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  1. We have a thread with comprehensive lyrics, so you could check there: There's also a thread discussing that song in particular: You should post there if you can't find the lyrics you need.
  2. Do we have a definitive version of these lyrics?
  3. My thoughts are with the families of all the Manchester victims
  4. Maybe I should start leaving cookies again ......
  5. I think there may have been more people guilty of that
  6. Hi Long time no see. There have been a couple of other Kiwis about since
  7. I miss the wonderfully weird days too Mind you, being on the other side of the world, I was rarely online the same time as most Aussies. All our conversations took a long time
  8. I'm obviously missing something about the Portuguese song - maybe it had amazing lyrics or something? I can't even remember the tune.
  9. Well, whenever you can - it's worth it
  10. I have to admit I've not been particularly struck by anything tonight
  11. If Australia actually win Eurovision, I wonder which country they would choose to host the contest next year?
  12. Ika, what are you actually trying to do with your signature?
  13. Nice of Mika to autograph the photos, too