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  1. Oh well - the fox is curious and smart, running to and from, wild and free - I think there are similarities Btw, do you know the story about "Alya the fox" - saved from a furfarm as small, growing up with Silje - and became like a dog... Love, love me
  2. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I've always liked Joan Osborne's megahit "One of us" - covered by many artists, even Prince But MIKAs way of performing it, is - imo - the most beautiful and touching ever! Like you, I just love when he sings with his low voice, and put so much feeling in the lyrics I think our good guy is quite "religious" - he has many songs, where God is a part of the lyric, one way or another. I get goose bumps by his version, and can't help thinking how wonderful it would be, if he soon gave us a complete alb. with his best covers - because now there are quite many... MIKA's "One of us" has already got more than 2000 views on Youtube... I think it had to be a "religious moment" - to be present at this recording - lucky you, and all the other true fans, experience this!! Love, love me
  3. Mika's collaboration with Pilot?

    Me too - I LOVE Pilot pens!! I've used Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint 0,5, in different colors, daily, for years! And I can buy them everywhere office equipment is sold here So - I would def. not mind MIKA involved in my fav. pens!! Love, love me
  4. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    OMG - MIKA as a shepherd - there seems to be no limit! Now I really can't wait any longer, for all his surprises, in the upcoming shows!! Love, love me
  5. Mika in UK Press 2017

    Very interesting thoughts re. Casa Mika, and the possibility for making it available worldwide! Thanks for sharing it ladyoliver I can only join you: I trust MIKA, and his decisions... Love, love me
  6. Thanks a million Eriko - for all the stuff from this press conference, with "the cutest showman of all the world" (acc. to mariomanca 89 ) I love this outfit, which he has used earlier. MIKA looks so mature, nice and elegant I do hope these new TV episodes will be well received by the lucky Italiens... Love, love me
  7. THANKS!!MIKA together with happy kids always melt my heart... Love, love me
  8. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    Grazie mille Zia - you're an angel ! This interview, together with MIKA in the radio studio, really made my day! I feel so happy now - waiting for his new TV-shows, and soon also a new alb.! I love the Italien journalists, who describes MIKA in such a positive and fair way - and who ask interesting questions, which gives our good guy the possibility to answer wise and reflected!! Love, love me
  9. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    Best lunch company I had at my office since a long time - with MIKA on my screen! A little bit in cold, but the radiopeople are all so nice to him, bring him water just when he needs it, etc. Cant' wait to see the new Stasera Casa Mika progr. Love, love me
  10. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    Grazie mille Lucrezia I will, even I don't understand much, it's nice to hear MIKAs voice, speaking your language ( and think about my lovely holidays in Rome, one month ago today ) Love, love me
  11. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    MIKA = 1,91 m of pure beauty - another "shameless fanwoman" thinks, haha Btw, I like his green shoes And I have to wonder about how many pair of shoes this man has... Me too hope for translation of this interview, from our Italien friends... Love, love me
  12. Mika in UK Press 2017

    "About time he returned to making music !?" MIKA has been making music all the time!! The intervals between his albums has been the same, ever since LICM came out!! He never stopped making great music, but he has managed to do A LOT in between the albums! OMG, the UK press is sooo annoying - so arrogant, when it comes to MIKA !! If he's insecure, and maybe even nervous, for doing something in the UK, he has my full sympathie and understanding... Love, love me
  13. Yes, it's expensive to travel far to see MIKA live - something I haven't done much, but I'm extremely happy and thankful for what I've managed to do! As you probably know MIKA has given concerts both in the US and Canada, throughout the years, so let's hope he'll do more of it, so you can experience him in your part of the world! MIKA's still young and full of energy, so I don't think you should be afraid of being too late, for seeing him as "a jumping bean" Love, love me
  14. YES, the UK is lucky to have MIKA!! His magic skill is obviously "on" - already... Love, love me
  15. Great thought! I hope you'll experience a MIKA show asap! And believe me, when it happens, then you'll more than like the man - you'll LOVE him! Love, love me