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  1. The Spanish Thread (part 8)

    @marian538 aquí tienes el fb de Pilot Spain https://www.facebook.com/PILOT-España-596085597090184/ e instagram https://www.instagram.com/pilot_spain/
  2. The Spanish Thread (part 8)

    Si, Marian. En Amazon están y en las librerias Abacus también. Yo los compré allí y en Amazon. Seguro que en Mallorca hay Abacus. https://www.amazon.es/Pilot-V5-Mika-bolígrafos-líquida-turquesa/dp/B0793HVBSS
  3. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Finally found the pens at a local store Bought a single ones and those wonderful boxes on Amazon Spain. Now Im waiting for the only one that I need to arrive in less than a week.
  4. I need a dose of Mika live soon. It is exasperating.  :tears:



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    2. Loo


      It's good, because I think it would hurt him to know that he's unintentionally suffering someone.


    3. Boucarilla


      Yes I agree @Loo, sometimes I think of it, he wouldn't like someone can suffer because of him...

      As for me, by the time, it's getting and better, i found a new job, my life is full and interesting so I miss him less than in the beginning...

    4. Mikasister


      Late @Loo I suffer a lot because him in the past and in the future for sure. Maybe less than before but still...

  5. Have a nice Sunday @girls!!! :hug:




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    2. Dominika


      @Loo I wanted to make similar bomber jacket but I couldn't find such nice butterflies to put them on it, so I dropped that idea :emot-sad:


    3. Loo


      @Dominika I order all my embroideries on Aliexpress, there is a crazy choice, at all prices.
      My butterflies come from there! :wink2:

    4. Mikasister


      Ohhh @Lilyen yes, Alba means Aurora too. :hug:

  6. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    I received mine at 20:39 pm
    1. daItrick


      ¡Hola! No, no lo había visto. Puede que en alguna compra grande por Internet me los coja, ahora mismo estoy muy liado con la mudanza. :naughty: Pero, ¡muchas gracias por decírmelo! :wink2:

    2. Mikasister


      Ahh mudanza. Yo también me he mudado a otro piso.  Ya hace dos meses y aún estamos arreglando cosillas. Yo me los he pedido en Amazon, las dos cajas esas chulas y si en alguna papelería encuentro otros veré si me los compro. 


      Sabes si estás en el mail list de Mika? Porque tienes tiempo hasta el Miércoles de participar en un concurso para ganarte la super caja de 24 pilots. Te dejo la información para que la leas por si no la has visto. Pero tienes que haber recibido el mail.




  7. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    They are already on sale in Amazon Spain https://www.amazon.es/Pilot-V5-Mika-bolígrafos-líquida-turquesa/dp/B0793HVBSS
  8. I'm fan of this guy :wub2: Amazing !! 



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    2. Lilyen


      So funnyy and virtuoso! I like him, thanks for sharing, sis :thumb_yello:

    3. Boucarilla


      Yes really great!!! Thank you for these videos... :wink2:

    4. Mikasister


      You're welcome  :wink2: