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  1. A. Clay

    Stephen Colbert

    Another 'Midnight Confessions' bit . . . Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions XX feat. Taran Killam https://youtu.be/OIThLK4_9BM via @YouTube
  2. A. Clay

    Stephen Colbert

    A Late Show Tribute to Aretha Franklin https://youtu.be/6dO1kGAXBO0 via @YouTube
  3. A. Clay

    Stephen Colbert

    A recent 'Big Furry Hat' bit . . . The Big Furry Hat Meets Its Big Furry Match https://youtu.be/o7XU4c1FoBo via @YouTube
  4. A. Clay

    MIKA Memes

    'Patience IS a virtue' 😜
  5. A. Clay

    Stephen Colbert

    It's also been quite a while since viewing a 'Midnight Confessions' bit here : Stephen Colbert's Midnight Confessions, Vol. XXVII 😮
  6. A. Clay

    Stephen Colbert

    Let's start with this funny bit he just did, UNCUT: The Nicki Minaj Interview With Stephen Colbert 😎 When I have time, I'll post more 'Big Furry Hat' bits !
  7. A. Clay

    Stephen Colbert

    I've been off MFC a while, but I'm back & I'll be bringing COBERT back here guys . . . 😚
  8. A. Clay

    Stephen Colbert

    He's still great! 😮
  9. I SO appreciate the MIKA dimple there ! 😘
  10. A. Clay

    Mika's Dog Thread ▽・w・▽

    Happy to see new activity . . . 😋
  11. A. Clay

    Mika in US Press - 2017 / 2018

    I've just seen this. I'm glad that times are changing, (big) BUT, it makes me very sad that back in the "Grace Kelly' days MIKA was frankly blocked from US music markets. So unjust! 😢
  12. Inventing it as they go along . . . 😍