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  1. It's not official yet but this pic speaks 99% official.
  2. Thanks but it's you who are amazing with your fantastic research work! I've read on Twitter that the girl who answered you seems quite sure about his presence in the show. Wait and see then!
  3. The only clue we have, besides the tabloids articles, is this pic of 15 september. It was taken at Milan airport but there is a hashtag that says turkish airlines. Maybe he was just landed form Istanbul.
  4. No it can't be the set because the article on the tabloid is from 23 or 24 September and it says that they filmed in Turkey last week, whereas Mika's post is from 2 days ago. I also think it may be true because they speak about a fact already happened and I agree with you: why mention Mika in Uk if it's not true? I think that if it's true Mika FB will announce it some days before, otherwise we will se on 22 or 23 october.
  5. I don't think so. The news appeared on a not reliable tabloid. But they wrote that Mika went to Istanbul ten days ago to help Louis Walsh, therefore, if it has already happened, it may be true. Let's wait and see.
  6. #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Luciana is a comedian, so I think she will replace Virginia.
  7. New song snippet

    Thank you very much! Listening to it reading your words, it sounds perfect!
  8. New song snippet

    Thanks to some girls on Twitter maybe we have the first verse: It's my house! It might be big it might be small Ain't no paintings on the wall And the bed might not be long enough. The second verse looks more difficult to understand.
  9. New song snippet

    and the bed might not be long enough ?
  10. New song snippet

    On Rai 2 Twitter they have just posted it in good quality but I don't know how to post it here.
  11. New song snippet

    The only words that I thought to have understood were "strong enough" at the very end, but I really don't understand if it's English, French or a mix Listening to it again, it seems French but I hear a bit of English too. I'm a bit confused but I really love the rhythm
  12. It seems it was the celebration of the first meeting of Karen and her husband thirty years ago.
  13. The person who posted others pics of the dinner on Instagram said that it was the celebration of "half time" of Karen Mok and his husband. What does it mean? It's a sort of wedding anniversary?
  14. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Io non sono tanto sicura che lui abbia realmente detto che scriverà canzoni in italiano. Il mio dubbio nasce dal fatto che questo articolo, pur uscendo adesso, penso si riferisca a febbraio visto che tutto o quasi quello che c'è scritto Mika lo aveva detto alla conferenza stampa di Sanremo e in quell'occasione aveva sì detto che avrebbe scritto nuove canzoni per lo show ma non aveva assolutamente specificato in italiano. Poi non so se magari, sempre a Sanremo, gli hanno fatto un'intervista in cui lui ha aggiunto questa cosa dell'italiano. Comunque, se così fosse, dovrà trovarsi un paroliere italiano così come si fa aiutare da Doriand per il francese. Secondo me, ci potrà essere qualche strofa in italiano o al massimo una canzone intera, ma il "MOLTE delle quali in italiano" mi lascia un po' perplessa. Comunque, non manca molto, quindi tra meno di 2 mesi sapremo tutto.
  15. MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Non è la prima volta che si "automipiace". Mia figlia qualche volta aggiunge gli hashtag sui miei post su Instagram e mette sempre il mi piace dal mio telefono sul mio stesso post, che io puntualmente tolgo. E lei mi dice sempre: "ma dai mamma, mettiti il mi piace, lo fa sempre anche Mika" (più su Twitter che su Instagram a dire il vero)