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  1. Today, 8 years ago  was my first Mika gig in Düsseldorf:wub2:

    1. Mikasister


      Happy first anniversary!! :yay:

    2. Littlelady


      gracias, Alba

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  5. I like the Remix and I would like if all of Mikas Followers would buy but I know they will not, was same with the Albums, sadly
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  12. What Can We Do to Make MFC Better?

    It's not nice to hear that MFC is mentioned with bad ümage. Might be that some people have had bad experiences but to say the whole MFC consists of unfriendly and selfish people is not true. When I became a member I got a warm welcome even my worse English and some helping hands during the gigs. I found wonderful friends here. I like the games and actions. Also it is the best way for me to get information about Mikas activities. If I should build on German media I would learn nothing. I also respect each member from all countries, old members, new members the same. All in all I'm very satiefied with the forum and is it not worth ro destroy a good thing by some peoples bad behaviour What should be better? Give a Little respect again. One word to Team Mika, there was a thing I was disappointed about. I know we should not ask for everything and usually I don't do. But before The Rose D'or Award I asked if Mika really would be there in person cause we planned a fan action and that took some days to prepare. My question was never answered. That was not fan friendly Thanks got that the mangent of Axica helped us to realize our plan. However, also I will never challenge the Team and MFC cause we all are humans and humans make mistakes
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