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  1. gracelise

    mika fanvideo :)

    Hiii there, i was pretty bored today so i made a little video about mika!! just uploaded it on youtube! take a look!! i really hope you'll enjoy! i love him so much, he's wonderful!! tell me what you think
  2. gracelise

    hey new fan here!!!

    thank you everyone for the welcome and for the links/answers to my questions!! yes mika is very addictive indeed, i hope i'll be stuck with him for many years and that i won't lost my sudden passion for him hahahah @krysady : yes i ordered the dvd already on amazon. I already have the songs from this symphonic concert on my phone and can't stop listenning to them! its pure art!
  3. gracelise

    hey new fan here!!!

    Hello everyone! I'm Lise, I'm 18 and I'm from Belgium. I've always known Mika and who he was, but I only get interested in him 3 weeks ago. Let me tell you how hahahah. Back then, I was in love with coldplay's song " the scientist" and i saw someone covered it on the voice last year. ( gabriella) and in the video, she chooses mika by playing " happy ending" on the violon. And i was like " OMG RIGHT ITS A SONG FROM HIM HOW COULD I FORGET" so I started listenning to his songs and i was feeling so nostalgic because when i was a kid, i was totally in love with his songs ( grace kelly, relax, big girls, blame it on the girls, happy ending, rain, we are golden, underwater etc...) but then i forogot a bit about him. +++ before that i never really watched the voice, but everytime i did, i always found mika so cute and nice and humble, but yeah, that was all. SOOO when i saw gabriella's blind auditons and heard mika's song, i was totally shook!! and i started to watch all of his interviews in french, english, italian... I'm still spending my days watching videos of him, listening to his songs, i already bought his 4 albums lmao and his dvd live at paris for no place in heaven tour! and i can't wait to read his book too! The fact is, this man is fascinating me, I've never been THAT interested in a celebrity before him, he's so special, and nice, and genuine, down-to-earth, talented, human, generous... I love that he doesn't care of what people think and he isn't scared to be himself, to be somehow '' different". I love his looks and everyhting about him. I swear, he truly did something to me. He's incredible. I really love him a lot lot lot lot lot lot. I really fell for his personnality, his art of making music but also his drawings, his clothes, his facial expressions, his mannerisms... Oh my god, i don't have the right words to describe what I feel for him but damn i can tell you it's big. really big. BUT I have some questions lmao, because I can read and see different informations everywhere. First : how many albums did he sell for life in cartoon motion ? sometimes i read its 9million, sometimes 20... lol it's quite a big difference hahaha Second : When did he release it ?(on itunes i can see different datums... for the same album LICM i can see 01/01/2006 but also 01/01/2007 ????) and how did he become famous ? ( i read that he put the song relax on internet and that people started downloading it without knowing him and thats how he became famous and so he could release his album but i also read that he found a record compagny ( after so manyyyy didn't want him) and so thanks to that he was played on radio, and thats how he became famous so people started to download his songs on itunes etc.. so WHAT IS THE TRUTH ?)