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  1. Why not !? He has proved ealier that he's able to do many things, at the same periode of time And didn't we hear lately that he's working with music in Miami... Love, love me
  2. THANKS Eriko - you're an angel So cinema has been THAT important to MIKA "Through music and cinema, I found myself" He ownes the music arenas already - so now I just hope that we'll soon see MIKA in the right filmrole, on the big cinema screens I know he would be amazing!! Love, love me
  3. Thanks Cristina! Aaww - "filming all day yesterday" - I hope it's done in Firenze, and that it will be used in Casa Mika I spot Ponte Vecchio in the end of the vid. - bring back good memories, from my own walking around in this amazing city - end of last year ... Love, love me
  4. Thanks Eriko!So now MIKA's back in Florence When he held his concerts at the Opera Firenze, it was Chinese Ai WeiWei who had the exhibition at the Palazzo Strozzi Strange - today I had a visitor, who loves Italy, and especially Rome and Florence, so we looked at the pics I made from the wall at Palazzo Strozzi - decored with rubber boats, and he got the inlay I found in a newpaper this summer, who wrote several pages about the art of Ai WeiWei... Love, love me
  5. Aawww - this drawing if truly fab.!! Congratz - and TAKK/ THANKS a million for sharing both this masterpiece, and your story, here!! You're sooo talented - it's wonderful - I love it... Love, love me
  6. MIKA's popularity in Italy seems to reach new hights Thanks a lot to all of you, for what you've shared, re.the Giffoni film festival... Love, love me
  7. Thanks a lot - this's a really great story - a "nice try" to find/describe a fav. song - which's impossible, when it comes to MIKAs albums, imo He has so many masterpieces, which leave you in awe, and you just have to wonder how it's possible to make so much good and beautiful music, with meaningful lyrics - covering so much!! I have to agree with both Chris: "please don't stop" - and Sabine: "you describe the feelings with the songs so well" And I'm so happy that you've found MIKA and his music!! So keep on enjoying, and spread the message, to all the poor Norwegians - who probably "lost" our music genious, after LICM... Love, love me
  8. Yes, thanks a lot to everybody, for your efforts with sharing! Great clips from the event. in Milano. I never get tired of looking at our "Prince charming" - MIKA!! Love, love me
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about Freddiesdouble! I never had the chance to meet him, but I've always "read him" - both here and on Mikasounds, even before I became a member of the MFC, and I learned that he was a huge, funny and true MIKA-fan I hoped he would be at the London Palladium last year, and I even asked Rosie about him, when we met at the Zebrano Bar, before the concert - cause I'd love to say hi to him... It must be a big loss for all of you MFCers, who knew him, and could call him a friend. My thoughts are with you tonight. RIP David. Love, love me
  10. Vielen dank Sabine! I really like your video - good focus on both MIKA, and the lucky people, who get his attention, and the chance to deliver their gifts, exchange some words with him, and get their stuff signed It's such a good doc of his nice and polite fans, waiting patiently in line, and MIKAs cute and thankful way of meeting his friends - all well done! Love, love me
  11. Yes, luckily the London Palladium concert was sold out - and it was just fantastic to be among the audience, which was sooo supporting, and showed so much love to MIKA, both during and after the concert But after all it's MIKA's hometown, and the the biggest and most iconic theatre in Londons West End, something I think many of us from abroad appreciated. It was a special event, in so many ways Why MIKA doesn't make much effort to build his carrere in the UK, might have many reasons. Maybe also something we'll get to know, when we can read his book. Anyway I'm very happy for the BBC Radio2 shows he had, and I hope there will be lots more... Love, love me
  12. Yes, I know there are lot of places in the world where MIKA can "hide away" - I was more thinking about his daily life, where he lives, in the countries you mention. It seems as soon as he's outside his door, for shopping, dogwalking or whatever, there's a lens to catch it. On the other hand, he's very keen himself, to share selfies on the social media, so nobody can say he's a shy person Probably he likes all the attention he gets - and we, his fans, love it... Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics NaoMika! Love, love me
  13. Aaahh - thanks for telling, such a lovely story!! So happy for all of you, lucky enough to experience this, and yes - MIKA's such a "very special person" ... Love, love me
  14. OK - obviously done by purpose, at least for this special occasion And of course, he also needs the press.. Love, love me