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  1. You're welcome, dear. I would like to attend a private gig like that some day
  2. You're welcome!
  3. The gig took place here: Mika is performing at a private party at Les Caves Du Roy @ Hotel Byblos in Saint Tropez on 18 July 2013.
  4. I miss Art Of Song and Mika's covers :(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. crazyaboutmika


      Will there be more at all or not? :dunno: I hope there will , I love them so much :wub2: 

    3. Mikasister


      I hope so but maybe until next year  :(


    4. crazyaboutmika


      Thanks for your answer :hug: I was afraid for a moment the art of song with Mika would stop and that would have been awfully sad....

  5. I could be hurtful
  6. Sólo la cara?
  7. MIKA‏Verified account @mikasounds 6m6 minutes ago Aujourd'hui je pense à la France
  8. Pues si si, @Ika, tenías razón, está en USA y encima la foto que puso en instagram era del super, si es que lo dice bajo la foto y lleva un carrito de la compra jajajaj. Pero es que yo cuando la vi solamente me fijé en su cara y las flores, que despiste llevo. Me descontrola totalmente
  9. Bueno, sea lo que sea si es música para todos sus fans, será bienvenido.
  10. But you only want what everybody else says you should want, you want...
  11. Bueno pues ya sabemos por donde anda el chico, en USA en el estudio grabando para el nuevo álbum, espero. Muchas ganas de nueva música
  12. MIKA‏Verified account @mikasounds 8m8 minutes ago Hello hello from the studio in the US. Et salut à tout le monde entrain de regarder The Voice. X It sounds really good!!!!
  13. Welcome to the MFC, have a ot of fun here. Mika and his concerts are pure magic and once they catch you can't not leave them. It's one of the best addictions.
  14. Preciosas manos @Ika