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  1. Sorry. I wish there was a way to know when videos are locked to only certain countries. Maybe it's only available in the US because they know none of us have ever heard of Dalida?
  2. From Ibrahim Maalouf's youtube channel
  3. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I miss Paola, too. Her scenes were some of my favorites, I was just so amused by the awkward flirting and dancing. But, her scenes were all kind of variations on the same joke, so I totally understand why they wouldn't want to just do the same thing again.
  4. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Thank you for the explanation. I've struggled with depression most of my life, without much emotional support, so I look forward to these words. It's funny, he helps me so much without knowing, or meaning to.
  5. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Episode 1 made me so happy! Like a magical delirious dream! Why can't Mika pop out of a portal in my closet and take me away to live in his world? Of course, the show is his way of doing that I suppose. I just wish I could understand all the words! Can anyone explain Gregory? He reminded me of Where the Wild Things Are, and surely that was deliberate, but whatever that monologue was about seemed sad, or bittersweet at least.
  6. Yes! Thank you! And they also posted the other one
  7. He also has two fun Instagram Stories, which I don't know how to link to or save. (I hate that!!!) And he retweeted
  8. It's My House, Lyrics & Discussion

    I think the first line is "keys to the Taj Mahal" and I think the chorus is "'Cause my house, is your house. My heart is too." I love this song so much, it just makes me feel happy!
  9. New song snippet

    OMG, it's just now occurred to me, and it makes so much more sense... he's saying "the keys to the Taj Mahal"!
  10. It's possible that he wouldn't be allowed to announce it yet, they put things like that in contracts. Not that I'm saying I'm sure the rumor is true, just that his silence doesn't prove it's not.
  11. New song snippet

    I definitely hear "it's" in that line, I'm listening with headphones. Also, I'm hearing "'Cause my house is your house"
  12. New song snippet

    For the first line, I'm hearing "Don't even try to temp me with a kiss at the Taj Mahal"
  13. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Well, that melody is going to be stuck in my head for a very long time!
  14. I'd never heard of either person, so "DALIDA by Ibrahim Maalouf" was an extremely confusing title for me to figure out.
  15. DIY Mika stuff

    I guess this is the appropriate thread to show off this Casa Mika inspired shawl I just made?
  16. I really want to know what he thought! All hail the mighty glow cloud!
  17. My theory is that he's going to sing Willkommen, just based on what he's wearing. But that could just be wishful thinking, as I'm a bit obsessed with Cabaret.
  18. Mika on GQ France May 2017

    Thank you all so much for the pics and translations!