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  1. silver

    Not everything needs a thread

    Bia, you might like to post in this thread too
  2. Tanti auguri :flowers2:

    1. SilviaM


      Grazie mille!☺️

  3. Where did you get this from originally?
  4. silver

    Ask The Mod Squad!

    Moved to Before the Show.
  5. The calendar seems to be working OK now
  6. Calendar today (22.35 UK time) Month view (correct) Week view - note the heading shows the right date but the dates for each day are 24 hours out (ie it's Tuesday 15th, not 14th) Day view and I don't seem to be able to move forwards in any view, only backwards
  7. I think the Calendar is not working properly. On the Homepage, the listings for Today's Birthdays is showing birthdays for the 13th, not the 14th Month view is correctly highlighting the 14th If I click on Week View, it shows me last week (6th - 13th). If I then click on Next Week, it actually starts the week on Sunday 12th Day view shows the 12th; I can go back a day but not forward at all If I try to go to Today it takes me to May 13th and I can't get to May 14th at all. Anyone else having problems?
  8. silver

    Eurovision 2018

    I still don't like it
  9. silver

    Eurovision 2018

    Wonderful voice for Estonia too, but not a winner
  10. silver

    Eurovision 2018

    I think the performances are better but strangely the sound isn't so good
  11. silver

    Eurovision 2018

    Austria, Czech Republic and Albania. Maybe Denmark.
  12. silver

    Eurovision 2018

    Favourite act so far?
  13. silver

    Eurovision 2018

    A lot of the acts are really performing well tonight - much better than in the semis.
  14. silver

    Mika in white shirts

    I think it is supposed to say "Razzmatazz" but the spelling's not quite right