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  1. Mika's collaboration with Pilot?

    As said before I'm SURE it went from a good intention Just not sure that twitter is the best way to ask It's only my opinion and in case you'll succeed I just will have to say "well done"
  2. Mika's collaboration with Pilot?

    So do I I'm sure the action went with good intention, but I think he better knows than any of us what he has to do He really showed how involved he is with the UNHCR ,so no doubt he would do something if possible
  3. Mika on Telethon 2017

    Probably saturday evening
  4. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    It seems like Garou is kind of following Mika's path.......
  5. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    Is there any press after the last casamika? Or any idea if the audience was bigger? (thought that the presence of Fedez could help)
  6. As Zazie is this year's godmother for the téléthon ,this picture probably means Mika will be on french tv on december 8th
  7. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Thank you so much *Vv* you're an angel as well as a Genius !
  8. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    I'm not the best person to answer as I only went to one recording and also because I don't like the man neither the singer (it's not about his voice but about the songs) As he wrote songs for Florent Pagny and was supposed to be dating with Zazie some years ago ; my opinion is that the général athmosphère is better than last year
  9. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    Go front queue and just's the best place to find some Mika fans
  10. For sure !! And the worst is when you're so far away AND working in a hospital !! We'd rather work for an airplane company !
  11. Thank you!! And thank you to Mika's team too I'm so happy and so is my friend because it was our only opportunity (working in a hospital isn't the best way to be aware when tickets compétitions are online ,neither to get flexible holidays......)
  12. Finaly got places from Mika competition Thank you so much Grabriela for your help ,hope you'll be in too!
  13. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Maybe this one?