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  1. Nearly missed your birthday :shocked:


    Hope you had a great day :hug:



  2. Hello~!

    Ciao Pat Welcome to the MFC
  3. New member.

    Bonjour Manon and welcome to the MFC Your English is fine, but you can always chat to people in French here
  4. New member

    Hi Mei I think Stardust is one of my favourite songs too
  5. New member

    Hi Miriam and welcome to the MFC
  6. Have you ever thought of becoming a detective, Eriko?
  7. A dreadful thing to happen - and it was a new bridge, too
  8. Live performances in 2018

    No news of any planned live performances yet, but keep checking this topic for information:
  9. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

  10. Peter Bence

    Are you going to see him? I quite like some of his covers, but I'm not sure I could sit through a whole concert.
  11. Cath, the photo that was in your signature has been replaced by an error message from Photobucket (because they want you to pay for the service).  I can delete the message if you like.

    1. cathouzouf


      Yes please! Have no time to look at it...



    2. silver


      Done :thumb_yello:

  12. Hello.

    Hi and welcome to the MFC
  13. Mika IMAGINARIUM Virtual Tour Book 2010

    Thanks for re-posting these, Eriko