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  1. I heard "popular" during an ATP tennis match changeover last year It was an USA tournament ,not 100% sure bu tI think it was in Cincinati
  2. Thank you very much ,this one is working
  3. None of them are working....
  4. thank you so much eriko! I'll have a long journey very soon and I like listening to" the art of song" while travelling
  5. Does somebody know if there any recording of the Carol King episode on "clyp" ?
  6. Thank you so much Eriko I've doanloaded it and I'm listening it again and again
  7. Too bad....just when I found somebody who loves skiing too.....!!!!
  8. Here are a few pictures taken at the "encore" The concert was as beautifull as the previous day and closing it with everybody singing "underwater" was a marvelous ending of a wonderfull "Mikayear" The idea of making noise to afraid bad spirits was brilliant too
  9. It was my third trip in Firenze ,one of the most beautyful town I've ever visited and this time to finaly attempt a Mika symphonic concert after missing Montréal (bad schedule) and Como (Bad ticket organisation... ) I realy enjoyed every minute of these 3 days ,visiting the town one more time under a shinning sun ,meeting some new Mika fans at the party and NewYears eve dinner and of course delighted by every song at the opéra The chorus was so good and I was happy we had Ida back I was so deep inside his world that I even thinking taking pictures (anyway it was not allowed) ,I just made some at the very end while everything was over Here there are:
  10. The article is about MO Fogiel 's best meetings and Mika is one of them : Here is the translation of Mika's part: Mika : Here's somebody who transformed my life. We first became friends ;then after he made a trip to Lebanon with the united nation to meet Syrian people escaping their country ,we decided to work on something concret around refugees Christine lagarde (president of the FMI)is involved in this project which may be done out of television I'm rely guessing what this project is!!!! (that's no more a translation but what I'm thinking about.... )
  11. Oh that's great! only a few songs but it's better than nothing Maybe a sign that Germany may be interrested on his work again?
  12. I prefer watching a good recording show as a mediocre live show, so I don't realy understand why they are pointing this fact in a bad way...
  13. I'm just thinking about an other option....... (sorry ,believe me ,I'm not trying to ruin the poll..... ) Somebody may try to give it and film on dec 30th and if doesn't succed ,we should send it to the locker room on dec 31th .
  14. Brilliant ! That's only what I have to say about this show I enjoyed every part of it,even if I only understood few italian words The parts I loved the most were the introduction ,Hurts ,LP and Sting ,of course!!! :wub: It's such an honor that a big star like him went to this show Really well done !