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  1. Thank you for your welcome messages @sara09 @Sabine64 and @Nie @Sabine64 I lost the chance to see him last hier in Geneva twice , for the show and when he cames to present MUMU. Was impossible to me because I was finishing my master these and it took ALL my time. I hope have the chance to meet him soon Big kiss everybody !
  2. In this link below you can see Mika's interview at Giffoni today (15/07/2017) He is always a kind person with everybody Enjoy !
  3. Thank you @cathouzouf and @Mika Freaka =) for your welcome messages ;-)
  4. Thank you @silver for your welcome message and the interesting link ;-)
  5. @Mikasister @Gabry74 @krysady @Littlelady @charis_erin Thank you so much for your welcome messages ;-) Big Kiss !
  6. Hello everybody, I'm so happy to have finally time to post my introduction. I live in Switzerland (has many years) but I'm a brazilian girl I'm so happy to be in this community full of love and full of people who wants to share good energy! If the date will be confirmed I'd like to celebrate with you in Milan on September the MFC's 10th anniversary! And MIKA in my life ??? Well, I always liked his work but only this year I could have time to invest me like a "real fan", and these 6 last months I listen him every single day I'm really in love with his work, and everything he does (The Voice France, Casa Mika, interviews on YouTube and on and on ...), and of course I'm really in love with the lovely person he is. Like many people told here, me too, I'm motivated to improve my skils in italian and in english to hear him in these languages. And one year late (better late than never) I received my MUMU clock from Swatch (my husband gift for my birthday in 25th June). I'd like to thank you all moderators for the birthday project that I could participate and give a donation yesterday, I'm really happy to be in this project with you all. Hope to meet you one day guys Big kiss!