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  1. Thanks Eriko! This long talk is so interesting... so Mika thinks he's Eeyore in Winnie the pooh. That make sense
  2. He said the first song is about a man who had lost his smile, found it lying on the floor, a bit dirty, brushed it clean and finally put it back on and is now ready to sing to the world he also said it's in english and he should do an EP first and some singles and the whole album next year
  3. He is! He just won 5 prizes at Quebec Cinema gala for his latest (juste la fin du monde). Very proud of my own
  4. He said something about his seat not being totally over it think no one was expecting this, including Matthieu and certainly not Mika... Problem was, I think Nikos didn't see it so he had no clue what Mika was talking about
  5. I'm feeling a bit alone in what I'm about to say but I think Vincent has been just OK for a few weeks... Yesterday's performance was missing sparkles. And somehow, I have a feeling that he might be a bit reluctant in following Mika's advices. Nonetheless, I'm sure Mika will be 100% behind him for the final, he is up against very strong contestants
  6. Well that would make sense, he did sing in Cabaret as a teen
  7. I don't blame you, we're all eager to read that book...
  8. Not exactly, he says that he is finishing it
  9. One (of many) reason why I love Mika so much: only he can tweet about Syria and Crayons and still be relevant
  10. Well, the rules of The Voice allow groups, as they allow professionals. personnally, I have more problem with the latter.
  11. They're certainly trying to spice things up a bit! just wish they wouldn't repeat themselves so much... and you're welcome
  12. We'll know next Saturday only
  13. Hello fellow Montrealer! I'm Catherine and have been a Mika fan for 7 years now. welcome aboard!
  14. According to this article, he was 33 in 2014