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  1. Say again, which house you've moved???
  2. Well, can't say that I'm in awe, but not bad! Possibly brings the same feeling as the first listening of TAY years ago.
  3. Ah, really, I forgot. BBC is to be thanked immensely!
  4. Well, I can see that lots of people are happy to hear him speaking English (Gosh, am I dreaming? I forgot how he sounds...) - especially before French the Voice.
  5. I joined the Facebook total celebration - he deserves it and it's such a pleasure to se the happiness of people for him (and thanks to him!)
  6. Ah, blind me... I saw the post about his house, but didn't get it was during UW. He was talkative indeed yesterday, isn't he? Ah, the thing that surprised me most of all, it was PUOTF! His performance of this song in 2009 (striped jacked) stole my brittle heart, so I'm glad he's back to it. Now it's time for Ring Ring at some gig (Mika, think about it)
  7. The whole video is more that 40 min long. I wonder if there ever be a vid without skipping and with a better picture
  8. I wonder if there ever be a better video? I hope so...
  9. Tom Hiddleston

    But I hope they will film it at least, no? It would be totally stupid to hide this from the world!
  10. The birdie Tshirt and other weird clothing thread

    Hahaha! Nope for me too

    I remember when I first came here, as well as to Twitter mikafan family in 2009 I felt so unsure, but he had warm words for me then and all these years. And it was a pleasure to queue by his side in Madrid... It's not fair, so cruel, why good people are gone so early?
  12. And if it wasn't recorded... We can only hope. If it appeared somewhere, it would be the same treasure and the audio of him singing in opera.
  13. Dear Lord, I would kill to watch him in this role, to see how artistic he was in his teenage years. I bet it was awesome.