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  1. MIKA @mikasounds 9:26pm · 23 Apr 2017 · Twitter for iPhone
  2. I'd noticed The Art of Songs entries looked a bit odd (one was showing up for a day later than it actually was). Maybe calendar event creation needs to be discussed with Tech Support for the software? Or is there some setting that needs changing?
  3. Hi Lise and welcome to the MFC Mika is very addictive, isn't he? You'll find the answers to lots of your Mika questions here: 20 million copies of LICM is far too high, I think it was about 8 million. He released Relax as a single in 2006, but it was the release of Grace Kelly which really got him noticed and got to No1 in the singles chart, followed by LICM in the album chart in 2007.
  4. Gotta be green
  5. Say It Right - Nelly Furtado
  6. OK, Chris (Krysady) has come up with this logo for us. The name of the country you represent would be written underneath. What do people think?
  7. I've gone identity mad
  8. Same here - I thought "Without Her" was a Burt Bacharach song!
  9. Could you let people know how to check the size of their signature (I don't think everyone will know this)?
  10. Don't Forget Me
  11. Remember (performed by Randy Newman)
  12. One - a strangely haunting song (but better when Nilsson did it himself)
  13. Cuddly Toy - The Monkees - a real blast from the past
  14. Mournin' Glory Story
  15. Love this one Sorry - Coconut