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  1. Thank you so much! I like the sound of the French words so much, so I enjoy singing it over and over again, now with proper lyrics. I'd been singing it, imitating Mika's pronunciation. I'm very curious to know why he chose to sing it in French, I mean without any Japanese at all, changing the lyrics into a totally different thing. I was expecting to hear Mika singing in Japanese. I've been thinking about it and imagining so many possibilities, and always end up with "well, this is Mika". And sing like this. C'est tres compliqué, C'est trop compliqué Il est toujour comme ça! Sorry... But please don't get me wrong. I'm really in love with Mika's version very much. I like it more than the original.
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    Japanese Thread

    微力ながらYouTubeでヘビロテさせてます。  回数より人数が欲しいですね。
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    Japanese Thread

    確かに個人用に録音したら4分だったので、これでフルなんですね。 日本語は一言も無し! もしくはフランス語っぽく歌ってて聞き取れてないだけとか??だったら面白いのにぃ。。。 本人にこのいきさつ、Miikaなりの解釈の解説をして頂きたいものですねー。 少し聞こえて来た単語を書き起こしてるところですが、皆さんにシェアできるレベルのものでなく、お役に立てなくて申し訳ないです。 des oiseaux qui chantent とか聞こえてくるので、オリジナルの歌詞の対訳にはなってないようです。 Mikaなりの白昼夢なんでしょうね。 まさかこれが遅刻(駆け込み参加表明)の原因とかではないですよね?
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    Japanese Thread

  5. Yuko_lyrubi

    Japanese Thread

    ご無沙汰してます。Yukoです。 Mikaが椎名林檎の「シドと白昼夢」をカバーすると知ってから、楽しみで楽しみで! それこそ夢なんじゃないかと思ったり、、。 居ても立っても居られずに、ここに書かせて頂いてしまいました。。。 Mikaは果たして全編日本語で歌ってくれるのでしょうか?? 英訳された歌詞で歌うのでしょうか? 全く日本語を歌わないとは到底思えないので、楽しみ過ぎです。 そして、Mikaが日本ファンのことを少しでも思い出しながら仕事をしてくれたことが、、 事情は分からずとも、、有難くて泣けてきます Mikaありがとう! 皆日本で待ってるよ!と大声で伝えたい気持ちです。 相変わらずとっちらかっててすみません。 予約も完了しました! いつも情報、ありがとうございます。
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    #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Hi! As always, I’m impressed with your research ability.
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    Japanese Thread

    TOKYO出てましたね! 色々と思うところはありますが(笑)、、何よりCasa Mikaの撮影にあたり、Mikaが日本のことを思い出してくれてたり、日本語を発してくれてたなんて、かなり嬉しかったです!
  8. Yuko_lyrubi

    New song snippet

    Wow, great job everyone!!! It seems we're getting closer and closer to the real lyrics. It's really fun. So, if this artcle is correct, the title is written like this "It’s my House" with capital H. http://www.iodonna.it/personaggi/interviste-gallery/2017/10/13/mika-io-e-il-mio-compagno-andreas-siamo-piu-tradizionalisti-della-famiglia/
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    Mika's collaboration with Peugeot - commercial - 2017/18

    Thank you so much! Good to know what he answered!
  10. Yuko_lyrubi

    Mika's band since 2012.

    Hi, this is Yuko. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but I managed to go to Creepy Neighbour's gig for the first time in July in London, so I would like to share some videos I recorded. I was in London for my holiday. Max threw a gig in a perfect timing, so I was able to visit. 【Max】 As always, Max was very cheerful and very kind so I really enjoyed talking with him. It was great to see him again, especially at a venue, when he is a main vocalist of his own band. After the gig, he told me that he always moves around on the stage of Mika's concerts, but for his gigs, he has to stay in front of the microphone to sing a whole song playing the base from the beginning to end, so he has to try not to move, and that's one of the different things between the two. I think he tweeted about the condition of his vocal chord at the beginning of July, but from hearing his singing voice, it sounded ok to me. 【Curtis】 Curtis was also there. I heard that there were a Creepy Neighbour's gig without him in the past, so I felt very lucky. It was my first time to talk with him, but he talked to me kindly and friendly so that made me feel comfortable to have a conversation with him. Although it was a short time, I kind of saw his personality and now I understand more, why Mika trust him so much. 【Harry & Sam】 Of course, not to mention, Max's brother Harry(drum) and Sam(guitar) were very nice too. Harry kept smiling and the way he looked at Max, was telling how much he loves his little brother. I wish I managed to take a good photo or a video of his big and gentle smile. Sam(guitar) looked a bit scary at first but he was a kind of cute guy. When I asked him if I can have his autographs on a CN cap, he signed and took a picture of it himself, which was very sweet. 【7 songs】 Their stage was really great. I really like Max's songs so I really enjoyed watching them play live. Sometimes I sang along. It was really good for me that I could see Max and Curtis as much as I want. Because if it's Mika's concert, my eyes are fixed on Mika, trying not to miss a thing. So actually in the recent concerts, I really tried to see them properly during Staring At The Sun, when I can't see Mika. I really don't know how to explain how much I enjoyed their gig. Please watch the videos, although the quality isn't good. I have to apologise because I'm very bad at taking videos with my iPhone. *I got a permition of Max to share these videos I recorded on the internet. Sorry if any of the titles are wrong. Please let me know if you know the proper ones. Break A Leg Millionaire Spaceman Happy Birthday https://youtu.be/mhHoXTVxyQI Tom Hanks https://youtu.be/3Hv_81IVUWs Draw A Map https://youtu.be/iq8GKSwYNLo Be Friends https://youtu.be/76r3ngtD4a0 Mothers Ruined (*I'm really not sure of the title of this song.) the full video (from the soundcheck) *I dubbed the audio for this one only. https://youtu.be/wYatNvJP-9Q Thank you for reading. ※I'm sorry but I don't know why these YouTube links show like this. Yuko
  11. Yuko_lyrubi

    2017 'The Art of Song' on BBC Radio 2

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just watched this. 2 hours seemed a bit long but it passed so quickly! Very interesting to know about Harry Nilsson like this. I kind of felt lucky that I was happened to know about him through Mika. Now I can imagine more clearly how much Mika got excited when he listened to Harry Nilsson's CD in the car, and find out more about his songs and influenced by him automatically.
  12. Hi. It took one year for me to post here, my videos from Osaka... There are lots of excuses. As always, I'm sorry that you can't see Mika's face clearly because of the lights. Also, please understand that I just kept recording while I was focusing on looking at him with my own eyes. I've written down what he said in Japanese, so I also wrote what he said in English as well. So, if you find any mistakes, please let me know. 一年前、大阪で撮ったビデオです。宜しければどうぞ。 毎度ながら、ライトでMikaの顔が飛んでしまってるし、ライブ中は自分の目でしっかりとMikaを観てたかったので、 でも手元にも納めておきたい欲に勝てず、上手く撮れてないのを分かってながらも、とりあえず回し続けてるものなので、、そのあたりご理解いただけると嬉しいです。 お詫びに、ではないですが、、東京のと同様にMikaの日本語を書き出しておきました。 ちょっと分かりにくかったところ、解明できたら修正しますね。 これはPorcelainからBoum Boum Boumをまとめたもの。細切れにしか撮れなかったので繋げました。 https://youtu.be/84bNe8hEvE4 0:20 ♪Porcelain 1:20 ♪My Interpretation 2:08 I wanted to start my show, with just my piano, all alone on stage. 大阪で、ここで、ショーをピアノと伴に君と始めます。 You think I'm selfish! だって僕、わがままだから。 And I want you to myself. 2.48 ♪Talk About You 3:22 ♪Grace Kelly 4:25 (♪I've gone identity mad) cause you know, although very nice. (♪I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be violet sky.....) 7:09 Osaka, this is a very beautiful venue. 凄く良い会場やね! And everyone is dressed very nicely. 皆、からだ かきま してるし(ちょっと聞き取りにくかったですね。恰好がきまってる とか言いたかったのかな。) はい。 You don't have to be very polite. ちゃい ばげっとに 行きます。(これも、なんだか。。笑。解明できたら書き直しますね。) Yeah? No. I want you to be a little less polite. もうちょっと弾けてもいいよ! Osaka, were you to sing? 8:46 ♪Good Wife 11:55 ♪Big Girl There are many many skinny people in the world, like me. Always in a bad mood. But the only thing to make a world a better place, is that a few more big boys and big girls in it. Please Lord, hear my prayer. Thank you. 12:52 あの人そんなに大きくない。 But she was amazing. 素敵な人だったぁ。 13:09 Oh it's really nice to be in a venue with the seats. Everyone can see. Instead of being like this. Now like this. 13:38 an piano. = piano How do you say boum boum boum. Boum boum boumってどうやてる?どうやってやるの? ♪Boum Boum Boum 以降、それぞれのvideoはこちら。 Big Girl https://youtu.be/CmW7JozoJGQ 0:55 But she wasn't a big girl at all. あの人そんなに大きくない。 But she was amazing. 素敵な人だったぁ。 Good Wife https://youtu.be/eOM6uJlXf_I Good Guys https://youtu.be/tUV2iBvgQqo Staring at the Sun https://youtu.be/IGe3My7GWtE Promiseland https://youtu.be/Ju4yHFU_ZEQ Lollipop https://youtu.be/L-t7r73oCEQ Lonely Alcoholic https://youtu.be/WhZel3jP7FE Elle Me Dit https://youtu.be/socuzPrFEnc Happy Ending  https://youtu.be/osJiw8lzqZE 4:10 アカペラ    We Are Golden https://youtu.be/EOyckL3OuFs Last Party https://youtu.be/KoC8_RxHH9w 3:58 ありがとうございます、大阪。 Love Today  https://youtu.be/0hY-4SxpKEs 以上です!
  13. Yuko_lyrubi

    Japanese Thread

    Hi Silver!If anyone else is interested, I'll try. Yuko
  14. One year had passed since Mika came to Japan last, and I added some videos now that I recorded during the concerts last year. Actually I recorded a lot in Tokyo, because I was in the front row for the first time. But I only shared a few last year, because my speaking voice and singing voice were too loud and sounded ugly. Also, unfortunatelly you can't see Mika's face clearly because of the lights. But the time heals. (lol) It's still embarassing but I don't care about it as much as before. More than that, I really want to share the atomospher, and his great performance with his great Japanese speaking skills. I really like enjoying between the songs as well, so some of them are long. I concentrated on watching him with my own eyes, and I didn't focus on shooting videos that much, so please forgive me that most of them are really bad. 一年前にMikaが来日した際に撮ったvideoを追加シェアします。 東京で初めての最前列を体験して、沢山Videoを撮ってたのですが、あまりに私の声と歌声も入ってるのが恥ずかしくてアップしなかったのです。 ライトでMikaの顔が飛んでしまってるし、やっぱりライブ中は自分の目でしっかりとMikaを観てたかったので、Mikaの体の一部しか映ってなかったり、全く映ってない所も沢山あります。 でも、一年前ほどは気にならなくなったのと、もう一度観てみたら臨場感があって、、私の声が気になる方も沢山いらっしゃるかもしれませんが、 とにかくMikaの素晴らしいステージと、頑張って覚えてくれた沢山の日本語をシェアしたい 思いから、今更ながらアップすることにしました。 調べたら全曲分のvideoがありました。 どの部分でどんな日本語で何を言ってたかが分かるように書き出しました。 YouTubeの説明書き欄にも書いておきました。 To write down what he said in Japanese, I've written what he said in English too. So, if you find any mistakes, plaease let me know. Porcelain My Interpretation No Place In Heaven Talk About You 0:00 ♪Porcelain 4:08 こんにちは、東京。 ♪My Interpretation 6:30 ♪No Place In Heaven 9:55 I decided to start tonight, all on my own. Just that I could have you all to myself. ここでは一人だけで始めようと思った。 I can tell my Japanese haven't got much better since 9 months ago. 10:29 ♪Talk About You 13:55 Tonight for the first time ever in Tokyo, we are somewhere elegant for a Mika show. 今夜はこんなにもエレガントなショーを、君とここでやるんだよ。 So, you all have to be very very エレガントの、 エレガントでいてね。 And very polite. 上品にぃ。I will be polite. 僕も上品でいくよ。 ”Oh〜” Grace Kelly Good Wife Big Girl 0:00 Dear Lord. You made many many skinny poeple like me. 愚かにもどうしてこんなにも痩せてる人達を作ったんだい? But the only thing in order to make the world better place, and a happier place, is put a few more big boys and big girls. Tokyo, do you agree? Thank you Lord. Amen. Boum Boum Boum 0:00 (a fun kept shouting "Mika! Mika!" at him.) I'm busy! I'll talk to you later. 今忙しい。 Is it important? それ、重要なんだろうか? Yes or no? It isn't important to talk about it now. (a fan said "Mika! I love you!") Oh, I love you too but that's really not important right now. Tell you what's important, my piano doesn't work. Ok, so you were saying? What were you saying? I think I broke it. 壊しちゃった。 Cause I bounced and danced on the instrument. Oh! I love you piano. I promise I won't dance on you again. 1:28 ♪Boum Boum Boum Good Guys Origin of Love 0:00 ♪Good Guys 4:40 次の歌はマルボロのCMで男の人が赤いシャツを着て馬に乗るのを想像してね! or not. 違うかも。 6:25 ♪Origin Of Love Relax Staring at the Sun Lollipop 0:00 乾杯!(kampai = cheers!) Oh, I love you. What's your name? (someone shouted her name or something else.) Did you say Sara or shut up? Either way it's ok. Shut up! (lol) (a fan kept saying "shut up".) Oh don't say that to me. Say I love you. It's much nicer that to say I love you. 愛してるって言って! (a guy shouted 'Aisiteru!' = l love you.) Now wait a minute everybody, did you now forget I told you we have to be polite tonight. ちょっと待って、上品にって言ったでしょう? Other wise, they'll never let us back. じゃないと、もう来ないよぅ。 2:25 愛してるよ、ピアノ。 Hurts 0:00 (a fan shouted "Hurts!") Ah, stop bullying me. Underwater 3:20 電気。(Denki = lights) Thank you. I want you to turn on thousands of stars. みんな、星になって★ Elle Me Dit Happy Ending We Are Golden Last Party 0:00 ♪Happy Ending 4:55 マイク無しのアカペラ 6:20 ♪We Are Golden 12:05 ♪Last Party 16:27 どうもありがとう。 Love Today 4:40 Drum session with Joy ARIGATO Yuko