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  1. aww thank you so much for caring I hope everything will be okay too
  2. I watch Steven Universe, but not all the episodes. It's a cool show
  3. On a school competion we used one of their covers to a dance and they are really cool and amazing singers
  4. I wouldn't be the same, less confident because he is the only person that is there when no one is
  5. Mine is: 1.Love Today 2.Oh girl you're the devil 3.All she wants 4.Rain 5.Origin of love 6.All she wants 7.Porcelain 8.Lollipop 9.Underwater 10.Grace Kelly 11.Talk about you 12.Big you are beautiful 13.Good Guys 14.Heroes 15.Last Party 16.Relax 17.Overrated 18.We are Golden