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  1. ladyolivier

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    Knowing this makes the box of V5s I bought all the more special!
  2. ladyolivier

    Mika's collaboration with Pilot!

    I've had the hardest time getting ahold of these from america. This site has them for a pretty good price with super reasonable worldwide shipping if anyone else is having a hard time getting them shipped to your country! This site added up to being about $6 cheaper than amazon international.
  3. There he goes again deleting stories I'm currently on Vacation in paris literally 1/2 mile from that Louboutin store. I hope he stays nearby. Maybe paris is small enough to run into him... I agree that he looks thinner but I think he looks fine! I love him with a little bit o' squish around the hips but I think he still looks beautiful as he is Now if he would just take those dogs for a nice the Madeline..maybe down my street...
  4. MY HEART IS SO FULL. This might be the cutest pic he's ever posted. I love Mel's paw on his face ♥️
  5. And Christian driving! I love how Christian appears to just roam all over Paris on a scooter, a good percentage of the time with mika on the back of it. I love these two! I want to just tag along on their various adventures.
  6. Wow, he does look beautiful Those shooooees are a mess though - sorry Mika! (and Christian too - I love Christian so much but his shoes aren't great either )
  7. Since he started in Tuscany I think he may have been traveling by car. It may have been easier to drive than fly? I'm not sure - I understood it as they were driving, but I'm not exactly sure why. I'm now just sitting and waiting for pictures of him there and looking beautiful
  8. ladyolivier

    Mika in Brazilian Press 2018

    Andy is, so I think it's safe to say Mika is too ❤️
  9. ladyolivier

    What song are you listening to? (2017)

    N'oublie pas - brand new Mylene Farmer/LP collab. The magic I didn't know I needed until the universe gave it to me!
  10. ladyolivier

    Mika at Radio Italia Live - Milan 16 June 2018

    AHHHHHh I understand now. Thank you thank you! I was very very confused
  11. ladyolivier

    Mika at Radio Italia Live - Milan 16 June 2018

    Would anyone be so kind as to give me the gist of the first 2 minutes or so of this conversation, where they’re talking about the first time he visited Milan and whatever convo that leads into? My Italian is just good enough for me to understand that they’re talking about his first trip to Milan and to understand the words “ass” and “fertility”, but not good enough to clear up the confusion that understanding only those words has given me 😂
  12. This is much better! This I think is the proper video from TV; the one from before was a recording of the livestream they did. The live stream stuttered a bit, hence the choppy feel of the audio and video. The sound isn't much clearer but it is slightly smoother which does make a difference.
  13. I thought the show was absolutely lovely. Yes, he did seem a bit out of breath, but I chalk it up to nerves and such. This show reminded me of a super bowl halftime show, and singers performing on the superbowl almost always seem much more out of breath than they normally would. I think it somehow comes with the territory for this type of show. Underwater with the whole stadium full of lights and the little bit of TOOL at the end was lovely. Mika looked fantastic and so, so happy, and that's what always makes me happy. Seeing those lights in his eyes...
  14. Sometimes he's so beautiful that I struggle with words.
  15. ladyolivier

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I know he has to work out hard to be in shape to jump around as much as he does but I cannot get over the mental image of Mika boxing He's always so gentle, I can't picture him boxing! Makes me extremely happy for some reason. I suppose if we ever need defending and Mika's around we're set. The man never ceases to amaze!