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  1. Just sent you 10€ from my mum (Caillean) and me! Thank you for organising this and good luck with choosing a beautiful bouquet
  2. Isn't it Charles Trenet's song? La Mer - Charles Trenet:
  3. Wow! Awesome idea! For me it doesn't matter which night, I just hope everyone can come so Wednesday seems to be the most logical choice here (for reasons mentioned by other people).
  4. You're welcome Good luck! Thank you
  5. Congratulations to everyone!! They give tickets away till 10 pm so there's another pair to give away
  6. They just explained what we have to do : All day long they will randomly say the word 'Mika' and when you hear that you have to text 'Mika' to 6025. That's it! Good luck everybody
  7. Thank you all for your reviews and pictures! Here are mine:
  8. To SMI, in the 'Vrijheidstraat' Where do you go to school?
  9. That's great! I just voted for you and I hope you'll win. I've read you are from Aalst, I'm from Aalst too. Good luck!
  10. Dear Dark Angel, I didn't know you very well but I hope you rest in peace. Now you aren't a Dark Angel but a Golden Angel. I'll miss you x
  11. I think "Just Can't Get Enough" is from Depeche Mode (Here's a link to their music video: ). And Mika performed it more than once, he sang it also at Wercher (Here's another link : ) And I don't know if he has ever performed "Sally" live, but I don't think so
  12. Hi! I don't think it is updated because for example in this interview from 2010: , he says Fortuné is 18 but that is more than a year ago and in the FAQ there's mentioned that Fortuné is 18. So I think the ages in the FAQ are from 2010 But I may be wrong