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  1. Omg hahaha that second picture of it with its tongue sticking out gives me life, I laughed so hard because he looks like he's just so fed up with everyone taking pictures that he can't be bothered to pose
  2. No sadly we had to leave straight away because I live in kent and it takes like nearly 2 hours to get there and I had school the next day so there wasn't enough time Edit : I got home after midnight XD
  3. OMG, right so yesterday I was at MIKA's london concert and omfg it was bloody amazing. I was sitting RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE and omg omg omg HE LOOKED STRAIGHT AT ME OMG HE DID BUT THEN THIS WOMAN INFRONT OF ME DECIDED IT WAS THE PERFECT TIME TO SHOVE HER CAMERA IN THE AIR AND BLOCK OUR PSYCHIC CONNECTION !!!! i actually cried internally... OH WELL at least I went
  4. MK2218


    Ok so I watched the video, and I'm not 100% sure, but I think the last woman said " my name is Mariah " before falling down the chute so it probably is Mariah Carey, but Thanks anyway
  5. MK2218


    OMG, Thank you so much Dee, I'll certainly look into that and I totally agree with you about Prince
  6. MK2218


    So I'm in a bit of a pickle right now and I really need help from my fellow MFCrs and I couldn't find a thread for what I needed so I decided to officially make a thread designed to aid MFCrs with anything random : OK Everybody get out your Life in Cartoon Motion CDs and take a look at the lyrics booklet, turn to the page with the Grace Kelly lyrics and PLEASE PLEASE tell me who are the two people standing behind Madonna ( the one with the gold cone bra ) I will post a picture so you understand what I mean, BUT PLEASE, IF ANYONE CAN TELL ME WHO THEY ARE I WILL BE FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT !!! P.S I was thinking the last one is Beyonce because of the hair but I'm really not sure
  7. OMG GUYS YOU ARE ALL SO AMAZING !!! Like seriously wow, BEST covers I've ever had the pleasure of hearing !!!
  8. Oh, I watched the video and I see what you mean, Hope it is a new song, maybe its that 'something special' he said he was working on, on twitter ?
  9. Sounds very familiar to the lyrics of 'Hurts' from No place in Heaven
  10. Ok so mine would have to be: 1. No Place in Heaven 2. Oh Girl Your The Devil 3. Promiseland 4. Rio I'm not really sure why but they all really speak out to me and I can totally relate to each of them, especially Rio because I'm such a klutz most of the time