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  1. Not everything needs a thread

    Haha - fantastic!! Thanks for sharing!! A much bigger, and far better, job to make MIKA than making both Apple, FB and Twitter, all together... Love, love me
  2. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Thanks for your nice words Alba! I'm sure you'll be a fab. "old lady" in the future - filled with good MIKA spirit - and sweet memories, from unforgettable concerts, incl. your own performance on stage with the man! Btw, did you order his Pilot Pens? Are they available in Spain now!? Love, love me
  3. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    I've also thought about ordering the pens from your country as well. But I keep in touch with Pilot Pen Norway in Oslo, and today the sales manager told me they have got none of the MIKA pens - yet - but he promised me, once again, to tell me if/when they get what I ask for, so I'll have to be patient, and hopefully place my order here - even it's very hard! Good luck to everybody, who already have been shopping in Holland!! Love, love me
  4. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Yes, he does! And besides, age is just a number... Love, love me
  5. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Yes, I thought 1955 was your birthyear I think we're lucky, who had our youth in the 70ies it was a great, funny and colorful decade, with the best music - something also MIKA has discovered! Love, love me
  6. I def. do think so, yes! I think this recognition from Firenze will make MIKA "on speed" - for a long time... Love, love me
  7. Thank you so much Eriko - I LOVE this art. It confirms what I expected was the reasons for chosing MIKA, to be given this honour! It must be a BIG inspiration for our good guy - for further work! And now I love Firenze and Italy even more than before... Love, love me
  8. Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    If they only KNEW how many old fans MIKA really has, I think they would be surprised, and maybe shocked!! Love, love me
  9. This color match, with the tie and flag, was the first thing I noticed myself! Thanks a million ladies, for all the wonderful pics and vids. from MIKAs big day in Firenze! I'm almost bursting with pride! And it's so strange to see him admiring all these famous paintings at the Uffizi gallerie, which I was lucky enough to do myself, only one year ago - all thanks to our golden MIKA, giving us such wonderful symphonic concerts at the Opera dear and sweet memories! Congrats to all MFCers, this special day!! Love, love me
  10. Thanks a million Eriko!! You're unbelievable! This's such an interesting art. - real history, which I'll print, and file in my box with MIKA treasures - the oldfashioned way! MIKA seems to give us a new reason to be proud of him, every month now... Love, love me
  11. YES, indeed! Italy knows how to honour MIKA! I'm still very happy I could visit Palazzo Vecchio, the last day of 2016, just hours before MIKAs concert at the Opera Firenze I do hope the ceremony will be filmed... Love, love me
  12. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a lovely one :flowers2:


    1. mamiam


      :blush-anim-cl: Grazie mille Sara - I love it! :huglove: I had a fine birthday, thank you.  Very cold outside, 20 degrees, so no sking yesterday :no:  But it was OK, as I had to work anyway...:blush-anim-cl:


      Much love,


    2. sara09


      Glad you had a nice day! :) Those temperatures are pretty cold indeed! Is winter very harsh there, isn't it? :( 

      I love it, but I'm very sensitive to cold - we have low temperatures, but often the sun helps a lot, warming up a bit :blush-anim-cl:


  13. Happy Birthday



    1. mamiam


      :blush-anim-cl: Thank you so much Silver! :huglove: I love your beautiful cupcakes :wink2: Flowers seem far away now, when everything is white outside here. Yesterday was also very cold, with 20 degrees... :sad:


      Much love,


  14. :hug:


    I hope we can meet soon in another special gig!!  Have a lovely and special day!! 




    1. mamiam


      :blush-anim-cl: Thank you so much for your beautiful roses, dear Alba!! :huglove: Yes, that's what I hope for too! :fisch: It's strange that one year has already passed, since the wonderful days in Florence... :wink2:  


      Much love,


  15. 14046620420_40729b68e2_o.thumb.jpg.ea082965e0ae0ad5d372ed877c4f59cb.jpg

    1. mamiam


      :yay:Thank you so much dear!  :huglove: Such a nice MIKA greating from you!! :blush-anim-cl:  I hope I soon will meet you at a concert, so we can share "our good guy"  this way! :fisch::wink2:


      Much love,


    2. Dominika


      Maybe we will one day :wink2: Hope you have a wonderful birthday :flowers2: