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  1. I think it's not that bad ….so he's got no extra distraction if there's realy nothing around…...
  2. It's more than 1000km to drive …..but he maybe needs the car to go further
  3. Yes ,you're right ,I'd rather say "hope THEY know " Anyway it's a long journey if they are coming from Toscan and have to be at 8pm in Paris
  4. Hope he knows that the speed limit has changed in France …..🙄
  5. carafon

    Mika in Brazilian Press 2018

    Is there any possibility that he may be here asking for a collaboration with Milton Nacimento ?🙄
  6. "L'Italiano" was a huge hit in France when it was released ,but I didn't know it was also known in Romania!! Good choice to please the "no fan" audience as well as the fans!
  7. a hambourger?????🙄 not very vegan diet !!
  8. Believeing that he adopted a third dog maybe ?????
  9. carafon

    Mika in Italian Press 2018

    Still no candidate to ask him if he got it ?????
  10. carafon

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    It seems that the hexagonal and plate boxes have crossed the Belgian boarder to France …….btw I was surprised to find a couple of each item in my bookstore
  11. It's ok thank you!!👍
  12. It doesn't work for me ….☹️
  13. I wish he will use this stage for the tour to come
  14. Went to Stade de France twice ,the sound is probably the worst one in the world !!! Being on tv doesn't make it any better Just thinking the same thing Beginning with his most known hit ,entertaining with "Elle me dit" ,charming with "Underwater" and ending with the message he wanted to leave…..great job!
  15. yes it was ….I mean the celebration's noise from the supporters just before the gig was very impressive Nothing to compare with what he's used to