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  1. 🙄Oh well, that was a scary comparation!! Remember MIKA was lately in Florence, and there - outside the city hall - is the statue of Perseus, the son of Zeus, cutting off the head of Medusa!! I'm happy that MIKAs long, wild curls are back on his beautiful head... Love, love me
  2. Yes, that's also my impression of the Holbrook Penniman family - over the past 10 years we've " known" them... Love, love me
  3. MIKA really is a good actor. But I'm not sure I'll accuse him for doing it at this cute pic. Maybe he's worn out after walking around, and just need a little rest, fall asleep for some minutes, and has a bad dream that his dog is running away from him, and that's why he hold his leg hard?! And voila - there's a to doc it - oh well, my fantasy's running wild - sorry! Anyway, we're all happy for this cute, home-pic... Love, love me
  4. Yes, our golden MIKA really knows what to share, to keep our hearts as warm as the summer sun... Imo, this's the cutest dog-pic ever... Love, love me
  5. Yes maybe - MIKA loves Florence, so why not !? But I'm excited, what his "pay-back" to this wonderful city will be... I wouldn't be surprised if he gave a concert at Santa Maria Novella, his fav. Florence church ( if I remember right ) if that would be accepted... Love, love me
  6. So MIKA is back at Teatro del Maggio in Firenze!! Maybe he's planning a "thank you concert" - for getting the keys to Florence! He said he would do something special for the city, after being honoured so nicely... Thanks for this info Eriko! Love, love me
  7. Yes, I think most of the MFCers would appreciate that - but I'm afraid it's wishful thinking, at this time of the year... Love, love me
  8. MIKA must be busy with something very important in London, as he didn't show up at the prize event 🙄 I suppose it ment a lot to him, to recieve this! Thank you so much for your translation! Love, love me
  9. No wonder Air France pilots treat MIKA like a VIP - he seems to be constantly in the air, must be close to achieve black belt in flying... Love, love me
  10. MIKA is a smart man, who knows how to play his cards, in a positive way, without being too calculated - so yes - I think you are quite right... Love, love me
  11. And probably even better with men... Love, love me
  12. MIKA is always beautiful - whatever he wears, but this outfit looks GOOD And Christian has started to bend his foot, like MIKA normally does... Love, love me
  13. Thanks Eriko! I love this pic - with MIKAs white, long legs - "on silent wings" ( Tina Turner song ) And omg - this ocean of lights, surrounding him - he must have felt soo loved... Love, love me
  14. Thanks a lot Chris - great explanation and documentation! I'll think about it, if I visit this place one day... Love, love me
  15. Gracie Gabry74 - for everything you shared here with us, from your happy evening with MIKA!! It all looks so wonderful - what a joy!! I think you Italiens are so lucky, having him so much among you, in diff. situations! But it's all well deserved! Btw, I love your t-shirt, perfect for the event! Love, love me