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  1.!xqxW3LpC!g6u17swArMae7RBBnesE_DzKkPdmYadNIIRf2S0-7SY Apologies for how long this took! I had some video conversion issues LOL. here's just Mika's part (about 15 minutes) trimmed out! This is just Mika and also ALL the Mika, nothing is missing from this clip as far as I know! Here it is to download and if Eriko wants to put it on VK as well please do!
  2. @Kumazzz I've downloaded and trimmed the whole part with Mika, I'll post a download link in a bit so it can be downloaded and you can upload it to VK!
  3. I'm so so so so happy for him!!! And this photo is so wonderful
  4. What song are you listening to? (2017)

    Soooooo much David Bowie lately. This is my favorite right now!
  5. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    Very interesting. I think shows like this often show you quite a lot about the people judging them, at least about their negative qualities. Of course, just because someone seems like a nice person when they're in the public eye (eg on TV) doesn't necessarily mean they truly are a nice person, but if someone seems like a total jerk on TV it's pretty safe to assume they're a jerk in real life. Other than people like Gordon Ramsey who have specific characters to play based on a perception of being "mean", no one TRIES to make themselves look worse on TV. So perhaps this will be a chance to see if Pascal is really somewhat unpleasant in personality as he has a reputation for being. Also very interesting, @camille*, that everyone you know isn't thrilled about this. Like I said I'm just..very curious to see where this goes. I miss Garou LOL. The nice thing about The Voice is that even with all the swapping out of people they've done, everyone that's on the show/has been on the show (at least the seasons I've watched, 3-present) has been pretty nice and fairly chill - no one is particularly hard to get along with. So even if a particular addition didn't really work, the rest of the panel is chill enough that everyone should still get along. I listened to this but I didn't really put in the brain work to try to understand the lyrics - I missed out! I relate to these lyrics Thank you so much for the translation!
  6. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    A question for the French peeps: what's the general opinion of Pascal Obispo? I see that he's very very popular, and has sold tons of albums. I've hunted down some of his videos but I'm very curious to know what the perception of him is in France. Is he highly respected? Mostly liked? As an add on, for the people who know a lot about him: how well do you think he'll do in a job like this, and how well do you think he'll get along with the other judges? I'm so curious to see how this coming season goes!
  7. Mika is Back to The Voice France in 2018

    I'm so happy! I really love the voice and was hoping he would be back to it. This show has taught me all the French I know
  8. He's so cute (As is Andy!) I love his happy face staring at the fireworks
  9. The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    I'd use an Iron On! It's a type of paper you can print on, and then use an iron to transfer the image to a shirt. There's some great tutorials on YouTube - and I definitely recommend watching them, as well as reading the instructions of whatever iron on you buy very carefully as all the brands of iron on have slightly different instructions. The nice thing about an iron on is that you can put an image straight on a shirt, instead of having to trace or draw it. Just don't forget to horizontally mirror your image before you print it!
  10. The Looking For Something Thread - Part II!

    There's several official Mika shirts - a couple NPIH ones on, and some others from the other albums which are a little hard to find but you can get your hands on - has some nice old ones, though they're rather expensive. If you just want a Mika shirt but aren't super picky about the design/era, there's a really cute one with his face on it from the US tour of TBWKTM that's always on ebay for a couple dollars. It seems to be in eternal overstock - I have all kinds of theories as to how this one particular shirt design seems to have been so overproduced and about how the stock ended up in the hands of some random american shirt warehouse seller, but that's a tale for another time I don't think there have been many official shirts with lyrics on them - I found one for I See You when I googled, but not many others. I totally recommend making your own! There's a whole DIY Mika stuff thread ( I made my own M heart shirt that I wear all the time!
  11. So happy for you (but also very very jealous)! Sounds like Pugeot really needs to get more on top of it though. They need to communicate better with people they're taking on PR trips! But eh, small price to pay for the experience. I can't get over you running into Mika again! What are the chances now you had a good 2 day vacay and a great story! very cute picture too (Am I the only one who think there's something kinda beautiful and..aesthetic-y about the image of a man in a suit with an umbrella walking away from you through the Paris rain with Louboutins? Like irrelevant of Mika that's such a pretty image - I'd love a painting of that )
  12. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Promo filmed off a TV screen. Hopefully on the internet later! I love this, it's super cute. Thrilled to see the pajamas back
  13. Growing Up With Mika

    Omg, "Humphrey" is beautiful!!! I say do it, call him Humphrey
  14. Growing Up With Mika

    Not really an opinion on anything you said (which I think is beautiful), but just a related thought: you touch here on one of the things that I find myself admiring most about Mika as a human being, not as a star or an artist, but just as a person: the way he's matured and yet remained so beautifully childish and playful. I dearly love the person he is and the person he's become. To listen to him talk about life, love, etc, it becomes immensely clear that he's incredibly intelligent, mature and deep. He's a thinker, 100%. (maybe too much sometimes, but idk, I'm not in his head). But somehow, he's managed to cultivate this depth and grace and philosophy without losing the sense of playfulness and childishness (I say that word with a positive meaning) which we all love so much about him. He's such a goofball but such a thoughtful, intelligent goofball. I have so much respect for someone who can be so classy and refined and philosophical and then the next moment be dancing like...well, like Mika. Okay, tbh this is just me taking an opportunity to ramble about how much I love Mika. oh well We're all the same here
  15. Pity about the studio but at least studio equipment is fairly replaceable. Expensive, perhaps, but easy to get. Good that the house with all the hand painted walls etc that couldn't be replaced is okay. He's very right - the devastation is amazing. But Floridians are awesome, and hardcore. We live with alligators in our shopping mall parking lots! The beach people will all be out in force to put it all back together even better than before. As long as the flag of Publix flies over our state we'll be out moving trees and helping each other rebuild. (For anyone who lives in a place where Publix isn't a thing: Publix is a grocery store we have in the southeast US that's based out of Florida and there's one on every corner. They're really nice stores and they're kind of a local institution, everyone loves them to the point of them being a cultural cornerstone here. People make Publix memes, even.) On a lighter note, I've rotated the Facebook video! If anyone wants to watch it without tilting your heads or your screens, here you go! (The quality is not fantastic, but sadly it wasn't in great quality on FB. Thankfully audio doesn't rely on video quality!)!F2oxBILa!e_pfw5YRYArgnzZiwL30nENWxcSfA6x6G74_zYzSklA