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  1. This might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen and I can't stop watch it and laughing his mickey mouse voice is actually really good and that little smile at the end shoots me in the heart every time
  2. This performance made me so incredibly happy! It was absolutely amazing. I really adore Vincent
  3. This is so true. He's one of those people that naturally stands out from a crowd and draws your eye even if you've never seen him before. It's not only because of his beauty, it's a little more than that - he's one of those people with that indescribable thing people talk about, elegance and grace without trying. It's not just his appearance, it's the way he carries himself. Gaaaah I love him so much
  4. All these pictures are beautiful but this one especially is seriously messing with my heart
  5. I have to admit I find this picture hilarious Every person is looking at different cameras and only the guy in the middle is looking at the person actually taking the picture
  6. Instagram expert, checking in. Messages on instagram work kind of like twitter DMs, but slightly differently. If you receive a message from someone who you've never messaged before (or perhaps who you're not following? I'm not EXACTLY sure what the rule is) it comes in as a "message request", and when you open it you see the message and options at the bottom that say "accept" or "deny". Insta has this feature because their DMs have a "seen" feature, and they want to insure no one puts themselves in a position to receive abuse for "seeing" a message but not responding, so unless you choose to accept the request the person who sent it doesn't see that you have opened it. Basically, the person can open your message without you knowing they have opened it unless they choose to let you know this. If you comment on something, and start that comment by "@" tagging someone, Insta sometimes (it seems kinda arbitrary, to be honest) sends it as a message unless you click a way-too-tiny "x" symbol, and then it posts as a comment. You can tell if it's going to send it as a message or not because if it is, there's a thing above the comment field that says "sending as a message". the little "x" is on the right hand side of that bar. If you touch it the bar will go away, and this is how you can tell it's posting as a comment. Additionally, the "send" button is green for messages and blue for comments. /end instagram mechanics rant I am 100% sure he gets tons and tons of insta messages and snapchats. I would bet anything that he doesn't even check his messages often and when he does, the sheer volume probably makes it difficult to even pick them out from each other. In short, I would bet he never saw your message, and if he did he didn't think twice about it. I don't think you have anything to worry about, really! Besides - we all know he loves us, I don't think he's waiting to stand in judgement over the 100s or maybe 1000s of people who've sent him messages LOL. Really, I think you're fine
  7. I have 27 and 33! I will send you some google drive links for them so they can be uploaded to VK and added here :-D
  8. THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys are my heroes every time.
  9. Has anyone got the interview this moment is from? Apparently it was a conversation about yoga, which does look like what's going on LOL. I found what I think used to be a youtube link, but the account has been terminated, and I really need this in my life
  10. I'm already sad this round of shows is over. I have a very long (1.5 hour) drive to and from college (3 - 4 hour round trip) 2 days a week, and my Wednesdays are usually nearing the 10-hours-awake point by the time I start my hour and a half drive home. I'm always so tired and usually a bit annoyed at this point, and each of these episodes I've downloaded onto my phone and listened to on these Wednesday afternoon drives. it turns out three weeks was exactly enough time to get used to this tradition His radio voice is so lovely and soothing and such a nice way to put a calm, pleasant end to my long tired day. I'm already dreading having to drive home without Mika to keep me company next week LOL. I may just have to download the whole Art of Song catalog and start listening again from the beginning!
  11. Omg, when the book finally comes out he should record an audiobook. I can't imagine anything better than listening to him reading his own writing.
  12. For some reason the absolutely wonderful BTS video for this music video has disappeared from youtube. I'm pretty sure it was mikasounds that had it up to begin with, so I have a lot of questions as to why it's been taken down. Either way, does any wonderful soul happen to have hoarded it on their computers and happen to be willing to re-upload it to youtube or vimeo or similar?
  13. Saaaaame! I want to see this on my TV!
  14. I've always assumed that "gauuwldun" (lol) was an intentional affectation for the song. I rather like it actually, makes it even more fun to sing along with His accent definitely seems to waver a bit and sounds different depending on the day. But I'm american as well so I am not a native expert
  15. omg, I came here for exactly this! My friends and I have been trying to figure this out. I adore this suit. I'm very tempted to make a "beauty is a birthright" shirt.