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  1. They're certainly trying to spice things up a bit! just wish they wouldn't repeat themselves so much... and you're welcome
  2. We'll know next Saturday only
  3. Hello fellow Montrealer! I'm Catherine and have been a Mika fan for 7 years now. welcome aboard!
  4. According to this article, he was 33 in 2014
  5. I think Tristan is actually older than Mika by a year or two But I'm glad to see him there too
  6. Don't know how he does it, but he seems to get better and better each time. His last two covers made me cry, they're so beautifully sad
  7. New cover - Both sides now (Joni Mitchell)
  8. Thanks Eriko! Think I managed to vote LOL
  9. It's from his story on Instagram
  10. You've almost taken the words right off my mouth. Whatever his reasons for staying silent, it's not of our business and we should respect it.
  11. Bonjour Virginia! moi c'est Catherine et je suis de Montréal
  12. The site works perfectly fine for me and I'm on my iphone. Thought you would maybe want to know!
  13. Nice job MFC mods!
  14. Have fun hunting! Why is Peugeot not sold in Canada? LOL
  15. I have seen my Peugeot twitter accounts worldwide, including the UK one, that either RT him or the ad. Sounds international to me I love the ad, it's really well done. Who knows what this collaboration will bring! Good things I'm sure <3