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  1. Coucou de France !

    Merci beaucoup tout le monde ! Thank you very much everyone !! It's too nice ! <3
  2. Coucou de France !

  3. Coucou de France !

    Hi ! My name is Anouchka and I'm 17 years old, I'm french so please excuse me for my probably not very good english haha ^^" I am a fan of Mika since three years now (and I had the chance to see him twice in concert, he's such a great performer !) But I'm pretty new on this site so I don't deny it, I'm completely lost at the moment ! I'm very shy but I'm sure I will be comfortable with you, you seem very nice ! ^^ I can't wait to get used to this website and I hope to make nice meetings, but I don't doubt !