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  1. DIY Mika stuff

    The link works fine for me. What browser are you using?
  2. Where in the World Are You?

    Hi and welcome to the MFC. We have a Russian speaking thread (which I think you have already found), and guidelines in Russian are here Different parts of the MFC deal with Mika's music, his concerts, general information, but we also have chat threads on all sorts of subjects. If you tell us what you are interested in, we can give you the links
  3. Hello from Russian newbie!!

    You might like to check this thread
  4. The Spanish Thread (part 8)

    I just don't see what the terrorists hope to achieve with this sort of action. It causes misery for many, and just makes people more determined to get rid of the terrorists (though terrorist makes it sound like they are fighters, when really they are just cowards, only able to kill the defenceless).
  5. Hello from Russian newbie!!

    Hi and welcome to the MFC Don't worry about your English, it's fine, and you'll be pleased to know we have a Russian speaking thread if you need a change It doesn't take very long to become a Mika addict; I sure you'll find lots here to interest you. And maybe one day we will get to hear "Grace Kelly" on the ukulele!
  6. The Spanish Thread (part 8)

    Terrible news from Barcelona. My thoughts are with all the victims and their families
  7. Say Something Random pt. 29 ~ Because why not

    Holidays are always over too quickly
  8. Mind you, I know a Richard Brown - but I seriously doubt he is a Mika fan
  9. Maybe he has a private Facebook account?
  10. heyyy

    He wore them at a festival in Benicassim in 2008. Unfortunately the links to a lot of the pics have been lost
  11. heyyy

    I've just remembered you wanted to see pics of Mika in neon pants These aren't neon but they're pretty colourful
  12. Busy busy busy - looking after Mum/house/dogs, plus we are going to be moving soon to a bungalow in North Devon. We will get the keys in a few weeks, then we have to see what work needs doing before we can move in.
  13. Similarities between people is a tremendously wide subject - could you be a bit more specific about what you mean, without giving away the subject of your thesis? Do you mean cultural similarities, or similarity of religious beliefs, or physical similarities .....
  14. Congrats! I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time Of course we will be expecting a full report ....
  15. heyyy

    Thanks for your comments, I'm sure no-one was intending to offend you. I need to point out that a lot of people on the forum are not native English speakers, so sometimes their choice of word or phrase may not be exactly what they meant to say. And of course if they use a translation program ...... On the subject of Mika's music with smaller ensembles, he did some acoustic gigs with a small orchestra in 2009, e.g. Sadler's Wells