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  1. this performance is killing me slowly and softly I can't stop listening
  2. ciao Sara, I like your signature phrase. The dreamer's speech is my favourite! :)

    1. sara09


      Ciao :D I agree, it's mine too! Every monologue from Casa Mika was beautiful and moving, but this one had something even more special, it has the power to give you so much courage! 

  3. listening to this marvel on loop tonight ....
  4. did you upload it eventually Lucrezia? I can't find it ....
  5. thanks Eriko both for the audio and the YT video
  6. they even didn't sing live then Mika and Virgina did
  7. What does it mean? Mika could give up CasaMika 2?
  8. "liked" is an understatement I'm positively obsessed
  9. thank you sooo much, that was a huge work, you're so kind !!
  10. thank you!!!!! I couldn't listen to the radio (still at work) )