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  1. Sammy, just want to let you know you are fantastic. I've been following your stuff through April and I want you to know that your songs have made me smile, cry, and sing. It makes me happy seeing your vids because, personally, I am nearly sixteen and don't have much to show for it. My family have basically let me get away with everything, however, never taken my interests seriously. I now have a hard time going it alone. No one has ever taken an interest in my singing, and my voice comes out so strangely on my camera i've cried to sleep about it because I know i don't sound like that. I have no opportunity at school for anything music related. I don't know where my life is headed or if I can make my countless daydreams reality. At my school about everyone knows 2 or more languages and can play some instrument. I get really jealous with that pressure that I've never had either opportunity and I try to swallow it down and forget it. I'm trying, but its hard to focus alone. I don't know how it will go. Alot of its my fault. But when I watch your songs its magic. And I'm so happy for you. Please, please, NEVER stop. Hard work pays off. You're getting alot of experience, and it sounds like you're not afraid to sing in public, that's a big plus. And you already have a fanbase. ( ; I would help you in any possible if you ever need it and I could help. Love, Lucy♥