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  1. MIKA's New Swatch Collection

    Called one of my local swatch stores and they said they will be getting some and will reserve one for me! Woo! *waits impatiently* This was the same store that worked like crazy to get me the last Mika swatches so I'm confident in them.
  2. Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015: REPORTS/PICS/VIDS

    I've been reading this thread and , Yang, I just think you read too much into a "situation" you weren't even witness to, and said yourself have no idea what was said. Only that mika was butthurt. Sooo there's really nowhere to go from there. I feel, it was a funny/weird moment that happened at that show, in that room, and it probably should have stayed there. Look at you all dragging me out of my lurker-state.
  3. Oh yeah and it works so well - I want one!!!!!! :aah:
  4. Woo! I'll have to buy the standalone too then! The one I ordered from mikasounds is already on its way to me but I need Heroes. >.<
  5. Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015: REPORTS/PICS/VIDS

    Freakin' amazing show! I enjoyed it so so so much. I haven't felt that happy and open at a Mika show in a while. It was great to hear Promiseland, Staring at The Sun and Hurts live. Firsts for me. I went a bit crazy during those. I don't know what else to say. Everything is so fresh in my mind but when I try to think about what to type it just becomes a blur of good times. Also it was great meeting so many fans and reconnecting as well. I tried to introduce myself to everyone. Hope I wasn't too pushy haha
  6. Mika @ Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015

    Heading to the airport in a couple of hours! And I've succeeded in not watching a single video of the Heaven Tour! Im sure you can go casual. I'm planning on wearing a casual dress with just sneakers.
  7. London Pre-Show Pub Meet?

    Hells yea, I'm down to have a drink with the prettttty mfc!
  8. Mika @ Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015

    I was worrying about my tickets in time too so I emailed them asking if they'd be posting mine (all the way to California) and they said yes. And if I didn't receive them by the time I leave for the UK then to just email them again. I even asked if I should do will-call or ship to my London hotel and they said not to change anything. They made it sound pretty simple so I stopped worrying.
  9. Awesome! Thanks Karin, I was waiting for merch pix! I'm so happy there are hoodies. I need 2.
  10. Mika @ Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015

    I didn't want to jump in this thread until I was all confirmed! Now with flights finally booked I can say HELLOOOOO! I'm super excited for the show, to see London ( first time!) and meet cool fans!
  11. Just me wishing you a Happy Birthday

  12. Mika @ Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015

    Best way to avoid any error message is start at then look for Adelphi, and it should eventually get you there. That long way always worked for me when it was coming up as error from direct links
  13. Mika @ Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015

    Weird. But anyways it was just what the link posted by Mikas FB redirected to. I saw it on FB so I clicked it just because and was confused when I saw everyone posting how it was sold out where there were still close seats on my screen. Weird to have so many outlets. (The link works again, it goes in and out for some reason)
  14. Mika @ Adelphi Theatre, London 18 October 2015 This had stall c not too long ago and a bunch of other seats. This was the link that the Mikas Facebook redirected to. But yea, It's all weird.
  15. This made me smile because chefs are my people and he speaks the truth.