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  1. Littlelady

    Hello From Turkey!

    Hi welcome and enjoy MFC
  2. Littlelady


    Hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
  3. Littlelady


    Herzlich willkommen
  4. Littlelady


    hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
  5. Littlelady

    Hey Everyone! c:

    welcome and enjoy MFC
  6. Littlelady

    New member

    Hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
  7. Littlelady


    welcome and enjoy MFC
  8. Littlelady

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    this one : Just a Little love Erasure
  9. Littlelady

    Eurovision 2018

    For me the Eurovision is an overrated, boring event and I'm not proud of our two German winners from the past and I don't care more about the German participants as others, however, those who like, have fun, guys
  10. Littlelady


    ok, once again, welcome and enjoy MFC
  11. Littlelady


    HI, Paola, welcome, you put your introduction in the wrong thread, think, our great mods will switch it in the right one
  12. Hm, two hearts are beating in my chest,. I have no doubts about Mikas performance , he is great and gives every time his best and he deserves a big audiance but I fear there will be many drunken, homophobic People, however I wish Mika big sucess
  13. Littlelady

    Helluuuu 😀😀

    Hi Carina, welcome . You are not soo far from me, A big hug. You can always write me a Pm if you Need help or want to talk in German
  14. Littlelady

    help me pls

  15. Littlelady


    hi, welcome and enjoy MFC