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  1. I wish i knew him before RIP David
  2. Thank you
  3. I'm from Morocco
  4. Thank you Gabry There is another moroccan fan from Marrakech. I told her to join the MFC
  5. Hi Mellody for the voice it's a draw so it's not easy to have places for casamika too we have to win in the competition and organize the trip in few days if we win Thank you sooo much mellody i will do my best, fingers crossed
  6. hi mellody i'm a new fan from morocco, i would like to be there for the recording of casamika2. please can you tell me how can we have places ? is it like the voice? Thank you hope i can meet mika
  7. salut yasmine je m'appelle ghizlane, je suis une nouvelle fan de mika, j'ai 33 ans et j'habite à Casablanca. Je suis ravie de trouver des marocains dans le MFC
  8. Thank you Gabry and mellody for your reports. I'm a new fan of Mika and i would like To be there on the recording of casamika2. I m from Morocco and i want To know if there is enough time To organise our travel when we know that we have places? And how can we have places? Is it like the voice? Please help me because i want To meet Mika 🙂
  9. Bonjour les mikafans marocains j'ai été très contente de vous lire Est ce que vous êtes toujours là?
  10. Bonjour les mikafans marocains Etes vous toujours là ?
  11. Hello everybody please how can we be in the recording ? i want to see mika i have never met him Thank you
  12. Thank you
  13. Hi everyone I am a new fan from Morocco and i want to meet Mika or at least see him live. Help me please. Have you any news? I think the voice lives Will be the next step but we must have an invitation so it Will be difficult. What about stasera Casa Mika 2 and gigs ? Thank you
  14. C'était magnifique.... MIKA vous êtes la huitième merveille du monde ????❤