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  1. Ahora nuestro chico quiere hacer la competencia a Rafa Nadal
  2. Today I'm really sad for what happened in Manchester. My thoughts are with all the victims  and their families. :tears:

    1. cutiepiemika


      It was a really sad day for everyone... I'm still upset about it :( 

  3. Finally. Always late in Spain We present the Special Series # Peugeot108Collection. More urban and chic than ever! @mikasounds is not included in the price Ohh what a pity
  4. Without Her - Mika's cover
  5. Por fin es Viernes. Buen fin de semana!!!
  6. I can't resist. I miss him too much :tears:



    1. Ika


      :fangurl::wub2::blush-anim-cl: y todo los emojis que se te ocurran  

    2. Nia-MikaHolic
  7. He loves his piano very, very much! And I love this thread very much as well
  8. He looks so different, special among the crowd. It gives beauty to the pic.