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  1. Video mediaset about second Giffoni day photos tgcom24 mediaset
  2. You have to download the Chrome App from the Apple store, it's free. But maybe Deb can help you solve the problem differently.
  3. Hey there I have this issue on Safari from my iMac, so I use Chrome or Firefox. Have you tried a different browser?
  4. After reading the very sad news, I have been thinking of him a lot. He played an important role in Mika Fan Club; unfortunately we have never met, although I would have loved to, but we interacted on the forum and on twitter since the beginning, and I remember him as a nice and cheerful guy. I still have a little lovely note from him; RIP freddie, thank you for bringing your sunshine to our community. With much love Marina X
  5. Done, good luck ängi!
  6. We have a last minute tickets giveaway for tonight! See MFC twitter and facebook!
  7. TF1 are giving away places for the Finale TF1 offre des places pour la Finale HERE - ICI Hurry up and Good luck!
  8. Dear MFCers, to anyone interested: we have a ticket giveaway for the Finale! You can find it in the Members Only Section Good luck!
  9. if the options do appear, you should be able to use them. What happens, when you try to do that? You could also change browser -for example firefox instead of Chrome or safari or vice versa- and see what happens.
  10. Please let us know, if it works this way
  11. @Ika you can delete the image in your signature and see if the options appear again. If not, I suggest you delete everything and write it again.
  12. Ciao Emanuela benvenuta! Thanks Alba, I have moved this thread to the Introductions section
  13. Eriko, can you temporarily delete your signature, in order to see if things get better? Maybe the gif causes some trouble
  14. ciao, sono nuova e nn so ancora come muovermi. Qua e là ho scritto le mie motivazioni per essere tra voi. Sietemolto disponibili e mi sa che chiederò ancora aiuto. Le prime difficoltà me le avete risolte. Grazie

    1. mari62


      Ciao Nilla benvenuta! 

      mi sembra che tu te la stia cavando bene finora :)

      Se hai domande chiedi pure nel thread italiano o alle Rep, come ti suggerisce Mariagrazia nel topic italiano, o anche a Gabriella (Gabry74), una nostra Mod Aide.

      In caso avessi bisogno di qualcosa che non riuscite a risolvere, chiedi pure anche a me.



  15. Manda pure in italiano se ti fa piacere