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  1. I think all (or almost all) Italian posts on Mika's FB are geotagged - when I was in Italy last year, I could see a lot more posts there than I usually do. Maybe his team just thinks that most non-Italian fans aren't interested in these things and might be annoyed by seeing a bunch of posts in Italian? I really don't know, but I wish they didn't exclude international fans who actually want to see these posts and participate in giveaways.
  2. Mika's English accent?

    From what I remember, he finds living there very lonely, but he says this makes it the perfect place for recording albums (as there aren't many other things to focus on).
  3. Mika's English accent?

    An interesting thing he has said about his accent is that when he's in America in a place that he likes, for example New York, he starts sounding more American. But when he's in a place that he hates, like Los Angeles, he sounds more British than usual.
  4. World Reps thread

    I'm glad we'll have a Slovenian rep that is active again, and I'm sure Urška will do a great job!
  5. I think that when it comes to his own (new) songs, he has started using his softer and lower voice more, as I don't think there are any falsetto parts in NPIH songs at all. But when it comes to covers, he does seem to sing in a higher voice/falsetto more often than necessary. It seems to me that he views this as his trademark and perhaps he doesn't even realize how many people prefer his softer and more effortless singing. I wish he would do more of that too.
  6. MIKA fan made Android application

    I've just installed the app. Great job! This should make things easier the next time Mika forgets some of his lyrics during a concert: someone in the front row can just open the app and lend him the phone, without even having to google the lyrics first!
  7. It's definitely not a stupid question, but I doubt anyone knows the answer. As far as I know, Mika has never talked about the meaning behind Promiseland, so it's impossible to know for sure who the song is about. It could be about higher-ups in the music industry, but that's just one possible interpretation. It's a really great song though, one of my favourites!
  8. Mika = my hero - My story

    Thank you, Chiara and Ellys, for sharing your stories! It's great to hear how many lives Mika and his music have changed for the better.
  9. I don't have much to add to reports about the concerts that the others have written, but I just want to say that I found the experience absolutely amazing. They were my first symphonic Mika concerts, and even though I've listened to the previous ones on CD and DVD, that just can't compare to the real thing. I felt like I was transported into some other realm by Mika's voice, the orchestra and the choir. (I loved the choir! Sometimes their voices overpowered Mika's, but not in a bad way -- they just blended together perfectly.) It's hard to choose favorite songs, because I loved all of them, but if I had to choose just one, it would be Heroes. Like others have already mentioned, the main difference between both concerts was that on the 30th they did Grace Kelly again at the end, and on the 31st they repeated Underwater (while asking us to sing along). I don't think repeating Grace Kelly was planned in advance: the applause was so enthusiastic that Mika (and the others) had to return to the stage three times, and it was probably then that they decided to do an extra performance. Underwater on the 31st was definitely planned though. I loved that everyone seemed really into it: not just Mika and the audience, but also Simon Leclerc, the orchestra and the choir, as they were clapping and waving too. Last but not least, I was really happy to meet so many MFCers (some again and some for the first time). 2016 was full of Mika for me, so it was only fitting that I spent the end of it in the company of the Mika family!
  10. Thank you for your report! It was a pleasure to spend some time with you in Florence. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the rest of your stay there, although it sounds like you had quite a few problems getting home. But all is well that ends well. I definitely hope to see you again soon!
  11. He says, "When I was young, when I was *this* tall, when I wasn't half Italian yet, like now -- who were the Italians that I knew? I knew Leonardo, I knew Verdi, Puccini, Sophia Loren. But I also knew Mina and Adriano Celentano. Because their music, through the nations and borders, reached me, thanks to my family and our friends. As music does when it's beautiful, beautiful."
  12. I totally agree. I would even say that Mika has never been just a musician. Of course music has always been the most important thing for him, but even at his early concerts he was never just sitting behind his piano and singing: he took a lot of time and effort to prepare a show that would let the audience enter his world. I think he's still basically doing the same thing with his show: he's letting us into his world using his music and imagination (with the help of some guests). . I also think that we don't have to worry that he'll "abandon" music for TV: in the first episode, before he sang Grace Kelly, he talked about how it all started with music and how he's a musician first. I'm sure there was a reason he gave that speech, and followed it by the song that is about the importance of remaining true to yourself. I loved the second episode even more than the first one! It went by incredibly fast.
  13. Mika in Italian Press 2016

    I feel like I should add some sort of disclaimer: I do these translations fairly quickly and while I try to stay as close as possible to the original article, the translation is not necessarily perfect (I'm not a native speaker of either English or Italian). I just do them so that non-Italian speaking people can understand the interview, and hopefully I'm still a slightly better translator than google.
  14. Mika in Italian Press 2016

    Translation: No children: I lead a selfish life He runs around like a maniac between tours, albums, books and TV shows (Stasera Casa Mika is coming). Reinventing himself all the time, because, he says, he has a punk soul that makes difficult choices. [Text in the box: "Sometimes I talk too much, and during concerts it often happens that someone says "shhh, be quiet".] "I've always wanted a home, because I lost it many times when I was a child and as years passed by, it became an obsession for me, a sort of fetish." Now that he has enough homes, scattered around the world, Mika feels more secure. Enough to want to create a house in his image and likeness on TV as well: Stasera Casa Mika, a spectacle in four episodes that starts on Tuesday, 15th November, at 21:10 on Raidue. And it's just one of his million commitments: 15 months of tour, concerts in Firenze on 30th and 31st December, a new album coming out in 2017 and a book titled as one of the works of Dario Fo (we don't know which one yet), who the singer sees as "the most punk and modern hero of the recent years". Born in Beirut to a Libanese mother and a father from the U.S., transferred to Paris as a child and then grown up in London, Mika, real name Michael, 33, is used to changes. "I never want to be too similar to the same version of myself" he confides. "That's why I left XFactor after three seasons, while I said yes to the fourth season of The Voice in France, where there's less pressure." He does have a certain "know how" in recognising talents. "I know young people who at 16 are ancient, because they let others form their opinions. Maybe at first they become popular, but they will never be modern." The solution? "To put their soul and heart in it: they mustn't be caught unprepared." Mika takes his time to explain every single concept. In a profound, intelligent, exhaustive way. He does it during our appointment as well, despite the fact that fans are waiting for him in rain for one of the three pyjama parties where a video for his show is taken. So, where is your real home? In the Mecenate street in Milan (where Stasera Casa Mika is recorded, editor's note). I feel much more at home there than in the apartment I rent in the centre of the city. And what's it like inside? Very nice. It has something fantastic ... It seems like Tim Burton's set. To create it, I collaborated with a team of artists who follow me during tours. This is why the furnishings are a reflection of me. I'm very proud of it. What kind of spectacle awaits us? You'll see guests of all ages, from a 17-year-old teen idol to a 78-year-old intellectual (in the first episode: Renzo Arbore, Virginia Raffaele and Sarah Felberbaum, in the role of Mika's housemate, editor's note). And then there's me. I go all around Italy, I return and bring some things with me. It'll be fun. Do you spend a lot of time at home? I think that the most delicious part of the day begins in the evening, from when you return home to when you go to sleep. During the show I replicate the same moments, set in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the sitting room and obviously in bed. Your main residence is in London. What can you tell us about that one? That it's full of books. There's a lot of art, there are my two dogs, the gardener, a person who takes care of the house, the cook -- because eating is wonderful! And there's my partner (Andreas Dermanis, filmmaker, editor's note) who always finds himself surrounded by strangers. He loses his head because of that. You've been together for 10 years. Are you talking about children? No, I live too selfish a life. Doing 15 months of tour requires a gigantic emotional investment. You have to be surrounded by tolerant people, who understand and accept the fact that you're "ruining" your life. With a child this wouldn't be possible. At least you and Andreas go on vacation together ... Of course, we're going to do it in January, in a place where you can surf. Do you know that at 33, it's the best sport to have a toned body? You pay a lot of attention to your appearance and look. Clothes are important and people who say that appearance doesn't matter are lying. A look is a way of communication. And it's under everybody's eyes. In what way? You have to learn how to dress, considering it a part of your personal culture. Whether you're inspired by a dandy or a casual look, by Cary Grant's outfits of by James Dean's jeans, there are many ways of being a man. You just have to know how to look around and choose. Speaking of mirrors, how do you see a curly boy from a few years ago today? I was divided in two. On the one hand there was music, art and a sense of fantasy that made me feel good. On the other hand there was anger, because I wanted to hurt those who treated me badly, but I didn't know how. Did you manage to do it? No, I'm a weakling. But there's no stronger revenge than success. Your family now support you in everything, but it wasn't always like this. I come from a Wes Anderson-like family (director of The Royal Tenenbaums, editor's note). But we have a real relationship, and we collaborate: my sister Yasmine is a graphic designer and she has done some drawings for the Casa Mika scenography, while Paloma deals with outfits. She's a great stylist, she worked with Pierpaolo Piccioli from maison Valentino on all the show's costumes . You're tireless! Where do you find your strength? In taking risks, and going against the flow. If you want your soul to be punk, first of all you have to be like that with your head, your mouth and your pen.
  15. It has been like that for a while. I remember googling him some time ago and getting the same message. But as far as I can tell, his site works normally.