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  1. I lived in Tampa for a year, have so many friends who still live in there. Glad the storm went over the city in a very gentle way. Haha when you mentioned Publix it brings back so many memories! Thanks a million for rotating the video!
  2. Just did! sorry for the delay!
  3. "Ms Panduck" here... :)

    Hi Xenia, welcome to MFC. Wow you are such a good writer, the phrases are very touching, almost poetic. "For filling my eyes with tears, and sending chills down my spine. For lyrics that painfully grip and rip into the very core of my being, and melodies that set my spirit soaring free" Absolutely love these sentences. Also, I just saw the artworks that you posted on FB, they are stunning!
  4. Greetings from new fan from Norway.

    Hi Panduck, it is so nice to read your story of mika-discovering. I couldn't stop smiling! Welcome to MFC and have a great time here!
  5. sorry this is from Andrea Mercante's instagram, I've deleted the photo.