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  1. What song are you listening to? (2017)

    It´s My House by Mika
  2. •My new account•

    Welcome back to the MFC and have a lot of fun here
  3. it just popped up on Mika´s Facebook
  4. I really like the new song, it´s catchy and full of energy and yesterday I succeeded to understand a bit more of the lyrics. I really like the message.
  5. thank you for letting us know
  6. it will be a single but it´s not said it´s the first single of the new Album. I think it´s like it was with Live Your Life but I hope we all will be able to buy it
  7. new here:

    Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany
  8. and his Videos on MIKAVEVO hit more than 600 Million views already
  9. Heyy

    Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun. I´m Sabine from Germany
  10. Hello from Paris/ Moroccan fan

    Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. It´s the right place to share the love for Mika. I´m Sabine from Germany
  11. Mika's famous friends

    yes that´s true
  12. Mika's famous friends

    he called nearly every guest of CasaMika friend but I don´t believe they are friends in the sense of being friends.
  13. Mika's famous friends

    I don´t think he is friend with everyone he met a few times and pics exist...... like Brian May or Sophie Allen Baxtor and co. Being friends means much more and I think People like Louboutin, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and Dita are friends of him but not every famous Person he met