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  1. Thanks Chris - and yes, I think so too He seems clever to share his doings with his fans, at least what has influence on his work... Love, love me
  2. I hope MIKA will tell us what happened to his arm, and for how long he'll be a "one-armed-piano-player" Love, love me
  3. Thanks Eriko!! LOVE IT !!! Love, love me
  4. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    This's amazing - congrats Alba!! I'm sooo happy for you... Love, love me
  5. Thanks Eriko But I'd rather hear MIKA humming on some of his new songs, which are hopefully not too far from production... Love, love me
  6. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Congratulation with the beautiful pen-set yasmine951 Btw, I love the MIKA dogs you've made for the Yearbook - well done! Love, love me
  7. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Good luck! There should be a tiny chance to win - when it's not for the whole world! Love, love me
  8. Imagine for Margo

    Thanks Eriko! I'm happy, and proud, that MIKA got involved in this important campaign It shows that he's got a warm and human heart - for people who struggle with serious illness... Love, love me
  9. I really wonder what MIKA will do, as a payback, to this huge honour from Florence! Didn't he say something like: "I'll do something special soon" ? I hope it will be a concert, where also his fans, from all over the world, are invited among the public... But I suppose it's more likely it will be a small church concert - maybe in Santo Spirito Church ( TOOL ) - only for the city of Firenze... Love, love me
  10. Imagine for Margo

    Merci! Very visible, at the second busiest station in Paris, acc. to Wikipedia Also nice to get an art. in Le Monde! Love, love me
  11. Thanks Alba! Sounds promising - MIKA works hard - to give us a new alb. Can't wait, till he tells the studio work is finished - and we can start waiting for his new music... Love, love me
  12. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Thanks for this new opportunity to win the Pilot Pen set! My answer is sent - good luck to everyone!! Love, love me
  13. MIKA in French Press - 2018

    I gladly talk about MIKA - for free - but unfortunately I don't have students, to listen - and learn more - about this special man ... Love, love me
  14. MIKA in French Press - 2018

    Thanks! You found the right place to post it! I love these old pics, and even more what they write about our "unique, charming and international star" Good luck with your teaching! Love, love me
  15. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    And I received mine seven minutes earlier, at 20.32 I've just sent my submission for the competition. Yesterday I also received my pens, but I lack the 6 pieces of V5, on right of this box set, so I would be very, very happy to win it. And since it's a nice date, the 17th, I maybe have a chance ! Good luck to everyone who participate!! Love, love me