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    Listening to MIKA (duh). I also enjoy listening to David Bowie, The Correspondents, LazyTown (ssh), and many others. I enjoy reading, writing and drawing, alongside both maths and science.

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  1. ... On the other hand, I used to own LICM on CD. Are you all going to look down on me for torrenting it? I may have had a house fire....
  2. I'm not not even Indonesian but I kind of want to know where the Indonesians are. Why? Karena saya belajar bahasa Indonesia di sekolah saya c:
  3. Hey @Ika I'm Sarah from Australia. I hope you find the forums as welcoming as I did ^-^
  4. Woot This isn't that great, but hey, I've never drawn Mika before ^-^ Also, follow me on instagram if you want (@FurbyBuddy). Comment on this pic so I know to follow back
  5. Tempting to upload but my voice is sup-par and I don't want to break any of your computers/phones/whatever with my terrible singing
  6. Starman - David Bowie
  7. I wish I could be involved, but I really can't. Perhaps after I finish year 12
  8. Wall out the door
  9. Thanks to everyone who welcomed me, I had feared that this would be a dead site and am glad that there are people still hanging around. I hope to be vaguely regular ^-^ Lol, people always squint at me whenever I mention any of the music I listen to, whether it be Mika or anything else, as if I'M the weird one. I mayyy have rushed completed a drawing last night in excitement... I just need time to upload it XD
  10. Everyone's on here is really good so far. I'm hoping to add some of my own when i fiNALLY WORK OUT HOW TO DRAW HIM GEEZ
  11. Can I be annoyingly specific and ask if any of you are in Scouts and are aged between 14-18 for a pen pal. It'd have to be email due to time constraints, no matter how much I'd like to write. Or if you know anyone who is a Scout and willing to exchange 3 emails for this? I'm 17 from Australia by the way. EDIT: To clarify, I'd love to be a pen pal with anyone but I barely have time to go on here, let alone write out a formal letter or email. Perhaps after I finish year 12
  12. I started this like two days ago, but stuff got in the way Hey all. My name is Sarah and I'm a 17 year old from Victoria, Australia. I first go into MIKA around when his first album came out, through my dad, but only recently got back into his music after finding his newer work in passing on YouTube. I'm also into a huge range of other stuff, from David Bowie's music to Doctor Who and even a webcomic called Homestuck. I enjoy drawing both digitally and and traditionally (and should really draw some MIKA fanart soon). I really don't like introductions...
  13. omg an AUSSIE



  14. I gotta draw myself some MIKA fanart.... Then I'll add profile pic etc