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  1. But gotta go now
  2. Oh, definitely room to crash It's just in the middle of nowhere though
  3. And I'm not supposed to be here
  4. Just moved house. Everything is in a box or a muddle About to buy a lot of (cheap) furniture, not much storage space in house. But we have a huge garden
  5. Hello stranger
  6. Happy Birthday Teegs
  7. Mika in UK Press 2017

    And one from The Sun
  8. Mika in UK Press 2017

    Daily Mail (thanks, Eriko)
  9. It just means a singer who is a friend.
  10. Is that something fans can attend, or is it just for the press?
  11. Mari, the 3rd party hosting is something Photobucket have come up with to make money - you can store photos on their site, but if you then want to display the pic on another site (3rd party), they want you to pay them for the privilege. However, as on MFC we can now link to photos on our own computers, all you have to do is go into your signature, delete the link to the photo, and then upload that pic directly from your computer (click on choose files below). Or you can pay Photobucket money and upgrade your storage plan. As for hearing the song - it only costs 99p from Amazon to download the MP3 file anyway. I don't know how you can listen to it without an app. (Unless by some miracle they play it on the radio )
  12. I noticed the Magical Mystery Tour intro too. And the rest of the song reminds me of the Happy Mondays, and Groove Is In the Heart.
  13. In a way. I'm relieved it's not tonight, as I would have found difficulty in watching it (lots of clashing programmes - everyone in my house wants to watch something different)
  14. Well it isn't available to download if you don't have iTunes Has anyone found it on Amazon? EDIT: It is on Amazon, even though they don't give you a link from FB
  15. New song snippet

    I can't find this song on any of the UK sites for pre-order, though I know it's on Amazon Japan. I hope it's available tomorrow