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  1. OK; I thought I had already wriiten but I haven't Frauke from Germany
  2. Welcome and enjoy MFC
  3. Welcome and enjoy MFC
  4. Will you miss me if I go?

    1. Sabine64


      why not?

  5. welcome, and enjoy MFC
  6. welcome and enjoy MFC
  7. She wrote down what me and some of us feel. Thank you, Marion.
  8. Porcelain, it's the state that I'm in
    Hold me carefully, just one breath could shatter me

    1. Mikasister


      How I Iove  this song :wub2:

    2. Littlelady
  9. Yes but it would make sense for him. Truth is UK ( does not mean all) give Mika no sign of being welcome and same here in Germany
  10. Thanks, Deb, that's fine
  11. I still wish he would be important wordlwide and in my country but I know it's just an illusion. The thing is, for his label( also for other artists) already sales are mportant. No sales, no promo. Vicious circle starts. Sales in Germany are too small. no reason to speak about Mika. or to play his newer songs on radio. And also there is no interest from Mikas mangement to do Promo in Germany, the sucess in 2007 was already the result of the UK wave which splashed over and is gone. And so in Germany not much people remember or know Mika or they think he is not active any more cause he is not mentioned by media, not guest in shows. Sure ,we fans try our best but it is not easy to convince other people, to try his music, listen to it . It's more comfortable to follow the crowd who are listening to pushed and more sucessful artists. I'm not happy about Mikas underrating here and other countries but to be angry about will not change anything and will not help him. I will do my two cents to support him and even it reaches just a handful people it is better than to do nothing or to grieve about the gone good times. We all know he deserves more and maybe it will change again one day but as long we have him and his music and he feels good with it we can be thankful. Und maybe his managment in USa will try something in the states, we will see.
  12. Some of you, esp, Miri, Rose and Daisylou, found word that makes me cry. They show which gap David has left for you, a big hug
  13. Even I have not the honour to know him well, toches me soul deep. David you and your beloved are in my prayers and thoughts, may god with you
  14. If you could look into the future, would ya?
    If you could see it, would you even want to?

    1. Mikasister


      Beautiful song :wub2:  

  15. Hi, great introduction, welcome and enjoy MFC