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  1. Hola!! Soy mikastardust de mfc spain!!

  2. ¡Cumpleaños Feliz! :happybday:

  3. No sé muy bien qué contestarte a eso... :aah::naughty:


  4. Se me ha olvidado añadir "hermana"... :aah:

  5. Me ha gustado tu comentario. Una lástima que haya sido malinterpretado... :aah:

  6. Hi, this is something that we have discussed many times with Mika's management team over the years. Since Mika technically owns the MFC, we could not do something like this without their approval. We do have the MFC badges that we can wear to identify other fans at gigs and elsewhere, and we often make MFC posters or banners to display at shows. Beyond that, I'm not sure what else we can do without further approval. Thanks for your suggestion! X

  7. Hola, hola!!!! :bye::huglove: