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  1. here is my video which I took before the first live
  2. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I also was in Rochefort and have nice memories of that day.
  3. of course don´t loose the hope and spread the word. For the last album I could 20 people get interested to buy the album and they still ask me when the next will come out. I talk to many people about Mika and will carry on with that and I think every album counts in Germany.
  4. exactly, it doesn´t make sense to bother people to sign the petition when in the end the tickets of a concerts wouldn´t be sold. This would make a much more bad image than Mika not coming to Germany. Reality is that he still has some hardcore fans in Germany but most of the people who like him don´t follow him and don´t know what he is doing. So all we can do is our own promotion by telling people what they are going to miss.......
  5. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germay und wenn du Fragen zur deutschen Sprache hast, sag bescheid
  6. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. This is the right place to share your love for Mika .
  7. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here . I´m Sabine from Germany
  8. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here . I´m Sabine from Germany and my musical crush on Mika lasts for more than nine and a half years now and doesn´t seem to end anytime soon
  9. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot´s of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany
  10. but it´s so much more fun to find the things by yourself and slowly
  11. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here . I hope your mother is well again.
  12. Your question is quite interesting and I asked this myself many times. In Germany it´s nearly the same, his last concerts were 2012 ( two, one sold out and small sold only 80% ) and there he told us he wouldn´t come back to Germany for a long time. Some big radio stations still play his old songs GK and Relax, the one I watch plays him ten times a month but no one knows about his new Songs and when we write to the stations we get ignored. Why is Mika so underrated? I think one of the reasons is the we ( I mean western humans of this time ) became very fast living..... no deep problems......just a bit fun and then run to the next fun act ( one example is how many relationships break because so many don´t want to work on problems .....) The Music Business , I only can speak of what I see in Germany, jumps on the new comers and push them as much as possible - earn lot´s of Money but at least after the second album when the hype slows down they let the singers down and jump on the next new talent. Mika´s carreer started when everyone was bored because all the music sounded the same, he was the big exception and everyone jumped on him and loved that he was different to everyone else. Then he had a longer break to write his second album and other singers tried to be different so he wasn´t the only one anymore......... Universal already let him down before TBWKTM as they didn´t want to produce his EP Songs For Sorrow which he produced on his own costs. He didn´t sell the same amount of Albums with TBWKTM and when TOOL came out and seemed to be a flop his label canceled the promotion. It seems to be quite normal in the business today so it´s wonderful Mika was able to keep his carreer running even in a smaller level. These are my thoughts about this and I don´t have any prove that I´m right ..... Thank god there are still fans who loves his wonderful Music, his lyrics, his talent , his performances and so much more......
  13. Again welcome to MFC and have a lot of fun here and no, this site isn´t dead
  14. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. Maybe you want to open your thread to intoduce you and give more people the chance to welcome you here
  15. that´s great, enjoy. I was there sitting on the 5th balcony across the stage. I really really love his Pop concerts with all their energy and everything but his Sinfony concert are the special treatments on the top. He lives his music....... Please tell us how you liked it afterwards