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  1. Well done from Vincent
  2. I haven't even thought it that way to be honest... I just liked them because they all are so different and have a lot of personality and yet worked well as a group I rarely find these contestants interesting but I liked Vincent since the beginning and hope everything goes well for him
  3. Mika has two of the most interesting contestants in the whole competition in his team this year, Vincent and the Sugazz. Happy to see them both in live shows, Vincent is my biggest favorite of course.
  4. This Harry Nilsson episode might be my favorite of these all. He has mentioned him so many times and I still had no idea Harry Nilsson wrote all these songs! I mean most of these songs are familiar to me of course, they are really famous, but didn't know they were his. Been listening to the new cover the whole day Not as emotional as the Joni Mitchell song but so pretty. They really should do more episodes.
  5. That's a crime, really. I can't even believe they would do something like that. To be honest, this what I will remember for now on when I see Ben Stiller's face.
  6. I really like tonights's episode!
  7. That's such a classic. Very famous songs tonight.
  8. Ready to listen Very sleepy though, feels late already. Everybody's Talking just started, I guess this wakes me up...
  9. Another beautiful cover Not as special and emotional as the Joni Mitchell cover but still very pretty. I think we are very lucky we have these covers while waiting for his new music.
  10. I can remember him mentioning getting teary in planes while watching films and he makes it sound so funny and so super cute of course. Looking forward to next week, the song he is doing is really pretty and I believe it fits him very well
  11. Absolutely loved the stories he shared tonight! He is really good at this, must say
  12. Gorgeous cover indeed. And loved the story!
  13. Joni Mitchell is the most depressing music I've heard for a long time. Beautiful but sad, really too sad. That's why I love Mika's cover so much, his voice is incredibly comforting in it
  14. I think he is 21 but you know, I'm hardly 30 myself
  15. I love it that also Tristan was there. Max too of course, but we see him and Curtis quite often in the studio with Mika. I can't explain why I always pay so much attention to Tristan. I guess he looks somehow so young and serious. People keep telling me he is not as young as I seem to think though! Btw, we have a special word in Finnish language for mustache like that. Our language is quite practical.