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  1. Hi Mika Freaka , thank you very much , yes I love this club =D
  2. Thank you very much , I'm so happy to be here
  3. Hello , am I the only fan from Morocco ? 

    1. Kumazzz


      The Moroccan thread is here !

  4. Hello , I'm from Morocco =)
  5. Thank you Tomomi =D
  6. Thank you very much
  7. Thank you catherine
  8. Thank you for all the videos
  9. Thank you Silver =D
  10. Thank you everybody for your warm welcome =D
  11. Hello everybody, my name is Yasmine , I am 21 years old and I live in Morocco in Rabat , and I am very big fan of Mika since 7 years and since he came for his show in Rabat , I love to draw , playing piano , riding horse ... And sorry if I make mistakes in English because normally I speak Arabic and French but I'm also studying English but not perfectly as Arabic an French , so if I make mistakes please say it too me ^^ .