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  1. These videos made my day much brighter, so funny and cute. No wonder if he is tired! And he's still smiling
  2. I watched him the whole streaming, answering questions and giving signatures and posing in pics... He was so patient with the crowd. I love interviews like this but obviously couldn't understand enough, hope there will be subtitles
  3. What a beautiful writing, Rose, made me cry to read it. For some reason thinking of David has always made me think of you too because I know you two knew each other well since the early times and naturally both also UK fans. Deb, I sent my share and let you ladies decide what's the best and most suitable option to do here (whether it's flowers or charity).
  4. Heartbreaking to hear these news. He was an important member of this community and always friendly and generous with everyone. Always ready to have a little chat over coffee both online and in real life. Last time I met him in RL was in Madrid where we had such a fun night as a group of MFCers. You will be missed, David! X
  5. Thanks for the report and pics, Melyssa! I love it how Mika fans and Florent Pagny fans (and one Jenifer fan!) are all there together. Such good vibe and really nice people And your pics gorgeous of course. Handsome man.
  6. I can't get over it how thoughtful he was with Vincent I was a little bit disappointed after seeing the results from the previous week but you know this man, he can fix things so easily. And very happy for Vincent and that he did generally so well during the last show.
  7. He looks so good wearing jeans. We see it quite rarely.
  8. I loved the performance Mika did together with Vincent on Saturday Here is my blog about the final night: https://mikagigs.com/2017/06/12/the-voice-france-final-1062017/
  9. No you are not alone, I agree with you. I was there a week ago and I actually thought Mika might choose Imane because I thought she was better than earlier and Vincent on the other hand wasn't... But I don't feel he is 100 % behind him. If he was he would have put him first. His opinion is important and he put Audrey first.
  10. Ah thanks for explaining! I had such a busy week that I didn't have time to follow the Voice this week at all so I was just wondering why on earth that song for Audrey... Now I understand! I liked the song Vincent had chosen. What did Mika say about their choices?
  11. I liked the song chosen for Vincent this week. He needs songs where he can go a little bit "mad" I think. It fits his style. I haven't watched the whole episode though so don't know what kind of songs generally this week.
  12. I had hoped Mika would stand behind Vincent because I feel the real winner is the one he puts first. It was different with Kendji, he had a huge public support.
  13. Thanks for the summary. I feel so bad for Vincent. Who cares about what the audience says if his own coach puts him on the second place.
  14. Any summary about what he said when he chose Audrey over Vincent?