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  1. This is a very nice first thing to open Instagram to in the morning!
  2. It is hilarious and that bit (and a couple others!) is in English! And I totally agree - the sub team are the very definition of everyday heroes.
  3. The Lollipop question and attempt at an answer made me laugh so hard. The girl's sheer innocence is so cute and poor mika was literally turning slightly pink Not sure how I feel about this outfit. Do love the running shoes though. It's so weird to see him in sneakers! Can't wait for the full english subs on the Q&A <3
  4. Yeah, I have to admit I'd much prefer the situation as it is - Mika is unique and odd and different, but not very well known in some places, to the alternative, which is that his aesthetic and music would be made more mainstream or "watered down" to be more universally appealing. I never like it when that happens, with music or TV or movies or anything - it's so hard to create something which is both amazing and loved by EVERYONE. Most things which no one dislikes are quite bland, and spread themselves too thin trying to ensure that they appeal to everyone while offending no one. One of my favorite TV shows of all time is something called Wolf Hall, which I absolutely loved but which can be best described as a long, slow plod through 16th century politics. It was most certainly a niche tv show, but it didn't shy away from that, and leaned hard into that slow political plod. The result was a show which might only appeal to some people, but was SO GOOD for those people (on that note if you like medieval politics, Watch Wolf hall!). When any art or media - be it a book, movie, music or otherwise, remains true to its creative image and draws whatever audience it gets from that, it always turns out better than when anything tries to cater to everyone. I DO think, however, that the people responsible for mainstream promotion of music under-estimate how successful more unusual artists could be. People like Melanie Martinez are currently enjoying massive success, without ever deviating from their styles. I understand why this is, I get that record companies don't want to take any more risks with their money than they have to, so they sink it into things most likely to experience the most success. But this excludes so many artists who are more unusual but would have MASSIVE success just as they are, if only given the exposure. With that said, I have absolutely no concern that Mika would change his music or aesthetic for commercial success. He's said repeatedly how much he dislikes that, and how much he dislikes even that it's been suggested that he should. He has a concrete aesthetic and style which I don't see him ever swaying to appease anyone else. (additionally, if he was going to do something like that, he's had plenty of time and opportunities and hasn't done it, so I am 100% confident in his being true to his style.) Voice Watching French Learners high five! I'm still convinced it's the one of the best language learning shows you could ever watch. The nature of the show means that people are speaking in the same way an every day person would speak, so you get to hear natural speech patterns of the language, and the nature of the show gives tons of familiar context for what's going on even if you don't understand the words. I think I would recommend anyone learning a language to start watching talent shows in that language
  5. The one I have is one from the american leg of the TBWKTM tour - it's the black and white one with his face on it! (the best one of course). It seems like whatever company made/produced those shirts, or maybe Mika's team themselves (marketing people?) had a tremendous surplus of them and for a while they were on e-bay for something like $3 each. I think mine was somewhere between $3 and $4? It was an incredibly lucky find. This is exactly the shirt I have in men's and women's! However, I will warn you that at least the women's shirts run very, very small. I am five foot nothing and weigh just under 120 pounds. I'm pretty sure my shirt is a large (no size tag - I might have cut it out actually, I hate tags and usually take them out of shirts so it's very possible I took it out) and it's veeery snug on me. It fits, but I don't dare run it through the dryer lest it not go over my head anymore! I don't know if the men's shirts run equally small - but bear that in mind if you get one! (Maybe the shirts being so small is why there were so many - they had a bunch made for the tour, saw how crazily off-size they were and had a different company make them, and warehoused the tiny ones which are now the ones on ebay? idk, either way more shirts for us!)
  6. Another american chiming in: I don't think he's disliked here at all, in fact I'd say he's generally liked by the people who have heard of him. Problem here is, no one has heard of him! I wear a Mika t shirt to school (college) fairly often, and I...might have pictures of him all over my laptop and phone (it's cute and tasteful I promise! ) Point being, I usually have a mika reference somewhere on my person in a building full of 2007 pop-music aged people. I've only ever run into a couple people who know who is: one who's one of my friends who actually really knows him (a rare case) and loves him, and two people who kind of know him and respond in the exact same way: "Isn't he the guy who did the song with Ariana Grande?". If I hear that one more time I might scream! The annoying thing is he's rather invisible in america despite his popularity in Europe. His music is never played on our radio (and I do mean absolutely never. It is used as background music in malls and stores every now and then though - heard Staring at the Sun in my mall and Celebrate being played in a Toys-R-Us) and you cannot find his CDs even on the shelf in most stores which carry CDs and even dedicated music stores like FYE. Basically, it would be possible to live an entire, full and pop-culture-literate life in America and never hear of Mika once. It makes me sad! I've turned a couple people into fans/made them aware of him and everyone I've seen introduced to him at least liked him if not loved him, so I think if people here knew about him more he would be pretty well loved. Get with it, american radio. Play us more Mika!!
  7. Did he just...spit in his hand and then shake hands with her? OMG he will do pretty much anything He looks so good! I do nOT like this suit though LOL. Too many patterns at once!
  8. Your description just made me laugh out loud I love all these pictures! I also love the fact that as soon as he started posting the selfies everyone started playing a game of where's waldo on their tv screens as one of those people I'd like to thank him for wearing that orange shirt. @NaoMika I think you took the best pictures! I love how goofy some of them are
  9. OMG, that was absolutely DELIGHTFUL. This is actually the song I suspected when I saw his costume the first time. I'm so happy with this I so appreciate that they kept all the weirdness and the bizarre dance moves from the movie. He's not allowed to say he can't dance or act anymore! He did the dancing very well and played the slightly creepy character (and the accent!) wonderfully! I'm a little giddy
  10. Omg, this was one of the first things I saw this morning and I just about screamed!!! Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire are my babies. Mika looks so cute and if he's singing a song from one of these old movies it's going to be so wonderful. I may cry
  11. This is TRULY random, but it's making me laugh so hard I have to share it. Just press play and wait...when the mistake gets made you'll know
  12. I'm so excited for this, I want to know what he's singing! I'm a bit of a Broadway nerd and I basically have a list of musical theater stuff I would love him to sing. I want some spoilers on the song!
  13. This might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen and I can't stop watch it and laughing his mickey mouse voice is actually really good and that little smile at the end shoots me in the heart every time
  14. This performance made me so incredibly happy! It was absolutely amazing. I really adore Vincent