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    Thank you. I don't have any intentions on doing any turning.
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    Hello There ^_^

    Hi. I'm Priscilla. I'm new here. =) I'm 22 and live Georgia (USA). I actually found out about Mika while watching a nail art tutorial on youtube. She was using "Lollipop" as background music while she painted ice cream cones on some scary long nails. I kind of liked the song but was more interested in nail art tutorials so I went on my merry way. But in doing so, I came across an M&M nails tutorial and the girls in that video were listening to it so then I was interested. I looked up the song, and saw the video. My initial reaction was something like this -> Y'know how you'll see something and not know whether or not you like it so you'll watch it again and again? Nine times out of ten, you'll probably end up liking it. In this case, I was already leaning on the like side of uncertainty already so another one or two watches and it was my new favorite song. (I think my love for ott sweet lolita might have been a factor) Long story short, I looked up Life in Cartoon Motion, fell absolutely in love with his music and went on an interview binge where I watched, like, every interview of him I could find on youtube, downloaded wallpapers, constructed a shrine...(ok, so I didn't actually make a shrine) Anyway, that's my Mika discovery story. =) I hope to have a lot of fun here with everyone. Thanks for your time.