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  1. [YOUTUBE]l9YeRSsMmak[/YOUTUBE] and on Vimeo korea Universal Music announce they tweet. but sorry, just can see desktop com. so plz anybody change and upload to youtube .PLZ~~ here is EDIT: Try this one: LYRICS 1) 1) our dark age is gone!!!!! Mika is really genius!
  2. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    23.24.25 MAY 2015 Seoul Jazz Festival AGAIN:mikalove: 우히히히 수면위로 쑝!!
  3. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    ㅋㅋㅋ 아무래도 한국과 여기 시스템은 한참 다르죠잉~ 터질땐 빵빵터져서 접속도 안될때도 있고.. 그 땐 정말 암울;;; 아무래도 영어도 많고 한국은 겨울이고 하니깐 다들 가입은 하시공, 얘기들은 없으신듯해요 환영합니다~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 남성팬분들은 계슨듯한데 아무래도 여성분들비율이 핫챠~
  4. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    겁나 잘 하셨는데요~~~ 자주 놀러오세요~~ 빙하기가 길어요~~ ㅋㅋㅋ 대박이였지요~
  5. Radio Interview

    Oh! It happened quickly and suddenly. It will be good experience of your mika life. I want to tell this at the radio. mika enjoyed communicate with fans diffrent from top celebrity. even his concert. so fans had wonderful experience everytime. and his nice character~ oh..god..I can't finish!!!
  6. Thanks~!!! I like especially future plan of him:mikalove:
  7. 2013 -- Swatch signing session in London, UK

    i want to hold this box. someday...:mf_popeanim:pray for box
  8. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    MFC 파티후기를 보니까 영국은 한 번은 꼭 가야겠네요
  9. 2013 -- Swatch signing session in London, UK

    All this pictures and video, reports remind "mika fans is nice people in the world." These days little bit sad, korea can't buy swatch LE. we waiting for lottery swatch korea of 2LE... so.. ignored some news from my eyes. but this news was really make me happy. I can feel love from mika about fans, and converse. haha one korean fan realy enjoyed london. excellent moment. hope someday going to there. Thank you everyone.
  10. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    haha yesterday i searched website. lottery and olny live in japanese...maybe it is equality way. but i can't stand before announce winner... hard time..
  11. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    Thanks for this information! how is going on japan? we don't know release day or price or quantity...
  12. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    그르게요~ 다들 수고 많이 하셨지요 ㅎㅎㅎ 미카가 잘 받고, 즐거워해줘서 이였지요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 안녕하세요~~ 반갑습니다~~ 아무래도 영어고, 접속이 조금 느리다보니깐 다들 지하(?) 에 계시네요 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
  13. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    baghead 최후의 1인이 되는 것인가요....
  14. Mika: shooting for "ELLE" Korea, June 2013

    but your picture size bigger than original~~ hahahaha power woman!
  15. Mika: shooting for "ELLE" Korea, June 2013

    WOW!! how can possible that? that site closed use right mouse! amazing~
  16. Mika: shooting for "ELLE" Korea, June 2013

    Hi~ here mika b-side ELLE photo~ I think...It's a few. but beauty is good~
  17. Mika @ Italian Radio DeeJay 26 June 2013

    thanks a lot!!! and mari62 download, too
  18. The Korean Thread <Part 5>

    엘르의 b-side 컷이 얼마나 많이 올라올지.. 우리 모두 기도합시다~ 많이 많이 풀어라 엘르야~
  19. Mika: shooting for "ELLE" Korea, June 2013

    thanks kumazz for picture~ you are so fast! WOW!!
  20. Mika: shooting for "ELLE" Korea, June 2013

    of course~!! it's my honor~
  21. Mika: shooting for "ELLE" Korea, June 2013

    thanks~ I thought that. we are live in diffrent place, even internet world.
  22. Mika: shooting for "ELLE" Korea, June 2013

    i cannot upload mfc, when used photobuket site.... if you want to down this video, click the under image! please IT WORKS WELL !! hahahaha~ mp4 file ;D