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  1. Welcome and enjoy MFC I'm sure one day you will see Mika live, it's everytime so great and it's great to meet each other
  2. Welcome and enjoy MFC
  3. Welcome and enjoy MFC
  4. First, I really like most Mika songs, except one at least the album version, but that's my personal taste. Nearly each song is good for something, to dance, to think about or to sing with. But there are some songs that touch me in a very special way, sometimes cause of own experiences and sometimes the feeelings which are coming out and it is different from the popversion or orchestra version Happy ending, Any other world, last party, heroes, underwater, overrated, porcelain, no place in heaven, ordinary man, Tah dah and not forgot Grace Kelly cause with it my Mika journey started.
  5. welcome and enjoy MFC
  6. Lucky day, have to  say.

    Seven years ago I joined MFC, best things have come to me.

    And  a good message reached today, get the  new job  start of May.


  7. Hi welcome and enjoy MFC
  8. welcome and enjoy MFC
  9. Hi, welcome and enjoy MFC
  10. Pleasure
  11. welcome and enjoy MFC
  12. welcome and enjoy MFC
  13. welcome and enjoy MFC
  14. Welcome and enjy MFC
  15. welcome and enjoy MFC