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  1. A mi amiga Marisa. Fellicidades. La artista que hizo estas letras! 11416917_931318450224949_643564637_n.jpg

    1. Marisa Alabau

      Marisa Alabau

      Muchas gracias Alba ... a ver cuando volvemos a tener la oportunidad de llevar las letras a otro concierto ...🎤🎹🎶😙😙

  2. Even Mika has changed and yes, the place seems more quiet maybe because there's no new music yet.
  3. Hi, Molly. Welcome to the MFC. Have a lot of fun here. See you around!
  4. Of course I remember you. Welcome back. Im going to vote and please back soon. Done!!
  5. Maybe that people also need a dose of Mika on the piano to take away that seriousness.
  6. Laugh is never a bad habit is a healthy one and I'm glad I make you laugh, well, not me but Mika, wherever you are