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  1. I'm so so happy to read such a beautiful review, I'm glad that also Spain still loves Mika! I hope he'll do something there in future to increase his popularity again! I'm reviewing all the gig of the latest Mika tour! I was already doing it, but now that nostalgia is too much for me, I'm even happier to do it! I can confirm that the gig in Spain are always beautiful and special, there is a different atmosphere! Finally, i want to say thank you to all again for videos, photos and reviews!
  2. Between shaped rabbit hat and flying bra, this officially is the less serious live version of origin of love! Thank you for this video and the others, for the photos also as always!
  3. I went to Florence, than Bercy in may, Perugia and finally Rome! But it's never enough, I would like to see all of them so i also try to fill the lack watching the videos! ok, from now you also can say that Mika is a valve
  4. You're right! It was really an amazing gig, one of his best in general for me! While i watched the streaming i could touch the energy, the joy and positive party atmosphere, both from him and from the crowd! I'm rewatching old videos because too much nostalgia Sorry, I probably filled you with notifications today!
  5. I'm glad to have you brought back some good memories...and yes, we can say thak Lokeren happened really a long time ago! The point is that I miss the tour, so I'm watching all the videos of the last 18 months of concerts Anyway, maybe it's not bad that you are no longer obsessed, there are so many ways to love an artist! For me Mika is always present even if I can't go to many gigs, he is my "escape valve" Ps. sorry for my english, and i Love Parissssss!!! Now where do you live?
  6. I love your report!! Especially the conclusion And for me is the same! Mika music make me happy, as very few things in life!!
  7. Finally, i have been able to recover all video and reviews also of this gig! Thanks to all as always This concert will certainly be remembered for the beautiful little girl I didn't know about the competition "make a wish" it's a beautiful thing! And congratulations to the girl who seems very comfortable on stage!
  8. First of all, thank you to Grazia Meduri for filming everything with periscope! Thank you all of us once again for the videos, reports etc, I had already seen this show, but only now I realize how good it was! Setlist was among the best ever! Mika's voice was PERFECT and... i love Mika dressed like that! It's my favorite style for him!!
  9. Luisa, thank you so much!!! Your report is beautiful, I can feel what you felt that night Everything you've told is materialized in front of my eyes! And i wanna say thank you also to Grazia for the periscope!
  10. Sold out shows 2016

    I think that: for the festival is quite rare to obtain a sold out, usually they take place in infinite spaces! Anyway, Mika yet often fills everything! for theaters etc., many times sold out is reached in the days before the gig, or maybe it is missing because of very few places! Sometimes, sold out is reached during the evening of the gig! For example, in Taormina (anfiteatro romano) Mika's gig was sold out, but nobody said that! And now, at Umbria jazz festival Mika has sold all tickets, but there are "places side foot with limited vision" probably no one will buy it, but the arena is fulled!
  11. Thank youuu so much for all video, photos and report! The latest photos (at this link: ) are among the most beautiful i have ever seen! They are heavenly and Mika is magnetic and he is beautiful!
  12. Thank you so much!! So everyday in Korea Mika will sing 10 Tv, 11 and concerts, 13 tv , 14 concert I hope that he'll sing a lots of song and that he won't only talk on TV!

    Grazie mille Denise! Io penso di andare a Bercy e a Perugia per ora! Mi farebbe molto piacere incontrarvi
  14. Sold out shows 2016

    I'm so happy for him! When he obtain sold out in a place where he has already been, i'm happy^2
  15. For you must have been an unforgettable experience I think so too! Probably because of spanish people are very warm! Anyway, thanks for the advice! I watched Arenal Sound festival live in streaming during that night, and it was SPECTACULAR! I found this festival more energetic than others, perhaps because there were more people and it was in full summer weather! I'll see video from Madrid also