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  1. oh no! i was messing around and i hid one of my posts, now i can't find it. it's hiding too well!

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    2. kreacher


      they can just be deleted please. they're pointless if i can't see & edit them. thank you

    3. silver


      But if I unhide them you can edit away

    4. kreacher


      no thanks, i was just testing something & have saved it elsewhere

  2. kreacher

    Mikas music on TV/film.

    i watched this last night and DIDN'T even notice GK in the background until like the last 2 seconds when i thought "hmm that sounds like the end of GK, i wonder if someone will post about it on MFC..." Thanks for posting!
  3. kreacher

    Mika Encyclopedia

    TAH DAAAAH! in honor of my impending 7th Mikaversary i bring you... UPDATES!!!!! DONE IN THE WEEKS OF 11/25/2017 - 6/24/2018: added more than 35 new entries and 8 or more extended info topics (including info related to his Shiina Ringo cover, Pilot, The Voice, Mika's dinner with the President of France, his Radio Italia Live & Stade de France gigs, and more). I made edits and updates to countless older entries, rearranged some information, added links to photos of various stuff, added a post for songs by other artists which feature Mika, fixed typos throughout, might add links to MFC threads like song discussions and certain events, worked on the post for the new album even though we don't have any details yet cuz i'm excited, and more… NEWLY ADDED ENCYCLOPEDIA ENTRIES: Lily Allen, Richard Boll, California, Casanova, C’est Quoi Ce Bonheur, Claire Chazal, Craig Ciccone, Sophie Delila, Florence, Goodbye Stranger, Leo Green, Guillaume, Julian Hargreaves, Monica Hill, Trevor Horn, Mennel Ibtissem, L’Italiano (Lasciatemi Cantare), Frédéric Longbois, Lullaby Of Birdland, Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel Macron, Damiano Michieletto, Music Of The Night*, Nat, Danny O'Donoghue, Sherley Parédès, Allah-Rakha Rahman, RAK Studios, Ryan Riback, Rihanna, Shiina Ringo, Sarm, Sido To Hakuchūmu, Barbara Stefanelli, Téléthon for L'Association Française Contre les Myopathies, Alex Torjussen, Lucas Zanotto NEWLY ADDED EXTENDED INFORMATION ENTRIES: Carla Bruni, Casanova, C’est Quoi Ce Bonheur, Florence, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Goodbye Stranger, Heartbeat Slowing Down, Pilot NEWLY ADDED EXTENDED INFORMATION POST: Featuring Mika ? Never! UP NEXT: my to-do list is even more more more HUGE! Just a few of the things on it include: need to do something about his digial EPs like the Napster and iTunes ones, adding more quotes especially about/by the guests on his TV show, more researching in old interviews and videos, adding more artwork info for his singles, adding more support bands and other info to past tour dates document, moving more stuff around in extended posts because i want information in a more logical order, adding links to more photos, updating the list of awards in Mika’s bio, fixing some broken links i spotted but didn't have time to get to, adding to extended info people's bios & adding more bits of other info, adding new encyclopedia entries including those from the to be added list, and everything more....... though it might take another six months or so before i do any of this.
  4. thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes! @silver @sara09 @Dominika @Mikasister i had a Mikatastic b-day :flowers2:

  5. Happy birthday! Wish you a lovely day :D


  6. All the best! :yay:


  7. Happy Birthday



  8. I wish you a wonderful day, dear @kreacher!  :flowers2:





  9. kreacher

    Mika in white shirts

    Yes, he should just take the shirt off onstage
  10. So did anyone find out if he was there? Do we at least know what the conference was like and what they said about Mika?
  11. kreacher

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Supermika...

    is anyone else really concerned about him jumping with pointy objects in his hands? He could take an eye out with that thing! (also his face for once he doesn't have a weird expression when he's jumping like this)
  12. kreacher

    Mika's band since 2012.

    ^another pic with the as-yet-unidentified new drummer^ i wonder if he'll stick around or if Ed will be back? awwwww i just noticed how short Max looks compared to the others
  13. kreacher

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Supermika...

    Thank you! it needed to be done
  14. kreacher

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Supermika...

    i keep picturing a broomstick between his legs like he's a Harry Potter wizard. if i was motivated i'd totally photoshop that he looks so angry at his shoes
  15. I was worried how the crowd would react, most were there for sportsball not singing and Mika is NOT a typical stadium act, but they seemed into it. I'm curious to hear how Mikafans who were in the crowd found the other people around them, like if they overheard any comments about his show.