our precious Mika memories here You're very welcome Audrey I just fell in love with this gif It was made by @Kumazzz Eriko when Mika was in XFactor Italy but I had never seen it before and I was See you
  9. Welcome to MFC Audrey and enjoy yourself with us I'm French too Mika's gigs are pure moments of happiness you can find reports , photos and videos of Strasbourg gig here You should enjoy this thread a lot too If you need any help with translating something in French, feel free to ask me
  10. I thought we had some sort of a permanent back up like when Wonka had to reopen one of her threads and we had lost a week of data, but everything else was restored Fingers crossed we still do Glad you could reconstruct the first "The Voice" thread Deb
  11. It's lovely Thank you Chris and Silver
  12. Joyeuses påques à tous les francophones 🐰🐔🦄💖🌈
  13. I hope we'll be able to recover the missing threads
  14. Testing MFC with phone and 4G (no problem with wifi but testing posting with 4G as I'm away) I can read and post (but posting only works with chrome)