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  1. Growing Up With Mika

    Wow, I do love your post. You are absolutely right. I understand that changes may be uncomfortable to accept, they somethimes frighten us, especially if they affect someone we love.
  2. New song: Underwater

    Just beautiful. During last year tour it was one of the best moments, with all the "stars" singing along
  3. "Ms Panduck" here... :)

    Hi Xenia, I loved your and your hubby's posts! Welcome
  4. Greetings from new fan from Norway.

    Enjoy yourselves, it's wonderful. Hi Panduck, your introduction is so full of joy and enthusiasm
  5. 2017 'The Art of Song' on BBC Radio 2

    You're so right. I do love listening to him on the radio.
  6. Wow, thank you for all these amazing videos! I was there on the 30th and it's really beautiful to be able to see it again and again!
  7. ciao,s to guardando anche ho ben capito ci dovrebbe essere un parcheggio coperto molto vicino che si chiama parcheggio porta al prato, io punto su quello

    Devo dire che al primo ascolto non mi è piaciuta, MA riascoltandola l'ho apprezzata di più....però è vero che non è molto nelle sue corde...
  9. Hello everybody !

    Ciao Luciana!!!! See you in Florence, I will be there on the 30th too!
  10. I think you're definitely right! I agree with everything . Personally, I loved the taxi driver parts...and I think it is a very good idea also because it's a nice way to show different places and towns. And he's so kind and natural and charming with people!
  11. Mika in Italian Press 2016

    That's a really really really great idea! Well done
  12. Hi, I'll be there with my sister! Thank you!
  13. Hi everybody!

    Thank you Myriam and Martina! I read about MFC pre-show Meet up on FB, I'm going to read the post and reply . I think I will be there!
  14. Hi everybody!

    Hello everybody! My name is Chiara, I am 39 and I live in Siena, near Florence. I have been following Mika since his first XFactor : I am not an "old" fan, but I have been studied a lot in the past two years :teehee: !! I was in Florence in 2015 and in Perugia last july, two wonderful shows! I am so happy as I got my tickets for Florence 30th, I am counting days!