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    Listening to MIKA (duh). I also enjoy listening to David Bowie, The Correspondents, LazyTown (ssh), and many others. I enjoy reading, writing and drawing, alongside both maths and science.

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  1. ALL Mika fan-art - Part III

    I love the art style of all these, and I really think you've nailed composition, especially with the illustrated lyrics. I'm no expert, but I feel like your proportions are a bit off, but thats always just practice. Otherwise all of these are really good. Wit the one that you're not sure if you want to paint, have you thought about using just one colour, and lightly colour just small parts of the picture to make it stand out? @PaintedBoy
  2. Tumblr blogs

    *necros this dead thread* Here is my blog....not that I post enough Mika for it to be worthwhile...
  3. Introduction

    Hey Lilla, Welcome to MFC I hope you enjoy it here Your English is great, sometimes I mess it up too.... And it's my first language
  4. Hello From Indonesia

    Selamat Datang ke MFC Michael, Saya belajar bahasa Indonesia di sekolah, tetapi saya belum lancar Saya ingin Anda suka MFC Di mana Anda berasal dari di Indonesia?
  5. Hello from Florida!

    Hey Molly, I hope you find MFC to be rad and full of friendly Mika nerds There's also a thread full of chords for Mika's music on here that I think you'd enjoy
  6. Hello from Morocco =D

    Hi Yasmin, Welcome to MFC, i hope you enjoy it here I look forward to seeing your drawings at some point
  7. Lucie say Bonjour from France

    Hey Lucie, Welcome to MFC! I hope you enjoy it here
  8. Duuude, it sounds really good. And while playing guitar. *applauds*
  9. Say Something Random pt. 29 ~ Because why not

    Yo, what time zones are everyone in. It seems like everyone's asleep when I'm on :/
  10. ALL Mika fan-art - Part III

  11. ALL Mika fan-art - Part III

    Posting a work in progress to stop this thread sliding into the abyss Talk about a hard face to draw, I don't wanna mess up his face.
  12. The David Bowie Thread

  13. Hey All

    ... On the other hand, I used to own LICM on CD. Are you all going to look down on me for torrenting it? I may have had a house fire....
  14. The Indonesian thread

    I'm not not even Indonesian but I kind of want to know where the Indonesians are. Why? Karena saya belajar bahasa Indonesia di sekolah saya c: