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  1. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    *rubs hands together* I'm so happy I can use all my casa mika knowledge! Neither season needs to be watched in order. Last season had more recurring characters than this season, but there weren't really any plots that "developed" in a way where you have to watch in order. I would definitely watch the last episode last, though. It does focus on it being the last one and it pretty emotional so it really feels right to end on it. I feel basically like it's probably best watched in order, but I don't really see any reason you'd have to. I have a better recommendation on doing the subs: This is the thread for last season. There's a bunch of links in the first post - both to the sub thread posts with the subtitles and direct links to the episodes - those long "creativemedia3.rai" links. This is my method for subs, and I think the best one: follow the bottom links (the lower links with "1800" after them are HD) for each of the episodes and right click on the video. Click "save video as" and it'll download the episode to your computer. Then, go to the sub thread posts. There's links on the subs thread posts under the embedded Vimeo links which are google drive links and take you to the "SRT" files - SRT files are raw subtitle files with words and the timings. Then open the casa mika episode in a media player with subtitle capability - the built in video player in windows 10 and my personal favorite media player, VLC, both have this ability - and there will be an option to manually add a subtitle file to play with the video. It'll open a file window and you can pick the right SRT file and viola, you have subs! It sounds complicated but it really isn't! I like doing the subs this way because I can watch the episodes in the highest possible HD, it's easy for me to play on my TV which I usually do, and I can save both the episodes and the subs in one large folder on my hard drive to have forever and be able to watch without internet.
  2. The birdie Tshirt and other weird clothing thread

    I think this shirt is actually really lovely It is kind of funny to see that this is what started this thread, oh the halcyon days when we thought this was weird clothing on Mika no one knew what the future held!
  3. The birdie Tshirt and other weird clothing thread

    Don't let Mika see this! He'll buy it in multiples!
  4. Welcome all newbies to MFC!!!

    Not really new but I am seconding the idea to make the subtitle thread somehow more obvious/visible, I remember having a hard time finding it to begin with. I've posted about watching Casa Mika with subtitles on Instagram and got flooded with messages about where I got the subs, one of the people who asked me already had an account here and had no idea the sub thread existed! It needs to glow or something
  5. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    (I'm not stalking you, I promise! ) Have you watched all of season one yet? The thing I love most about casa mika is that even though there's only 4 episodes a season, they're 3 hours a piece so there really is a lot of it! It'll be a full 24 hours by the time this season ends, which honestly sounds like a binge dare to me LOL. If people can do 25 hour Harry Potter marathons, maybe a 24 hour Casa Mika marathon needs to happen... anyway, don't be sad! You have many more hours of Casa Mika ahead of you! One tip: I really recommend watching the episodes in 2 parts. They're so long that I feel like they're almost too much to really absorb at once, and watching them in 2 parts (I usually watch them over 2 days) really makes it feel like there's more to watch, and it's easier to not be sad about there only being 4 episodes plus, the length means that half an episode is still longer than most movies, so you don't feel like it's over too quick, but you still have something to look forward if you've only watched the first half! okay I'll stop now I just have a LOT of Casa Mika related emotions
  6. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I'm on the east coast same as you so it's mid afternoon for me. I believe it's about 4-something, but unfortunately I don't have any advice on live streaming it - I actually never watch it live! I am a little nocturnal (I'm usually awake from like 11 am - 2/3 am) and I'm a college student so the time casa mika is on live is dead in the middle of the part of the day when I'm getting homework done! I always watch it in the evening after it airs on the Rai site. I'm getting some homework done right now so I can start on tonight's episode!
  7. New to MFC!!

    Omg, Hello! And you're american too! Hello fellow american! I love when we get new people who are also new fans. Often new people here are long term fans who are simply just now making accounts. But you are new to the fandom! Welcome to MFC and welcome to the fandom! Let me see, what's a proper introduction. *inhales* Let me briefly introduce myself: I had a long term awareness of Mika without being an involved fan, but he kept coming back into my life, and one day something switched in my brain and I fell head over heels. I'm not SUPER active here (I spend most of my time on instagram) but I read just about every news/update thread and I'm always lurking around a corner somewhere or writing multi-paragraph posts. I'm a rather enthusiastic human Binge listening to the albums is absolutely wonderful. The Boy Who Knew Too Much is my personal favorite, but of course everyone has different favorites! I also absolutely love the symphonic album/performances. He is so amazing with a symphony behind him. There's a filmed DVD of the symphony show as well, which is just *happy sigh*. I think my favorite SONG all around has got be a rather odd one - it's a bonus track on one of the deluxe editions of The Origin of Love, and the Cherokee Remix of Make You Happy. It's very similar to chillhop, which is a sort of odd music style I really love. I'm not sure if you've watched many interviews with him yet but if you have not, I strongly recommend you do. Honestly, with Mika, the music is only the tip of the iceberg, and the man is even more amazing than the music. The first things you'll pick up on are that he's about the sweetest person ever and he picks up languages like no one else! If you have any desire to follow Mika himself "around the world" as it were through his television career, get ready for a European language explosion. He was a judge on X Factor Italy from 2013-2015 (3 seasons) and has been a coach on The Voice (France) since 2014 (4 seasons so far, about to film the fifth). And of course, there's Stasera Casa Mika (his italian TV show) which is in the middle of its second season right now. I spend a lot of time on Instagram (my handle is christmaswithlokiandthephantom), where I run a Mika/multi-fandom fan page and between there and here I honestly think the multi-lingualism is one of the defining characteristics of the fandom. This forum is entirely in English (except for the dedicated other language threads) but for many people here English is a second language, and if you venture into the fandom on Instagram almost everyone speaks either French or Italian. I don't know why I feel like this is so important, but to me it is. I think it's because almost everyone I know in this fandom (myself included) is learning a second language (either English, French or Italian) in order to understand both Mika and each other better, and the patience and love everyone has, as we learn languages, google translate things, and speak about our shared affection across language barriers, is really beautiful. on the note of languages, that brings me to what I think is the most important thread on this whole site: We have a lovely group of saint-level people who devote some of their free time to subtitling mika's interviews (and Stasera Casa Mika) into English and other languages. If you want to watch + learn about as much Mika as you can, this is the thread! @dcdeb is kind of the forum's mother and @Kumazzz is the queen of multi-media. and of course, there's a mod squad with too many names to list but they're all incredibly lovely. I'll leave you with a semi-random video, this interview isn't super important for any reason but it's just really cute and one of my personal favorites, and it always makes me smile. Welcome to the fandom and have all the fun on the long and wonderful Mika-related journey ahead of you!
  8. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    This show always gets even better when I understand what's going on! I adore Luciana even more now. I'm also very very short so I understand her pains Mika and Dita is also SO much funnier with subs! and it was hilarious anyway LOL. I have to ask know some of you were at the recordings. I'm deeply curious how the filming went down for Mika' scene. Like, was the audience warned? Obviously it was planned but he looks like he's regretting his choice pretty seriously in that moment. Did they film that mess in one take? I'm so sorry I just...I need more details Mika and his diamonds might be the funniest thing I have ever seen on television and I literally cannot imagine being present for the filming of that. I would have been both rolling on the floor and also VERY UNCOMFORTABLE.
  9. Mika in Italian Press 2017

    Wow he looks so beautiful I LOVE the pink coat. Am I imagining things though, or does he still sound slightly ill? It seems like he's had a lingering cold for a week and a half, poor thing. *wraps mika in large fluffy blankets* *takes care of mika*
  10. Mika's collaboration with Pilot?

    If this is real, this is AWESOME. I love this idea so much!
  11. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    (preface: I really enjoy copy editing wikipedia and have some experience with its community) Despite Wikipedia's reputation for being untrustworthy (and it sort of is, as yes, it can be edited by everyone), the community that does most of the editing on Wikipedia and is mostly responsible for keeping it factual is very uptight. They see themselves as upholding a very serious responsibility - which they kind of do, but they can take it far too seriously sometimes. They can be extremely haughty and unkind and it doesn't surprise me that they were semi-rude to you. They're rude to everyone, and I'm very sorry you had to deal with that. Looking at the talk page, I don't think the person who responded to you was saying that articles in French or Italian were untrustworthy - I think they were saying that they didn't feel comfortable THEMSELVES using them as sources because they didn't speak French or Italian, and were concerned that they might say some info came from a certain French or Italian source when in reality the person editing the article misunderstood the French/Italian. Basically, they just didn't want their own lack of understanding of the language to cause incorrect info. The point of their second response is that the wording of the BBC2 stuff sounds like it's written as an advertisement. Wikipedia has very strict rules about wording, and things that sound like ads are not allowed and get removed fast. That's also why Mika's people might not have fixed it themselves - Wikipedia actually really dislikes people or their representatives editing their own pages for conflict-of-interest reasons. Because we're all Mika experts here () I think we can safely use and cite articles even in languages we don't or barely speak, because we know already what they're trying to say and will know when things are wrong. A lot of the writing and adding citations done by any of us would be writing from memory and looking for citations after the fact, which is perfectly fine and also means we'll know what's accurate. Of course it pains me to say it, but I don't expect that the English language version of Mika's Wiki page is one that the over-zealous Wikipedia fact checkers will be paying too much attention to, so I think it's perfectly okay for anyone on this forum who feels up to the task to correct the info/add info to Mika's wiki page, as long as it is cited/sourced. If we need to cite French/Italian, I think we're safe to do so without anyone coming after us because they're concerned that the info is not correct for what's in the citation because they don't speak the language. (sadly) I don't think that anyone is going to go over the sources with a fine toothed comb. To be completely clear, I'm not saying info should be added without citations. Only that we're all knowledgeable enough on the topic to safely write from articles even if we don't 100% understand the language, and that the article is under the radar enough that no one will drill us on whether we understood the sources perfectly. in other words, whoever knows their way around wikipedia and feels up to it, have at that article please! I might take a look at it myself later, when I finish my photography homework Edit for aftertought: anyone here who speaks both french and english very well should take a crack at Jenifer's wiki - her french wikipedia page is very long, well written and detailed, but the english one is only a few paragraphs long and has very poor grammar. If my french was better I would do it myself!)
  12. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I second this - what little Italian I understand is usually enough to get what's happening when there's visuals to help but the monologues are a mystery to me, and this is the part I'm most curious about. I have absolutely no idea what Mika was saying but I would really love to know.
  13. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Finished the ep last night and am still wowed! Gregory was...a surprise I love him already though. I'm literally unspeakably happy this is back on. This show gives me a kind of happiness that I struggle to articulate, and seems to put me in a long term good mood. I know I'm going to be in a generally nice mood for all of the next month. Luciana is a darling human. I was laughing so hard at her and Dita together, if there was an "are you more Dita or Luciana" questionnaire I think I would be pretty solidly Luciana. I was sending my best friend shapchats and laughing hysterically; I don't think I've ever related to someone more than Luciana in that corset with the louboutin scuba flippers
  14. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    The show was amazing!!! I've only watched the first half so far (I tend to watch them in 2 parts as they're so long and they really need to be slowly appreciated) and I can't wait to watch the second half. It's just as amazing as I expected it to be!
  15. Mika's Column On Vogue Italia 4.11.2017

    My word, can this man write. *waits for book* ... *forever*