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  1. Sounds like good publicity for him Thanks for explaining! I could hear these were traditional, old-fashioned Italian songs. So maybe not for his typical fans but something that can bring him new (well in this case older) audience. I thought the first one was lovely, just felt so short.
  2. You mean it was such a short notice? Maybe...I just always feel they should give him more time (well of course) and this one was specially short! Can't wait Casa Mika to start
  3. It was lovely to hear his singing in Io che amo solo te, so pretty, but why letting him sing only this shortly? Thanks for the links!
  4. Yes I'm hoping that! If he has something new for Casa Mika he might perform at least one song at the Voice as well.
  5. I was thinking of a bigger role in San Remo, something much more time consuming, there have been all kind of speculations. And he has said no to that in different interviews but I guess my inner translator immediately translates "not going to do that" as "I need a better deal". So I would like to hear their official announcements. Maybe doing things in Italy is good for his career in Germany but worldwide I would think France is easier. That going deep in Italy could mean staying there. But as I said, I can be wrong. Maybe that's just an image in my head. I know that he has always disappeared while writing albums but he doesn't seem so keen to make music these days so reading tweets about the Voice felt good news. At least we know what's happening.
  6. I was surprisingly happy to see he will be doing the Voice again. And "surprisingly" because of course I would prefer him making music and can't wait to see him back on stage. Still, this is such a boring year with no gigs at all, at least he won't totally disappear doing only projects we can't even hear about. Also, I hope this means he's not doing San Remo... Anyone knows when it's officially announced? Thinking of San Remo makes me really worried because it would mean going really deep in Italy. And personally I love Italy, I travel there all the time. I'm just worried it might be harder for him to be international after going really deep in Italy, I have a feeling it's easier with France. I can be wrong of course. Any way, the Voice has a good atmosphere and he gets along with Florent Pagny so well and it's the same with fans, everyone gets along really well.
  7. I'm so happy to hear he is thinking of new music and started writing again! And very curious about the song and style he mentioned. I never listen to background music and always listen to his music song by song, choosing carefully, so would love to hear him talking about this more. I hope he will talk about music in English at some point... Thanks for translations and summaries!
  8. Thank you, Lucrezia So exciting to think about his music/new songs and new columns Many interesting topics in the interview, patiently waiting for more details.
  9. Oh you are right. I assumed he will answer some of the questions but maybe they just wanted people to tweet about Peugeot.
  10. Lola Incident

    Singers forget their own lyrics all the time They just continue skipping a few words until they catch the song again (the audience can help here) or just change the lyrics. That's why watching live shows is different every time, anything can happen and skipping a line doesn't matter at all, on the contrary it sometimes leads to a really funny situation. I was directly in front of him at that gig but I didn't have any mobile connection so I couldn't give him my phone and it came so suddenly I couldn't just tell the lyrics either (and I don't usually sing along so I'm bad at telling lyrics any way). I think the others had problems with their connection as well so it took a while to give him a phone. It was a lovely gig Edit: I just watched the clip again. He really forgot the song but that's just natural because he didn't do many gigs that year. He wasn't pissed for real, he is just joking of course. It was a funny gig and he was in a great mood and very relaxed the whole day
  11. I wonder if they are planning more competitions to win tickets to this private show. I guess it can be the only show the whole year we have at least theoretical possibilities to see.
  12. Official - Dreams about MIKA thread =)

    Mika has visited in my dreams two nights in row and usually that happens when I haven't seen him for a long time (and probably hope I could see). These dreams are always really weird and he never sings and I always wake up thinking why not even one song. Even if I'm at gigs something always happens and I'm either thrown out by security or the gig is cancelled for some reason. Once I was in the audience and we were told that instead of a gig there will be a quiz. I was like you must be kidding me! And these two were not exceptions either. In the first one I was pregnant (which would be quite impossible or at least highly unlikely to happen in real life because I'm 45 already) and wanted to share my big news with him. So I told him but instead of saying congratulations he was just like "oh that must have been accidental" (maybe meaning I wouldn't have done it on purpose referring to my age) and was just left standing there staring and wondering is that really a usual thing to say someone in that situation?? And I woke up and thought luckily that was just dream and laughed because the whole situation was so hysterical And last night it happened again. This time he was on stage but not preparing for his performance, of course. He had a whiteboard and he was listing the weirdest things fans have told him they have at home. And he said Avoca (a long-time fan I actually met in real life last weekend) once told him she has three depth sounders (meaning equipment that can define the depth of water) and two barometers at home and Mika said "how amazing is that!" and I think he sounded a bit jealous And I woke up and laughed again and thought awwww it's been too long, really. Crazy dreams!
  13. These videos made my day much brighter, so funny and cute. No wonder if he is tired! And he's still smiling
  14. I watched him the whole streaming, answering questions and giving signatures and posing in pics... He was so patient with the crowd. I love interviews like this but obviously couldn't understand enough, hope there will be subtitles

    What a beautiful writing, Rose, made me cry to read it. For some reason thinking of David has always made me think of you too because I know you two knew each other well since the early times and naturally both also UK fans. Deb, I sent my share and let you ladies decide what's the best and most suitable option to do here (whether it's flowers or charity).