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  1. On the screenshot posted by Eriko we can read that the search index is still processing, so it must be a matter of time and it'll probably get to work 100% Atm it just gives results from newer threads.
  2. yes, another solution could be deleting whole posts with attachments. Btw 500 Kb is a too small space, it means, than we aren't able to post almost any attachments, so we could increase that. But let's see what the support guys reply to Deb.
  3. or just copy/paste the URL to the post, it works for me
  4. we could already post images as attachments, couldn't we?
  5. and you can also click on the blue dots @Dreamy_Queen
  6. Deb, I can't see any trashcan either. Probably only admins have permission to delete. I think we have to change the setting, in order to allow that.
  7. Yes, that's what I see as well. It may depend on the processes, that are still running in the background and will take a while to be completed. They are rebuilding/reuploading the whole site, which is huge. So, I would wait, until these processes have been completed and see if we still have these issues.
  8. sìsì MOLTO meglio tutto!! @Gabry74
  9. si può si può , clicca sull'ultima iconcina in alto a dx
  10. Ora possiamo anche taggare altri membri!! Ti ricordi che ne avevamo parlato @dotoli ?
  11. Thank you so much Deb and Karin for making the upgrade possible and for working on fixing everything! I love the features on this new updated software! It seems we can tag other members now @dcdeb @mellody
  12. It's official now: Mika will be doing 'Casa Mika 2' this year! He's confirmed it during today's Press conference and Rai2 has just announced it on Twitter: Mika @ Press Conference: Rai2 ‏@RaiDue 28 minutes agoMore È ufficiale! E ve lo diciamo adesso, nel periodo di #sanremo2017 @mikasounds torna dopo l'estate con #casamika su #rai2 @mikamusic_it