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  1. Sure! Cya during his next tour Photography must be interesting and adventurous at times (I'm imagining you climbing up and down..haha.. I've seen my friend literally lying on the grass to capture the best shot.. and there was once a photographer showed us some funny stunt while shooting near a river..I was so worry that he might fall into the river) Ic..too bad that our system doesn't recognize the certificate. anyway art and design is an interesting field too and I always believe that whatever we learn along the journey, will be kept as an asset and increasing the value. Enjoy your sem break by the binge watching.
  2. Hahaha...I have been waiting for 10 years, hoping that his concert will be held at Singapore but it didn't happen. So early this year I told myself that I should just go for it coz life is short. Anyway, finally there's a good companion to go together. Let's go somewhere near then. Yea I'm in psychiatric field and I'm enjoying my work So, which field are you in now? I agreed, sometimes things might not be in accordance with our original plan. That makes life more interesting and colourful though
  3. @heyitsme that's impressive! I always thought that exposure is the key to learn a language. Hahaha..10 years ago, I found a junior who likes Mika songs. I was thrilled and I told her that I shall invite her to watch his concert one day. Yay! Let's go!! In fact I was looking for chances to go to his concert this year regardless of the venue. a bit impulsive actually, the fact that I'm actually bound by work and study..anyway since Mika has no tour this year, I still have some time to plan for that semi- impulsive act. Tour in Kl... I'm not sure about this...hahaha...I only met one friend who likes his songs...(throughout 10 years omg I'm actually in partial denial) . Some other friends kinda like his songs, but only selected songs..N I was trying so hard to keep showing videos and songs to my brother, n some close firends. End up I was the only one enjoying. My dad likes L'amour fait CE qu'il veut though..hahaha. Can't wait for his new album too.
  4. Welcome Michelle i'm Nie from Malaysia. Nice to meet you and have fun here
  5. Hi there!! Welcome to MFC! Yay!! I'm so glad to meet a Malaysian here Were you from an international school? U learned so many languages, and sign language as well yea i agree that Mika is quite underrated in our country. I'm a chinese btw, most of my friends listen to taiwan/hongkong pop songs, and kpop. Sometimes i do look like a weirdo when I kept "promoting" MIka's songs. ( i appeared elated when i talk about his music ). Hope you enjoy here! Ciao! cya soon.
  6. Welcome to MFC ! Have fun !!
  7. Hi Molly welcome and have fun here
  8. Hi Michael ! Welcome and have fun here
  9. Hi Lilla welcome ! Have fun here
  10. You found your not-so-dark corner
  11. Hahaha.i like this Hi @roseroro, welcome and have fun here! Here we help to reinforce memory and also to cure "retroactive inhibition " @Evilbean
  12. Hahaha..good things will come when you least expect... I'm telling this to myself as well.
  13. I have a feeling that you might start stalking him soon
  14. I like the idea of the not-so-dark corner So near yet so far....
  15. Don't worry Nat it's not a's called retroactive inhibition, which the new learning interferes with the retention of old memories. It won't be harder to relearn as compared to learning a new language I believe...don't get too frustrated Just to cheer u up with a little story: I need to use different languages at work, and I changed workplace quite frequent as well. So there was once, I was trying to converse with my patient, we were talking to each other for about 10 minutes, and I was convinced that I understood him to a certain extent...and to my horror, at d end of the conversation, I just realised that he was speaking a totally different language and I have no idea how much I misunderstood